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  1. I think I could do larger pics as the starter posts for separate threads, but not in replies.
  2. I don't really count Captain America as a masked vigilante. Look at Dark Champions.
  3. Scott Bennie and Steve Long's VIPER sourcebook contained brief, undeveloped mentions of a list of members of Dragon Branch (VIPER's metahuman division). I used these for inspirations for some quick and dirty supervillain pcs. These are fanpics-- they aren't official or canon in any way.
  4. There are a lot of gray areas and contradictions in the 6th Ed Champions canon, many of which were Cryptic's "fault" when it bought the IP and started cobbling together pieces from past editions without strict quality control (try making sense out of post-Battle of Detroit Doctor Destroyer, Shadow Destroyer, and Gigaton's personal timelines). Still, that's totally in keeping with the continuity problems in both Marvel and DC's respective continuities, so its not all bad. I love fitting together pieces of pre-existing continuities, and Champions Universe has some great stuff to work with.
  5. Is Manta Ray's secret identity Emmanuel Radnitzky? (Very obscure reference)
  6. Is it just a 'too soon' thing? Games, comics and movies have been made around Cherobyl without much offense perceived. I'm certainly old enough to remember Chernobyl. If I came back to the Fukushima idea in ten years, would it be okay then?
  7. Epiphanis


    Would it be in poor taste to set an irradiated-mutant adventure in post-meltdown Fukushima?
  8. Universal Location Technologically Improved Mobile Armored Tactical Enhancement
  9. Do you need the character illustrations separately, or is the PDF sufficient for your needs?
  10. The Elder Worm nation idea and an unleashed Death Dragon are probably too world-shaking for my intentions; an oppressive Invictus regime or the threat of Lemurian infiltrators would seem like small potatoes next to a million Elder Worms with starships running around on Earth. Still, good stuff. The more I think of it, the more I like the thought that Doctor Destroyer does simply and truly die of natural causes.
  11. Duke Zataro of Milan had been deposed and exiled to a magical island with his young daughter Zatanda. Zataro wrested control of the island from the sorceress Tala, Queen of Evil, and learned magic (which he also taught to Zatanda). The duo were served by two magicallly-bound spirits: the angelic Zauriel, whom Tala had bound into a cloven pine, and the demonic Etrigan. Zataro retires back to Milan to reclaim his throne, but the naive Zatanda seeks out the Justest Men to learn more of this brave new world. She is accompanied by Zauriel and Etrigan, who are forced to obey her but have agendas (which naturally conflict with each other) of their own.
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