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  1. Re: Physics students needed Hmm, think back, think back. What did I learn back then? I believe this would have an effect. After all, energy expended in stretching the webbing would be energy lost from the train. How big an effect that would have depends on how strong and elastic Spideys webbing really is. Anyone got a figure on that? oberon
  2. Oh, definitely Got to admit, I prefer the cold weather to the heat, which is odd considering I grew up in North Queensland. I find it amusing when I'm talking to my family and they are complaining about how cold it is (the min. temp in Cairns is usually about the same as the max temp here ) Still in the tshirt and shorts for most of the day. The usual comment at work is that people really know when winter has arrived, when they see me bothering with jeans/jacket. Cool. I've never actually played Hero, yet Bought C:NM just before 5th ed came out, found it didn't really do what I wanted, so I sold it and got 5th as soon as it came out. Unfortunately, I don't really have the time at the moment to develop a campaign (finishing my PhD) and most of the people I game with have yet to be convinced of the benefits of Hero, to be bothered trying a one-shot. Ah well, I'll wear them down eventually, and then they shall join the converted I do know a couple of other people in Toowoomba, who have played Champions in previous eds., and are keen to try 5th, so it's on the backburner until I have more time on my hands. Of course, if someone wanted to run a Hero game that I could play in, that would be another matter. I'm sure I could find SOME free time cheers oberon
  3. Hi Alan, I am indeed! What do you know, another Toowoomba person! Got a question, Cold enough for you?? (says I as I sit typing, wrapped in a blanket, a cup of hot choc in front of me ) oberon
  4. Playing Earthdawn, the party had just defeated the evil cult in the nick of time, preventing the nasty demon from fully entering reality. As it is struggling to make it through the portal, but being inevitably drawn back; Dwarf (Me): You should taunt it. Go on, it's helpless. Saurial (drops his pants): Hey! If you're REALLY nice to me, I'll let you suck on this before you're destroyed! The GM then made a roll. The demon made a last effort, thrust itself forward and clamped its jaws together. Everyone except the saurials player thought the look on his face was priceless oberon
  5. oberon

    Simple charms

    Cool idea! A bonus to Survival would give me what I was trying for and is so much simpler than creating a raft of spells. Thanks muchly. oberon
  6. oberon

    Simple charms

    Hmm. I probably gave the wrong idea using the word ranger. Yes, the character is an independant fighter type, who spends more often than not in the outdoors. But I'm not making a D&D ranger. So, he has a few charms which would be particular useful to someone who spends a lot of their time in the wilderness. Not the whole get chummy with the animals, Dr Doolittle, type. That's why I was thinking along the lines of fire-lighting, healing, survival skills, etc. cheers oberon
  7. Ahh, my misunderstanding. If the points didn't fade, you could just have an END reserve which only recharges in the presence of neg. em. If the points fade, then, yes an adjustment power is probably the way to go. This also means he actively has to 'feed' on the emotions around him, rather than passively recharging. Is there a reason to tie the adjustment power to the detect? I would have them seperate. He identifies an angry person, then starts to leech them. Question. Does the emotion drain affect the target? You could make it an EGO transfer to the reserve, Only If Target Is Experiencing Negative Emotion (-?) I think Transfer would be a better route than Absorption, since Absorption requires you be the target of an attack. If there is no effect on the target, then Aid. Of course, this is IMHO only oberon
  8. If you're using an END reserve, would you need to worry about Aid? Depends on whether the energy he gathers disappears after he has left the vicinty of the negative emotion. If yes, use an Aid to the framework, no END reserve. If no, use an END reserve, with a limitation on the recovery, Only In The Presence Of Neg. Emotion (-1/4 or -1/2, depending on your campaign). oberon
  9. oberon

    Simple charms

    I haven't even gotten to the points stage yet, I'm just trying to iron out the concept and exactly what I want him to have. It won't be large number (~6?) very low level spells, along the lines of lighting the campfire etc. Certainly nothing that might be useful in combat since he will never have had formal training and only has the barest aptitude for magic. Thanks fo rthe suggestions oberon
  10. I'm currently working on a Fantasy Hero character, and I need some input. It's your basic Ranger-type character, but I want him to know a few simple spells to help him out. I'm talking things like Resist Elements (Life Support or Change Environment), Healing (low-level/takes time/requires herbs), etc. The world is fairly high magic, anyone with some aptitude can learn a few household spells, but you require specialist mage training to do anything powerful. Any ideas on the sort of spells he should know? Also, anyone have an idea on how to model a spell allowing him to start a fire?? cheers oberon
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