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  1. Re: One other thing to model \ In my recent attempt at converting the Zentraedi, I gave them 9 levels of Growth, 0 END, Persistant, and "only changable in the lab" (-1/4), much like a gadget VPP. They can go back to base (or ship) and switch their growth on or off in a chamber, but can't do it in combat.
  2. Re: The Zentraedi and the Tactical Battle Pod. Thanks. I started looking at the Battle Pods with missile launchers. Converting them straight by the rules, they are very powerful weapons - missile launchers with RKA charges, with explosion or area effect, extra range, autofire. They can do some REAL damage early on in a fight. You can basically empty a bunch of missiles in any similar target and kill it instantly. This also makes things like the Spartan Destroid very powerful. I'll try to post some more Robotech pilots and mecha soon.
  3. I based this conversion of the main villians for the first chapter of Robotech on the Palladium RPG stats, which make them big but that that powerful. I converted a basic Zentraedi Battle Pod pilot, 1st level, with average stats, wearing environmental armor, carrying a laser pistol, and piloting a battle pod. Came in for 250 points. Zentraedi Pilot - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/ZTBPOD.pdf Tactical Battle Pod - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/BATPOD.pdf
  4. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! Mecha is a teenage mutant with the power of mecha-merging. He can merge with any machine, converting it into a giant humanoid robot ("villians are attacking, sorry, I'll need to borrow your washing machine! IT'S MECHA TIME!"). weapons include launching fists, a blazing sword and missiles from his fingers, as well as weapons based on the machine he used (washing machine shoots a spin cycle attack). Often a bit too eager to engage his "Mecha" mode and launch attacks. Okay, new team. An excentric scientist has decided to creat a team of super android heroes - they appear almost completely human on the outside, but inside the are robotic with inbuild powers and weapons systems. In order to grant them personalities, he had set up a computer program to research the psyche profiles, personalities, knowledge and histories of 5 of his favorite dead famous people (historic, pop culture, anything goes, as long as the real person is dead), and place these AIs into the bodies. The androids all believe they are the histroic figures reincarnated, and have the urge to fight crime with their seemingly unexplained powers.
  5. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! Jack Strong, aka One Eyed Jack, was a former military sniper who was injured in battle, loosing the use of one of his eyes. The shock also kicked in his latent mutant power of enhanced vision. His remaining eye has telescopic, x-ray, as well as being able to project a completely invisble, lethal beam of force. He uses his power to make sure people don't cheat.
  6. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! The New Man - A college medical experiment to build a man made completely out of artificial organs used in medical replacements (metal hips, experimental artificial heart, lungs, kidneys, syntheric skin for burn victims, false teeth, digital eye implants, false ears, etc). They got to the point where 99% of the human body was represented, then one drunken knight the college students decide to transplant in a cadaver's brain and nervious system, jolt him with electricity, and HE'S ALIVE! No real powers, but near perfect stats, and does not feel pain. With no memory of his past life, The Synthetic Man feels he is the first of the new human race, and wants to upgrade everyone to be perfect like him. His current plan involves getting enough parts to make his mate... The New Woman.
  7. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! The Prohibitionist - Daughter's daughter's daughter of a 1920's prohibition activist, who thinks drinking is the root of all evil. Her mother and grandmother were both killed by drunk drivers in seperate accidents. A mutant pyrokinetic, She can sense the presence of alchol in the body and ignite it! Anyone who has had a drink of booze, wine, beer, anything, in the last 24-48 hours can be caused to spontaniously combust when she shoots them with her flame blast! People who didn't drink take minimal damage from her attacks.
  8. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! I just had to go order issue #4 of Adventurers CLub off ebay for that one.
  9. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! Sorry, I didn't read all the interviening posts, just the first few.
  10. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! I alwasy wanted a super villian team who attempted to steal a machine from a mad sicentist that was supposed to turn lead into gold. The machine blows up and turns the villians into gold. One is a brick, one a speedster, one is stretchy, one has electricity generation. Sadly they can't make any money off their being gold as any part of their body seperates (like hair, fingernails, etc) turns right back into normal if removed from the main body. So now they do robberies as the Gold Bandits.
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