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  1. I want to run a (heroic) DC game where the characters are monster hunters. They can be normals (100 CP + 50 in Comps) or have a couple of powers. Question 1: What limit should I put on the Active Points of powers? I don't want 12d6 energy blasts, for example. Question 2: Would this work better at 150 CP + 50 in Comps?
  2. The gallery sounds like a lot of fun, but 400-point characters are too high for me. What's in Dark Champions: TAS?
  3. This one: http://www.herogames.com/forums/store/product/683-champions-the-super-roleplaying-game-bookpdf/ I'm hoping it has lots of sample characters, like the villains books. Is it worth getting, in that regard? Worth getting for other reasons?
  4. True. I gave up on my original proposal a few posts back. Too many problems (and you've found another).
  5. I must be getting dumber as I get older (how do you stat that up in Hero)? Basically, you're making KA's and RKA's dormant rules. Which makes buying Resistant Defenses pointless; you'd just buy normal PD and ED, since it's cheaper. But your Lethal advantage turns a Blast/HTH Attack into a "killing attack" by ignoring non-resistant defenses Perfect.
  6. I misunderstood (but I think I get it now). Let me try an example: Dark Archer has 30 STUN, 10 BODY, 5 PD, and 6rPD. The Avenger shoots him with a Desert Eagle (was 2d6, now 6d6) for 21 STUN and 6 BODY. This is reduced to 10 STUN (from the PD + armor) and 0 BODY (from the armor). If I understand it correctly, I like it. No half dice, no stun multiplier-- it's achieves the goals I want, but in a more elegant fashion. Less modifications to the system. Correct, 7 vs. 6. Correct. My proposal is too lethal. I don't get this part. Can you explain? I meant that [my proposed changes + your Lethal variant] would change the game too much. I didn't mean that [your Lethal variant] changes the game too much.
  7. This is what I was proposing in my first post, right? Correct. It took me a while to see it. I think I see where you're going here. But at this point, it's changing the rules too much for me.
  8. Not sure what you mean, can you give an example? It sounds like what I was proprosing in my first post.
  9. I think I see what you mean. Original rules: Dark Archer has 10 BODY and armor that does 6 rPD. He gets shot by a Desert Eagle (2d6) for 7 BODY, which the armor reduces to 1 BODY. My proposal: Dark Archer has 30 BODY and armor that does 6 rPD. He gets shot by a Desert Eagle (6d6) for 21 BODY, which the armor reduces to 15 BODY. That makes a far more lethal game. Under the original rules, Dark Archer has lost 1/10 of his BODY, but under my proposal he's lost 50% of it. To preserve the balance, I could raise rPD x 3 (18 rPD). This reduces the attack to 3 BODY, which preserves the ratio. But as you point out, it blocks too much STUN (23 instead of 11). Let me think about it some more.
  10. I’ve created a rules variant that uses the Normal Damage dice scale for Killing Damage, which eliminates half-dice and rolling for a STUN multiplier. The goal is to speed up combat and make the game simpler. I’ve been playing Hero for some time, but I’m not an expert-- so let me know if I missed anything. Rules Modifications 1. Use the Damage Classes Table to convert Killing Damage dice to Normal Damage dice. Example: Under the original rules, a Desert Eagle does 2d6 BODY, but now it does 6d6. 1 pip = 1d6 1/2D = 2d6 1d6 = 3d6 1d6+1 = 4d6 1.5 d6 = 5d6 2d6 = 6d6 2d6+1 = 7d6 2.5 d6 = 8d6 3d6 = 9d6 etc. 2. Since KA’s now do more damage, the BODY characteristic must increase. Use the same scale as STUN: Base Value: 20 Cost: 1 CP per +2 BODY Characteristic maximum: 50 3. In combat, subtract Killing Damage from both STUN and BODY. Example: The Avenger shoots the Dark Archer for 18 BODY. The Dark Archer’s armor provides 6 rPD, which reduces the damage to 12. Adding his 5 PD to the armor reduces the STUN damage to 7 STUN. 4. The Death threshold remains the same (negative BODY). 5. BODY heals at REC x 3 per month, rather than REC per month. 6. RKA’s are now purchased as Blast (does BODY). HKA’s are now purchased as a Hand-to-Hand Attack (does BODY). There’s no additional cost for the “does BODY” modifier, but you must declare it when you buy the power. 7. Converting published NPC’s is simple. First, multiply BODY x3. Next, use the Damage Scale Table to convert any Killing Attacks to the Normal Damage scale.
  11. Next step is I want to limit CSL’s to the 3-point option. I plan to use the “Optional Equal Damage Hand-to-Hand Weapons Table” on page 37 of the 6E Equipment Guide, so I'll start with the category headers: Axes Clubs Hammers and Maces Polearms Swords Unusual The last group is problematic: quarterstaff, lance, and morningstar-- it seems like this is the "Other" category. For consistency and simplicity’s sake, I’ll make each of these weapons a separate 3-point CSL. Might make sense from a realism POV, since all three are a bit more complex to use. Thoughts?
  12. Thanks to everyone for the responses. And thanks for the links, Doc-- interesting stuff. But in the end, I think I'll just ignore SPD, as well as END, and phase 12 REC. If players want a REC, they'll have to take a 1-phase action. I would not use these mods for a Champions game, but for this experiment (a gritty, humans-only FH game) I think it will work well.
  13. This has probably been done before, but I can’t seem to find a “search” feature. Do you have any experience with ditching the Speed Chart? Just to put things in context, this idea is for Heroic games, not Superheroic. I want something like D20 or Gurps, where each character gets one action per round. Issue 1 is SPD, which becomes meaningless. You could simply ignore it, and have players act in order of DEX + lightning reflexes. Or, reduce the cost to 1 CP for 1 rank and use a D20-ish initiative (3d6 + Speed + LR, roll once before combat begins.) Issue 2 is Phase 12 recovery. Not sure what to do here (other than just ignore it) or say everyone gets a recovery after “round” 12. Issue 3 is Flash, which relies on segments. Could you simply say that it works that many “rounds” or would that make Flash too powerful? Anything else I’m missing?
  14. I only have 6E Basic, and I need some clarification on how CSL's apply to melee weapons. Let me know if these examples are correct: 2-pt CSL: Broadsword (clear enough, it’s in the book) 3-pt CSL: Swords? (The example in the sidebar is Pistols, so I’m guessing this makes sense.) 5-pt CSL: All melee weapons? 8-pt CSL: All HTH attacks (clear enough, it’s in the book) 10-pt CSL: All attacks (clear enough, it’s in the book) So it’s the 3-pt and 5-pt level that I need clarification on.
  15. There's something about rolling three 6's that makes me think AWESOME, and rolling three 1's that makes me cringe. My first game of Champions was in the mid-80's, and I still can't get change that feeling.
  16. Hello, Does anyone know the names of the fonts used in the 5th Edition books? Or, good equivalents. Thanks!
  17. I'm new to Fantasy Hero. Are there any differences between the 5th edition Grimoire and the 6th edition Grimoire? (Not the differences between 5th and 6th editions of the Hero System, I alreay know those.) Basically, If I can find a copy of the 5th edition Grimoire for a good price, should I buy it or spring for the 6th edition pdf?
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