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  1. Re: Anyone running an online supers game? Who told you? As this is no longer a hypothetical, I started a new recruitment thread. Also, I've settled on Monday night for the sessions and a premise for the super team. See here: http://www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php/79960-The-EXEMPLARS-Online-Champions-6th-VoiP-text-game-recruiting
  2. Re: Anyone running an online supers game? I drew another picture of Mystica for you, Phy. I took a few liberties with the costume, particularly the amulet, converting it from a simple ankh to a stylized combination of an ankh, gnostic and Russian Orthodox crosses, and the female "Venus" symbol. Let me know if the changes are okay with you. [ATTACH=CONFIG]35849[/ATTACH]
  3. Re: Anyone running an online supers game? @Phydaux: The concept behind Mystica is fine. You'll have to rebuild her to 6th Ed specs, though, and I'd like to see her "spellbook" as well. One thing... "Tatyana Romanova" was the name of James Bond's love interest in "From Russia With Love;" would you mind changing the name slightly?
  4. Re: Anyone running an online supers game? @Kytanos: I'm not sure what my tone will be. I generally prefer a middle course also, but in practice with me it depends a lot more on player interaction in-game and where the story circumstances lead than what I try to plan in advance. I've had games I meant to be serious turn into slapstick and things I meant to be light turn into tragedies. That may not say much for my skills as a GM, but its true. My email is otaku@unclebear.com . I have a Skype account but never log into it unless I have something specific to accomplish. After I built my current computer half a year ago I intentionally never installed any AIM-type software; I like to take the internet on my own terms and at my own pace and don't want to be super-available. Unless I have technical difficulties, I generally answer my email promptly. @Phydaux: Generally, anything I think is bogging down a game gets hit with a GM fiat, which is why I warned you that at any time I could overrule/cancel something. Given your stated style though, I'd probably recommend taking a cue from the Champions 6th write-up of Witchcraft: a big Multipower for a handful of powerful go-to effects and a smaller VPP for little utility effects. But if you want to go the all-VPP route I'll give you leeway to see how it plays. @Torchwolf: Okay, I'll take you at your word regarding your schedule. I only made an issue of it because I've frequently encountered players who never bother to do the math regarding time zones, or just assume all the other players will accommodate them, no matter how expressly you make the scheduling clear in advance.
  5. Re: Anyone running an online supers game? Okay, I think I'm ready to take this out of vague hypotheticals and into brass tacks. 1. My inclination is to run something in the published Champions Universe, based out of Milennium City, running parallel to certain storylines presented in the Champions Online MMO. That said, neither the written material nor the MMO would be "gospel truth" in my campaign. Generally, public knowledge from published sources will be public knowledge in the campaign, but behind the scenes things might be very different. Maybe Witchcraft didn't really rebel against her parents' evil ways and is actually a supervillainess masquerading as a hero, with the other Champions her ensorcelled mind-slaves. Maybe Dr. Destroyer is actually a rogue Empyrean. Maybe the entire Champions Universe is actually a virtual reality simulation and your characters are really powerless vat-grown human batteries being harvested by ruthless machine intelligences. Okay, none of those examples will be true, but the point is that similar twists from "canon" might be true. 2. I am inclined for the players to be part of an eclectic unthemed group like the Avengers or Justice League, rather than a themed one like the X-Men or Shadowpact. However, if everybody wants to play a mutant, alien, esper, sorceror, or whatever, I am flexible about this. 3. This one is important -- Code against killing! I want to adhere to pre-Iron Age sensibilities about killing people. The Punisher and Deadpool have their own brand of coolness, but it is at odds with what I want to run. Sure, once in a long while Wonder Woman can snap someone's neck or Clint Barton/Ronin/Hawkeye can go rogue and try to put an arrow in some really bad baddie's brain pan, but those are exceptions and not the rule! Seriously, if you are putting all your points into Killing Attacks, you are on the wrong page. 4. Costumes and code names. Have them, please. Sure, Jessica Jones can whine about how she doesn't want to be a superhero, all evidence to the contrary, and yes it can make a good story, but not this story. Also, try to avoid goofy self-parody like the Mystery Men or Great Lakes Avengers. Not what I want to do, joke characters will be forbidden at outset or uncermoniously murdered at the earliest opportunity. That said, funny is okay in moderation. More later.
  6. Re: Anyone running an online supers game? @Torchwolf: You are something like six hours ahead of me. From your perspective, this game would start at around 2 AM and end around sunrise, on a weekday, once a week. I'd love to get an international perspective in the group, but let's be realistic. How would this be possible? @Kytanos: I hear you and know your pain. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the beast. The majority of RPGs fizzle out, just as the majority of small businesses fail and new television series don't survive their first season. Roughly 50% of the people who try to game drop out after a session or two, once reality sets in. This is true for players, who after character creation don't have to do much more than show up; it is even more true for GMs, who have to shoulder a more persistent burden.
  7. Re: Anyone running an online supers game? I'm slightly younger than you, Phydaux, but not much. Hey, I like roleplaying too! If I were more interested in boardgaming, Hero certainly isn't the best system to do it with. What I meant was, everyone has their own opinion of what just the right mix of RP and combat is, and except at either extreme (all RP or all combat), you can never figure if they value each the same as you do by what they say, only by playing with them.
  8. Re: Anyone running an online supers game? Ah! Of course, before a game is even decided upon, the negotiations begin. @Odraude: Saturday is out, there are simply too many activities competing for that time slot, and every "weekend getaway" means a missed session. Any weekday is about equally convenient/inconvenient for me. @Phydaux: Re scheduling -- it would help if I knew what time zone you are in and what times are convenient for you. Re parameters -- 6th Ed, 400 points, 12DC cap, yes to VPPs, but everything (everything, not just VPP!) is subject to my veto both during character creation and any time after if I think something is being abused or unbalancing even if well intentioned. Re what the team needs -- there is no team yet, lets not get ahead of ourselves. Don't invest yourself in vaporware! When/if the time comes we can powwow about character roles and ideas. @Kytanos: Be careful about how specific your requirements are; the narrower you draw that circle, the more likely you will end up the only person in it. While I think my play style is probably compatible with yours, there is no way to tell until we actually play together -- you can make up your mind then if what I do is worth your time. As for VoiP, that is a two-edge sword that cuts differently depending on the specific group of players you assemble. Some players live with others who like to talk, listen to music, and watch television in the same room while the player is busy at the computer, and that seriously bogs the value of VoiP, even using transmit buttons. Also, most people tend to think about what they have to type more than what they blurt out on the spur of the moment, so text games tend to have more focus and fewer tangents than their vocalized counterparts. Also, the lack of an attention span equal to the task of following a text chat for two or three hours is not a desirable quality in a roleplayer. Not to mention the train wreck potential of bad attempts to voice act accents and inflections. All that said, I've played both ways (and face to face of course) and could run something using VoiP. I live with my girlfriend, but fortunately she's quiet and our apartment is big enough we don't have to trip over each other with much noise pollution, but that may not be the case with all potential players; I'm willing to assemble a group of potentials and see what the consensus is before committing to VoiP or not VoiP.
  9. Re: Anyone running an online supers game? Good, I'm EST also. Maybe. Playing the MMO has made me want to run a Champions Universe game, which I've never done. Let me know what weeknights would be good for you, assuming an 8-Midnight EST session once a week.
  10. Re: Anyone running an online supers game? I've been seriously considering running a Maptool based Champions 6th game. What time zone are you guys in?
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