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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... There are people in spokane that play HERO? I didn't think such a thing was possible! This was from a while ago. A RPGA Living Ebberon game. Warforged Rogue: "They're undead. They can't out-think me." Elven Bard: "You're right." Points to own head, "Empty. Ain't got nuthin' on me!" Group: "???" Elven Bard: "Oh wait...I'm not warforged..." ---------------------- We were trying out CPv3 tonight and this line cropped up... Characters: Rolling State Panzerboy: Boom Boom McGee -- Picture the taxi driver from Scrooged only more para-military...and he drives a hovertank. CeeMetal Dragoon: Meatbag -- big, bad, and heavy... They want to be Bounty Hunters...of all things Anyway... Boom: "We're going in!". Points to Meat, "You take point!" Meat: "Why do I always have to take point?" Boom: BANG! Ping! "...That's why." Meat: "You shot me point blank to make a point?" Boom: nods... Meat: "F*** you! F*** you! If it ricocheted you could lose an eye!" Boom: "So?" Meat: "You're driving. If you went blind, then where would we be?" I love this group
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... We started a DND3e Arcana Evolved game tonight with a sort of wierd basis... Basicly, I'm DMing and the group just BSes untill they say something that grabs my attention enough to run with. I'll also occasionally run a neat-looking adventure from Dungeon... 4 Characters (you can tell this campaign is far from serious...) Seymor: Male human witch trying to nail everything female that moves (except the female PC Sarah...) Sarah: Female PC (only one that Seymor won't touch) described as a "Fire-breathing blood-sucking ***** from which there is no return" (by Seymor of all people). Mage Blade from hell. Azzlend: Lithorian Eagle Totem Warrior. He's a cat who worships a bird...whole group basicly labeled him gay and the player fell right into the "acts like he could be gay but isn't" type. Cymon: Human "ninja"-esque character. He's an ex-assassin presently in an employment "slump" due to...downsizing... (brings to mind the scene from Terminal Velocity..."KGB laid off? AUTOWORKERS get laid off!") No comedic potential here... Anyway...2 good ones from tonight Seymor: “Why do these things keep following you?†(refering to the goblin bandits the party just fought off) Sarah: “It's not my fault! It's his fault!†(pointing at Azzlend) Azzlend: “I blame society.†---------------------------------------------------------- Just finished fighting off a flock of Stirges. In the fight Azzlend accidentally hit Seymor with his warhammer when he botched an attack roll. Azzlend: “Look at the hammer! It's bigger than the Stirge!†Seymor: “Trying to make up for something?†Azzlend: “Lets not bring that into this.†Sarah: “Plead the fifth! Plead the fifth!†Azzlend: “I'll plead the fifteenth! Three times as good.â€
  3. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Just finished our Ebberon game tonight (going on to Starwars...episode 3 addicted me again...need to get it out of my system...) Rundown of our last mis-adventure leading up to these points... We were after a vampire at the behest of the guy that refered to us as "discreet" (earlier post...) and had cought up to his coach driven by his sister. In our normal "discreet" manner our Warforged fighter Hammer decided it would be a good idea to fire his crossbow at the lady driving the carrage since we were suposed to be attacking it. This was at about 240 yards...of course he missed and the carrage started running... Adam (me): "Way to go and prove how 'discreet' we can be Hammer..." A few rounds later I 'stopped' the carrage with a web spell anchoring the horse team to the ground... Refering to the lady driving the carrage (she had hit us with a fireball earlier and killed hammer's horse) Hammer: Well, at least she was strapped in! (refering to the web spell...she failed her save) After deliberating over what would happen to the coach, the DM and several Warhammer players nearby (after a very fun conversation) decided that after the running poles were dragged into the ground by the horses tripping (full gallop with that web crap gumming up their legs) the coach was a total write off. The girl driving got turned into a jelly-like substance when she took a header with several hundred pounds of wooden coach riding HER into the ground, and the vampire inside (in his coffin...no seatbelt ) was flung bodily out through the roof. Hammer: Well, she's gone... Adam: (in refrence to airship jargon) Please make sure your baggage is SECURELY tied down in the over head bins! Finally, finishing the adventure (we took like a month off from roleplaying due to a string of stuff causing us to miss games...) We take over the airship the Vampire is hiding on, and direct it to go back to Sharn (where we started) when we get attacked by pirates and they (for various reasons) end up ramming us. Well, after we get off the ship we see that the wreckage is almost directly over a paraid celebrating the long years of service people like the guy who told us to go do this whole thing have given to the peoples of Breiland. Hammer and Adam: "Uh oh..." We chase the vampire onto a Lightning Rail (think train) and, while searching for the Vampire run into a fellow Artificer of House Cannith (Orlin) and his Warforged Scout (Sledge). GM: You get to talking with Orlin du'Cannith and he goes on about how he's meeting his Intelligence contact in Sharn (*insert name here*...same guy who got us on this 'adventure'). Adam (Me): "You wouldn't happen to be Cyran intelligence. Would you?" Orlin: "Why yes. How did you know?" (I had been acused of being Cyran intelligence when we were told to go do track the vampire...though we were being blackmailed...) (Me to GM): I hate you.
