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  1. Re: And Now for Something Slightly Different: Mis-Spelled and Reimagined Supers IRONIC MAN: a billionaire weapons magnate gets hit by shrapnel from a demonstration of one of his own bombs while in the boonies. A piece lodges in his heart, and only the quick work of a medic working for enemy freedom fighters rigs implants a mechanism that keeps him from dying. Impressed by the irony of his survival, he turns his genius and vast fortune to aiding others.
  2. Re: Silver Age Champions playtest begins! [ATTACH=CONFIG]44742[/ATTACH]
  3. Re: Silver Age Champions playtest begins! [ATTACH=CONFIG]44739[/ATTACH]
  4. Re: Silver Age Champions playtest begins! [ATTACH=CONFIG]44738[/ATTACH]
  5. Re: Silver Age Champions playtest begins! Following Atomic Pie's death, several imitators will arise, including Cyborg-Atomic Pie, Pieboy, Steelpie, and the Pie of Tomorrow.
  6. Re: Silver Age Champions playtest begins! The Atomic Eye tried out for the team, but I thought we were going with the Atomic Pie instead, and having both on the team would just be confusing.
  7. Re: Silver Age Champions playtest begins! [ATTACH=CONFIG]44732[/ATTACH]
  8. Re: Silver Age Champions playtest begins! Working on it.
  9. Re: Silver Age Champions playtest begins! I'm reading it, but I probably don't count since I'm also playing it.
  10. Two humanoid allies of roughly the same size are in combat. One is a brick with high defenses, the other an energy projector with relatively low defenses. The projector stands behind the brick and fires bolts at the opposition over/around him. I'm guessing that with Hit Location rules, that would be head, hands, arms, and legs exposed and everything else covered, and one-third of the body showing (OCV -3) under the main rules. Yes? Would the "Firing Into Melee" optional rule apply unmodified here, the same as if the combatant providing the "soft" cover were an ally of the attacker (and in danger of being hit by "friendly fire") rather than an ally of the attacked person actively trying to protect him? Or should the soft-cover provider (intentionally protecting the Target) be more likely to be hit than an ally of the attacker (who might accidentally be in the way)?
  11. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) @Lord Liaden: to the best of my knowledge that is correct.
  12. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) Doctor Phantom was one of the founding members of the Sentinels from the 1960s, now long retired. She is mentioned several times in 6th Ed. Champions Universe and was given a write up in Digital Hero #13. She is Darren Watts' creation and appeared prominently in the 1940s as a child prodigy NPC in the playtest of his Golden Age sourcebook. I would be greatly surprised if an updated version of her did not appear in his Silver Age sourcebook when he drafts it.
  13. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) [ATTACH=CONFIG]44589[/ATTACH] Doctor Phantom
  14. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) Yeah, the purse strap was the big one, but I hadn't noticed the problem with the shoes. The darker purple ribbon on one shoe goes all the way to the sole, but not on the other. Good eye. There's another mistake, though.
  15. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) No, its supposed to be like that. It is a "candy lolita" dress, with a skirt big enough to be flouncy and doll-like while short enough to show off her legs. However, I count at least two errors I made in this picture, neither of which I noticed before posting it (its was getting late and I rushed it). One of them is fairly major and now I can't stop noticing it, so I may post a corrected version of the same picture soon. Can you spot the errors (you may come up with some I still haven't noticed)?
  16. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) [ATTACH=CONFIG]44569[/ATTACH] Charm Girl
  17. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) [ATTACH=CONFIG]44452[/ATTACH] Esper
  18. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) [ATTACH=CONFIG]44445[/ATTACH] Shrinker.
  19. Re: Funky Old Medina (with apologies to Tone Loc) In case the joke needs explaining, in the Champions Universe, Medina is the name of a wealthy Spanish family controlled by Doctor Destroyer. The family has produced a number of superhumans, most of whom have psionic or mind controlling powers, impliedly due to some genetic mutation. The Medina in the song is probably the archvillain Menton, who does not hesitate to use his power in exactly the way described, but it could also be Thoughtcrime or a different Medina.
  20. Alright, dig it! Cold coolin’ at Club Caprice, I was lookin’ for some action But like Sapphire said, I didn't get no satisfaction! The girls were all around, but none of them would surrender My armor’s fresh and I'm lookin def, yo, what's wrong with Defender? The girls is all jockin’ at the other end of the bar Havin’ drinks with some Latin chump, when they know that I'm the star So I got up and strolled over to the other side of the cantina I asked the guy, are you Spanish fly? He said: “No, I’m a funky old Medina.” … Funky Old Medina … This brother told me a secret on how he got the chicks: “I’m a Spanish psychic with mind-controllin’ tricks; It's better than any alcohol or aphrodisiac Just stare in their eyes and give the mind a zap! I did Doctor Vox down by the docks and gave Flashover a whirl; Got laid by that old Masquerade--who might not even be a girl! A one night stand with Scorpia only seemed to make her meaner: But can’t stay too long, I must move on, I’m a Funky Old Medina!” “You know, gotta be away when it comes to day Get a groove and stay on the move, ya know?" … Funky … Old … Medina! “Now Cateran is a redhead gal who dresses up like Xena But she lost her cool and stayed after school with this Funky Old Medina! I done Lady Blue, and Mantara, too, and that mystic chick Morgaine; Maybe went too far with Gravitar, when I bollocksed up her brain!” He grabbed Witchcraft and with a laugh he gave a demonstration: Just stared her down with a frown of total concentration She went to town and reached right for his wiener-- That’s how I lost my girl to that Funky Old Medina! You know what I'm sayin’? He done every lady in Millennium: Zephyr and Vixen, Medusa an’ Mind Slayer in a threesome… Even Psimon can’t match the Medina, pal. The Funky Old Medina…
  21. Re: Gsvc 2012 The Crimson Claw is Mirage, who likes making superhumans jump through her hoops (the villains for the nonexistent/worthless prize; the heroes being misdirected to track down the villains). She's being funded by the IHA, and the crime scenes Mirage picks are prepared with fake "collateral damage" victims to demonstrate how dangerous to the public super battles are.
  22. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) [ATTACH=CONFIG]44398[/ATTACH] Ghost Veil.
  23. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) [ATTACH=CONFIG]44381[/ATTACH] The (Tenth) Black Mask. Incorporating elements of both the original Hero Games and Cryptic Studios designs.
  24. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) Thanks, Haven Walkur. That's about the most effusive praise I've ever gotten for my artwork. The character is Gloriana, a sympathetic villain from the Teen Champions sourcebook. She is actually one of the most powerful solo villains in the setting. In this picture she is supposed to be in her early twenties, in keeping with the setting's real time aging rule. This may or may not be appropriate in that she is immortal and first appeared fully formed as a teenager, so it may have been more appropriate to draw her as a sixteen year old or so; not that I'm certain I could have conveyed that fine a nuance even if I had tried. For almost all of my illustrations I use a photo reference for pose and body proportions, modified for effect. This doesn't always work out; my Syren picture was based on a photo of a tennis player in mid swing to appear actiony, but came out looking awkward. Also, the picture of Dreamwitch has her right leg appear in a very unnatural position even though it was based on an real model's pose that looked much more natural in the original. Unlike some of the artists who frequent these boards I'm strictly amateur; I began this project partly in an attempt to teach myself how to make credibly comic book style superhero art using Manga Studio software; everything posted here is 100 per cent digital with no scanned paper based work.
  25. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) [ATTACH=CONFIG]44305[/ATTACH] Cloaca
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