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  1. Re: Breakable vs. unbreakable Focus Thanks all for your answers! The problem is that then the focus is easier to get back, so the limitation is less limitating...
  2. Hi! In 6E1, under the rules for the Focus limitations, there is an explanation about breakable and unbreakable focuses. It is said that the limitation value is the same, because both solutions have advantages and drawbacks that compensate. I can't see what are the drawbacks for an unbreakable focus that make it cost the same as a breakable one... Have you some ideas on the question? Mickael
  3. Hi Steve! When a character wants to grab and throw another character (in the same segment), according to 6E2 62, the throw does not require an attack roll and takes no time. But in the paragraph "Throwing a character" in 6E2 82 I see "this typically counts as a separate attack action, so it cannot be performed in the same phase when the character grabs the object / character to be thrown". What am I misunderstanding? Thanks
  4. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team!
  5. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! The ice-skater : When he is fighting, the area quickly becomes a skating rink, where it's difficult to stand and move without taking the risk of falling. The ice-skater is in his element, using the blades of his shoes to do major damage to the slipping opponents...
  6. Re: A Game Of Questions So, what wan we expect for the future... ?
  7. Re: A Game Of Questions Couldn't it be dangerous ?
  8. Re: A Game Of Questions Where have you heard such a tale?
  9. Re: A Game Of Questions Which guy ? Do you mean the french guy ? (Thanks, hi!)
  10. Re: A Game Of Questions Aren't most sharewares free just for a limited time ?
  11. Re: A Game Of Questions Is it possible to write kanjis on our keyboards ?
  12. Re: Answers & Questions Q- Can I drive your DeLorean, Doc ? A- Things aren't so simple...
  13. Re: Answers & Questions Q : Were you part of the people that knew before me that I was fired ? A : Don't worry, it's just nitrogen...
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