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  1. Re: How do GMs out there handle late arrivals 3 points less than the lowest PC.
  2. Re: "Neat" Pictures Why this is neat: http://now.msn.com/rosa-parks-bus-picture-trending/
  3. Re: Google Map of Our Local Cluster of Stars Oh forgot: "My God! it's full of stars!"
  4. Re: Google Map of Our Local Cluster of Stars Nice find. repped
  5. Re: Unified Power I don't see a problem with using UP with MPs. In this case it helps define a MP in a single Focus as oppose to a MP representing more then one Focus.
  6. Re: Adversarial Answers I tend to allow most things. I need a good reason to ban something(or if it doesn't fit the campaign genre). I usually make creation suggestions that are in the PC's favor.
  7. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Are you kidding Frampton Comes Alive! was one of the seminal albums of the 70's, Everyone had it. Only Dark Side of the Moon was bigger.
  8. Re: "Neat" Pictures The missing ones(They never did the gun barrel thing) Barry Nelson(TV version of Casino Royale), Bob Holness(radio), David Niven(as well as Terence Cooper, Woody Allen, Joanna Pettet, Daliah Lavi, Peter Sellers and Ursula Andress in that version of Casino Royale) and Christopher Cazenove(TV special)
  9. Re: "Neat" Pictures From L to R: Craig, Brosnan,Dalton,Moore, Lazenby and Connery.
  10. Re: What Can’t Hero Do? You can make the Power Skill an Everyman Skill (I do for my Supers game) and that's allowed under RAW.
  11. Escafarc

    DC meetings

    Re: DC meetings Poison Ivy has been hanging with Swamp Thing in the latest storyline(Rotworld) in Swamp Thing 13.
  12. Re: Champions 3rd to 4th edition I like 6E versions of Power Frameworks. The changes allow more flexibility in concepts.
  13. Re: Has anyone ever done the Tomorrow People in Hero rules? [h=1]Greg Berlanti & Julie Plec To Produce CW Adaptation Of UK Show ‘Tomorrow People’[/h]http://www.deadline.com/2012/11/greg-berlanti-julie-plec-to-produce-cw-adaptation-of-uk-show-tomorrow-people/
  14. Re: "Neat" Pictures Rocky Horror for me.
  15. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Most of the time just mustard,onions, and relish(sweet/dill or spicy). But sometimes I add chili and/or cheese.
  16. Re: Cool characters from goofy concepts The Legion has a number of them: Matter Eater Lad Bouncing Boy Stone Boy
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