  4. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Sigh...not hero (sob) but funny none the less. We're playing in an Eberon game. I'm behind the reigns of a bossy human Artificer of house Cannith (Adam), and my friend is playing my Warforged Bodyguard (Hammer). Story behind the two is that I built him before the end of the war and we then served untill it ended. Quotes: Hammer: "...then you can bind an air elemental to me, and I could fly!" Adam: "No! No flight!" Hammer: "Why not?" Adam: "Because first you'll want wings! Then you'll want BLADES ON THEM!" ------------------ Adam: "Uh oh. Iron Defenders." Hammer: "Ooh...DOGGIES! I WANT A DOGGIE!" Adam: "No Hammer. No dogs. Umm...hows this. You go first and destroy them, and I'll stay here." Hammer: "No. I want a doggie!" Adam: "What? No dogs Hammer. Now destroy them so we can search the room and get out of here." Hammer: "No. I want one of THOSE doggies!" Adam: "Hammer. Axe. Doggies. Now. I'll make you one later." ------------------ Sinister Man: "I have heard tales of your group's exploits and know of your reputation to be both effective and discreet." Hammer: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...(continues for a while)" Adam: "Do you want me to help you find these 'discreet' guys you keep going on about because there's no way in HELL you can be talking about us." Hammer: "(still laughing)" Adam: "Maybe you're talking about my cousin? Alvin duCannith? He's kind of discreet...well...compared to us at least..." Sinister Man: "No, I'm positive it's you." Hammer: "(still laughing)" ----------------------- Little explaniation about this one. We were on an airship looking for a vampire that was on-board and were in our cabin discussing tactics. Adam: "Okay, when we find him, what do we do with the captin demanding we stay in our cabbin like that?" Hammer: "I want to ride the vampire all the way to the ground! It would make one hell of a crater, AND he'd be turned into goo!" Adam: "Umm...Hammer, I didn't build you to survive that kind of a fall..." Hamer: "Yeah, but THINK of the crater we'd make!" Ugh...the thing's I put up with...
