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  1. What I always remember now is his 1999 show "You Are All Diseased". During a rant about how people have become too obsessed with being safe and have forgotten that danger is fun, he said that he was looking forward to terrorists attacking the US and would consider it exciting entertainment. But that's off-topic.
  2. Mexican violence? (Reference)
  3. The Body Control Powers chapter in Champions Powers also had "Let Me Lend You a Hand", allowing the character to detach their limbs and operate them as independent characters. It was a Summon, Slavishly Devoted, with Mind Link to the limbs and the Limitation that the character can't use his own limbs while the Summon is active.
  4. There's an expression I've seen, that the modern definition of "Liberal" is "someone slightly to the right of Ronald Reagan." Of course, that means the real Reagan, not the mythical Saint Reagan that many modern Conservatives revere.
  5. That was back when he was having political rallies. The press conferences are the only way he can get his attention and admiration fix now.
  6. The story is here. It also prompted a response from the company that acquired Covidien, saying "That was before we took over. It wasn't us."
  7. The section on resetting Triggers in 6E1 compares an instantly resetting Trigger to a Constant Power, so a resetting attack could be ruled to affect targets in the same way.
  8. I work for a chemical company that makes cleaning products and disinfectants. I don't know if it's slowed down (working from home), but for a while we were getting more than a year of normal sales for some of our products every day. Normal sales - 100 cases per month. Someone places an order for 1700 cases.
  9. He's been playing the victim since literally Day One, when he claimed the media and the National Park Service were deliberately using photos that made his inauguration crowd look small.
  10. He's in the process of turning the US military into mercenaries (Saudi Arabia, South Korea). They have greater value if they're immune to war crime charges.
  11. But we do have anti-Trump protestors described as "angry mobs" and proposals being made to restrict the right to protest.
  12. It turns out that Trump's Tweet followed him actively rejecting a White House statement praising McCain.
  13. A generic statement that didn't actually mention McCain himself, and ended in an exclamation mark. Mentioning McCain was left to Melania. Compare to Barack Obama's statement. I'm sure a meltdown or some attention-grabbing antics will come when it sinks in that McCain invited Obama to deliver a eulogy at his funeral and specifically stated that Trump wasn't invited to the funeral.
  14. Following his tantrum over not getting his big military ego stroking parade, it's being reported that Trump is looking into the possibility of a private military force that will report to him. How long until he starts strutting around in a faux-military uniform with lots of gold braid?
  15. Remember, the last time someone questioned the validity of an election in Georgia, they responded by completely destroying the voting records.
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