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  1. Hey Guys! I know some of you well enough to realize you have all of this and more... but the time has come to go from two bookshelves of HERO goodness down to one bookshelf. Growing son + small apartment is the cause... otherwise I'd find a way to hang on to these. Even if you aren't interested, please pass along the auctions to any interested parties. I've put them into Lots by edition/genre. Not looking to get rich... just creating room and hoping for funds for the holiday season! In any case, thanks for having a look! Hero System Fifth Editi
  2. A conversion doc would be excellent.
  3. Re: Training/Workout Facilities for a Base Interesting. I do like Lucius' suggestion of a PS: Phys Ed lab. It's a Pulp-era base so creating extra defenses isn't really required. I'll have to dig up Champions III.
  4. Hey Gang, Just wondering how to simulate Workout/Combat Training facilities for a Base. Can't figure out how to define it, and therefore quantify it w/ points. It doesn't really seem to be a special effect associated with any Skill, Power, etc., that I can think of. Suggestions welcome... especially if there's a commonly used technique for this. --Charles
  5. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete Cool to see a title appear on the horizon... and by none other than the Rhino himself.
  6. Re: Star Hero 6E? A second edition? Nice.
  7. Hey Steve, Thanks for being around to answer questions! I'm trying to figure out if there's a default way to build an item that confers a Skill. I seem to remember something about labs-based skills, like the kind you'd build with a base, starting with a 9- roll. But I'm not sure if this holds with other sorts of equipment... or if this would hold for a skill defined as a General skill. I'm flipping around in the 6E books and I'm not finding anything definite, but I'm probably just missing it. Thanks!
  8. Rather than burdening the Internets by reposting this here, I'll just direct you to the nicely formatted version I did on RPGGeek. Feel free to comment here, or there if you're signed up... http://rpggeek.com/thread/782224/san-francisco-pulp-noir-session-02-a-strange-i Enjoy! --Charles
  9. Re: Source for Comstar Traveller Hero books? Thanks for digging these up and for your message... I just responded from my main email account. Stay in touch, and please let me know when they are ready to go. --Charles
  10. Re: Source for Comstar Traveller Hero books? So, still interested in getting the books... either hardcopies or pdfs. Still happy to pay. Still have heard nothing from FFE. (Also interested to see how all of the above turns out!)
  11. Re: Source for Comstar Traveller Hero books? Gotcha. Thanks for the update.
  12. Re: Source for Comstar Traveller Hero books? Gotcha, I'll send him a note.
  13. Re: Source for Comstar Traveller Hero books? Hmmm... looks like I've got the 0.9 pdf. It's good to know that it's somewhat similar to the later released version. Haven't heard a thing back from FFE, and I kind of wonder if I will. You'd think I could buy the pdf somewhere... it's a little sad that something in pdf format could end up out of print.
  14. Re: Source for Comstar Traveller Hero books? I shot them an email. I'll see if anything comes of it.
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