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  1. Re: Armor Wars One way to do it would be to have most "super" suits be what they call "devises" over in the Whateley universe -- basically gear that by all rights shouldn't be able to work because it flat-out violates the laws of physics, but that thanks to its creator's mutant gift or other superpower and faith in his or her work manages to do so just fine all the same. Well, just fine with the occasional reliability issues usually associated with mad science, in any case...especially when used by somebody else. And of course it's basically impossible for anybody other than the original
  2. Re: Looking at characters in Champions 6E Yes, but what's in question here is the base mental offense level -- OMCV, not DMCV. There really isn't much use in that one for characters who have no way to actually use it to attack anybody... (Random tangent: I've noticed some people on these boards complain about PRE being too effective. Part of that would probably be that Presence Attacks always automatically hit...might it make sense to tie them to the mental combat values instead?)
  3. Re: Full Sensory Mind Link? Well, the canonical way to get sensory impressions via Mind Link, according to APG 110, is apparently to buy Clairsentience Linked to the Mind Link and with an extra -1 "Only To Use Subject's Senses" Limitation. However, on page 126 the APG also introduces a +5 point "Sensory Impressions" adder for Telepathy, which seems to do for that power what we're looking for here -- it allows the telepath access to actual direct sensory input from the subject of his mind-reading, which as 6E1 297 points out isn't normally the case. Given the other similarities betwee
  4. Re: [Request] West Coast Avengers Write Ups Well, part of the problem is that 'real' comic book superheroes probably don't have anything like Hero-style character sheets lying on the author's desk for reference. Within certain rough guidelines -- and even those can be violated in pursuit of "a better story" --, their power level is always exactly what the plot demands. (Of course, the characters themselves may not know that. From their perspective, their overall performance is probably a bit more consistent on a day-to-day basis, but the everyday parts of their lives tend to get glossed o
  5. Re: Impact of Multiple Attacks Keep in mind that if you mix hand-to-hand and ranged attacks in a multiple attack, that's an extra -2 to OCV above and beyond the standard multiple attack penalty. The same applies to mixing mental and non-mental attacks. (6E2 76) So maybe it's not quite bad enough to require banning...
  6. Re: Special Report: The End of Superheroes! Well, yes, most successful autocratic governments are based on the support of ruling elites. We rarely hear about the failed attempts for long for some reason. That said, nothing specifically prevents a superpowered individual or group from gaining that support just like "baseline" autocrats manage to do from time to time; there is no mandatory correlation between the presence or absence of superpowers and political skill... ...Of course, the downside of that is that they probably also won't find the job significantly easier.
  7. Re: Special Report: The End of Superheroes!
  8. Just a brief clarification, please: According to 6E2 74, a Combined Attack lets me use multiple powers against a single target -- once -- without suffering any of the penalties normally associated with the Multiple Attack maneuver. What I'm not clear on is whether I would then make individual Attack Rolls for each power involved or just a single one that decides whether or not the entire 'batch' hits or misses; the section on Combined Attacks never actually says one way or the other. On the one hand, a Combined Attack is a "type of Strike", which argues for the latter interpretation; on t
  9. Re: So....Dynamite jumps into The Phantom's boots..... You'll notice it's not just his outfit that's so afflicted in those two versions. But yes, that does make it a bit tricky to pin down what the 'real' color is supposed to be. You could say that the US version has the canonical one, but even that has evidently gone through changes over time... Then again, every practical-minded superhero should have a spare costume or three just in case an emergency pops up while the first is in the laundry, anyway. So maybe it's just a case of that principle in action?
  10. Re: Five Creatures That Prove Life Could Exist On Other Planets (Or In Space) It's nice to know that life on Earth can exist in the weirdest of places. It does, in fact, make me feel a little bit more optimistic about life 'out there'. That said, we are still talking about lifeforms that ultimately got their start here on our blue marble, same as all the less exotic ones we're already familiar with. It's nice to hear that alien life, if it exists, may be tougher and more adaptable than past generations of SF writers have given it credit for...but there's no new data here with regard
  11. Re: power to delete bank accounts You don't want to Transform the character for this, assuming you're going for a Power-based approach rather than just using Computer Programming (which already generally covers hacking and could probably be supplemented by an appropriate Knowledge Skill or two). You want to do a (probably Major, going by the Psychic Surgery section in the APG) Mental Transform of the computer holding the relevant information. "Healing" the Transform would be done by restoring the account from backup data or manually once the damage is noticed.
  12. Re: VPPs in 6th If there's an AP cap for the campaign, I'd be tempted (more on a theoretical basis, I haven't actually tested this) to go with a guideline like "no single power in the pool can be bigger than the cap and the total of control + pool cost can't exceed the cap either". So, a 'basic' VPP for a 60 AP campaign might be one with a 20-point control cost and a 40-point reserve for effective access to 40 AP of freeform power with no major constraints other than the default VPP ones. Or it could have a 30-point control cost (maximum) and correspondingly only a 30-point pool, forcing
  13. Re: Not D&D Regarding religion: if what bugs you is having so-called divine spellcasters and deities that regularly appear in front of mortals in your game, nothing says you have to use those just because D&D is fond of them. (In fact, while I could be mistaken, I generally consider the modern "cleric archetype" largely an original D&D invention in the first place.) There's nothing wrong with a setting in which deities are invisible and mysterious and their priests, while still performing all the duties of their real-life counterparts, get no special magic powers granted
  14. Re: CON Only to Resist Stunning If you want him easily fatigued, that's more up the alley of low END than low CON. Part of the issue is, I think, that most things you might intuitively use CON for in other games tend not to come up in Hero so much. There's no "fortitude save" vs. poison or sickness, for example; the usual Hero examples are built as simple straight-up NNDs, Drains, or the like, and work just as well whether the target's CON is 8 or 28. You don't make CON rolls vs. exhaustion, those effects are governed by END and REC instead. And so on.
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