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  1. "How pretty is this stage?", from the CPAC live feed a couple hours ago.
  2. Dragon Magazine #207 (July 1994) had an article entitled "Great Responsibilities", about superheroes taking an active role in their communities instead of waiting for things to happen. Part of the article dealt with Pandora's Box, a nonprofit national hero team franchise that trains novice heroes on the condition that they volunteer in places like homeless shelters and hospitals during their training. Pandora's Box teams are funded by businesses in the communities where the teams operate and any profits generated by the teams go into a fund to benefit the communities. Only one large bus
  3. "All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone."


    - Blaise Pascal.

  4. There have also been examples given of powered armor characters who use OIAID instead of Focus. It takes time for them to put on the suit, and they can be prevented from putting on the suit, but once it's on, it never gets damaged or taken away. That's more a story function than something inherent in the suit though. Molybdenum Man's enemies never manage to break or remove his armor during an encounter in the comics, even if they knock him out.
  5. Especially considering that Barr was recently urging Federal prosecutors to charge any demonstrators after a hypothetical Trump reelection with attempting to overthrow the government.
  6. Star Hero 5e, page 197, said that the Earth has 86 BODY. "A rocky planet like Earth has a volume of about 1.37 x 10^20 hexes, if it’s considered a perfect sphere. Assuming it all counts as stone (19 BODY, 5 DEF), it has a total BODY of 86 (base of 19, +1 for each doubling of size)." Star Hero 6e, page 230, only talked about the BODY of one 2m sphere, but assumed you had to hit the whole planet at once. "A rocky planet like Earth has a volume of about 1.37 x 10^20 cubic meters, if it’s considered a perfect sphere. assuming it all counts as stone (19 BODY, 5 PD/10 ED), a ch
  7. If the Find Weakness is dependent on a roll, Lack of Weakness could be built as Change Environment, like using it to make yourself hard to see. The point cost doesn't come out to a flat amount per -1 though. Change Environment (-1 to Find Weakness PER Rolls), Persistent (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (3 Active Points); No Range (-1/2), Self Only (-1/2) Total cost: 1 point. -2 is 3 points. -3 is 5 points. -4 is 7 points. -5 is 8 points.
  8. What I always remember now is his 1999 show "You Are All Diseased". During a rant about how people have become too obsessed with being safe and have forgotten that danger is fun, he said that he was looking forward to terrorists attacking the US and would consider it exciting entertainment. But that's off-topic.
  9. Mexican violence? (Reference)
  10. The Body Control Powers chapter in Champions Powers also had "Let Me Lend You a Hand", allowing the character to detach their limbs and operate them as independent characters. It was a Summon, Slavishly Devoted, with Mind Link to the limbs and the Limitation that the character can't use his own limbs while the Summon is active.
  11. There's an expression I've seen, that the modern definition of "Liberal" is "someone slightly to the right of Ronald Reagan." Of course, that means the real Reagan, not the mythical Saint Reagan that many modern Conservatives revere.
  12. That was back when he was having political rallies. The press conferences are the only way he can get his attention and admiration fix now.
  13. The story is here. It also prompted a response from the company that acquired Covidien, saying "That was before we took over. It wasn't us."
  14. The section on resetting Triggers in 6E1 compares an instantly resetting Trigger to a Constant Power, so a resetting attack could be ruled to affect targets in the same way.
  15. I work for a chemical company that makes cleaning products and disinfectants. I don't know if it's slowed down (working from home), but for a while we were getting more than a year of normal sales for some of our products every day. Normal sales - 100 cases per month. Someone places an order for 1700 cases.
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