  5. Re: Character Posting Game. Hmmm...so long as I'm on a fantasy high (World of Warcraft...) Challenge: Give me a character whos powers is bringing sketched monsters to life! The more time he spends detailing the sketch, the more powerful the monster. Arandmoor
  6. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... The half-orc barbarian in my sturday DND game is basicly a brick. Good in a fight, and that's it. Big arms...big axe...big debt in the mental department (8 int, 6 wis, 6 cha) The following exchange was made last week shortly after the Barbarian fell victim to a blindness/deafness spell... H-OB: I wish my brother was here. He's good in a fight. Carries a big axe. Dumb as a rock though... Josh: Waitaminute...you think that your brother is dumb? Compared to what? Arandmoor
  7. Re: Superhero Images Have you seen City of Heroes yet? This was my beta character. May she rest in piece...untill sunday when I can start her all over again! http://home.comcast.net/~jyurkiw/images/Olaan.JPG Arandmoor
  8. We didn't roleplay this weekend, but this line was funny none the less. "My Chaolic Schoolgirl can beat up your Catholic Schoolgirl!" Arandmoor
  9. Power Level? c'mon...I'm sure I've seen at least a few 800 point characters in this thread! Arandmoor
  10. Hey! I posted a challenge...it's a few pages back though... Arandmoor
  11. I thought I'd dig up one of my favorite threads... C'mon...it's been four months... surely people can come up with some new stuff Arandmoor
  12. One more... A few weeks ago during the tail end of a D&D3.5 adventure in the Scarred Lands the characters were tracking a party of Slitheren (ratmen) south of the nation of Darakeene (if you don't know what i'm talking about, think Switzerland today mixed with Switzerland of a couple of centuries ago...large standing army, no one to fight, and forced neutrality...). The party consists of 5 people, point bought stats, and many of them are fairly twinked out (at least as well as they could)... We have an elven ranger, high skills, no charisma and no constitution (less HP than the friggin rogue ) A human Cleric of Drendari (goddess of shadow) A human Paladin of Hedrada (Tyr analogue with waaaaay more personality IMO) A human rogue who worships Drendari (constantly hits on the cleric...same player as Running Man from the previous story) and last but not least, the personality of the group, the dumb-as-a-post half-orc barbarian (who worships Vangal the god of slaughter none the less and is constantly reigned in by the paladin...lots of fun there) named Shmir Bibil (making fun of the paladin) who has a tendency to crit with his great axe when he's been pumped to hell and back by the cleric...and raging (28 str...ugh...) at the worst possible moments for my story (like one hitting my BBEGiT THE VERY FIRST ROUND OF THE FIGHT!!! ) Anyway...they're heading southtrying to follow the ratmen's trail and I have them all make their search rolls to track the ratmen. Not a difficult roll, 10 or higher on a d20 not counting bonuses for high stats and skills, AND THEY ALL FAIL! All except for the barbarian with his grand total of -2 to the roll... Smir Bibil: "Hey guys...you missed it..." He still hasn't let them live it down Arandmoor
  13. Running a space opera/military drama game in the Sillouet system set to the back-drop of a repeat of the American Civil War across the backdrop of the entire galaxy, my players are test pilots for modular mecha called "Arms" (so named because of the two standard vehicular combat chassis, one has two arms and the other doesn't) with a Lieutenant for a CO who insists that his squad refer to him as "the Master Chief" (too much HALO...heavily based him on the Seargent/Teacher from Starship Troopers) and hates being called "Sir" ("Sir? I work for a living soldier!") Anyway, driving back to the base from leave, they're cut off in traffic and nearly run off the south Olimpus Highway (they're on a teraformed Mars...faaaaar future) just to the south-west of the base by a totally bomb red-head in a sweet hi-performance hovercar. Not to be outdone by a woman who think's she's all that (they're test pilots after all...THEY'RE suposed to be all that ) the PCs of course chase her as best they can and get completely left behind in her dust. Back at base (finally), they spot the car and the driver (called Ace...also the best pilot in the group...at least in his head) and the ever-adventurous Running Man (you'll see the point to his name in a bit) track her down to the main testing center fully intent on giving her a big piece of their minds (well Ace was at least...I'm still pretty sure Running Man was fully intent on giving her a piece of something else...hehhehheh...so predictable) Well, as Ace's "what in the hell do you call that?" rant starts up along side Running Man's pickup lines in walks the Master Chief who immediately calls "attention! Now salute the admeral pilots." Of course the look on their faces was priceless (it seemed obvious to me, but I guess the possibility of her being an officer never occured to them) it was what Running Man said next... MC: "Dismissed!" RM: "Yes Mam!" He's still running laps I think...
  14. Yeah I know, but I don't do it all the time BTW (before I forget again)...exactly how does damage shield work? Someone earlier in the thread (two pages ago or so) made a comment that sounded, to me at least, as if you need to hit an opponent with it for it to have any effect... Please un-confuse me... Arandmoor
  15. My only complaint about HD2.0 is they don't tell you up front what powers come from what book... I'll look those up when I get home. OTOH you could replace fearless with a like number of points in mental defense, deadly blow with a like number of points in increased HTH damage (from martial arts), and berserk fury with...something worth 14 points. IDHMBIFOM or I could give a better explaniation. Arandmoor
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