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  1. I was working on working out specifics to translate toy designs to RPG rules, so I wanted to name each toy part and then describe it as a Hero power. Therefore the "Hound Helmet" would have a tracking power, the Cosmic Gliders have Flying power, the Babel Brace is a universal translator, the Tachyon Telegraph is radio rec/transmit, etc. Anyone have have suggestions? I need a name and power for the shoulder pads, the torso, the waist piece,
  2. Detect sound, as a sense, disc, (10 points) Limited Power - not vs. lies (-1/2), total cost 7 points. You can only hear the truth...
  3. With a wingspan of 2 football fields, breath hotter than the surface of Mercury, and an appetite for Autobots, I give you... The Predaking! Predaking is the result of an experiment by Shockwave to clone an extinct species of Cybertronian and use it to hunt Autobots. Basically he's a gigantic robotic, fire breathing dragon. http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/PREDAKIP.pdf
  4. Have you tried wikialpha again? Should be working.
  5. Wheeljack is the loose cannon of the Autobot team. A member of the Wreckers squad, he usually plays it alone, or works with his former team-mate Bulkhead. He's not the scientist depicted in some other series, but instead is a master swordsman and pilot. He doesn't follow orders well. He turns into a sports car. http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/WHEELJAP.pdf Shockwave IS the mad scientist though. His hobbies include inventing more reliable torture techniques and perverting nature with his experiments with cloning violent lifeforms and bending them to his will. He turns into a
  6. I've done a lot of updating of the write-ups as I rewatched the series recently, as well as checked out the toy line. I've added the new Beast Hunters weapons to most characters, as well as TF and WF skills they need. I have two new characters for you too. Smokescreen is a young Autobot who trained with the Elite Guard for the great war... but ended up stuck with guardian relics for Alpha Trion instead of making it on the front lines. He ended up missing the war when Alpha Trion knocked him out and sent to to Earth with the relics. The Autobots on Earth found this young Autobot eager
  7. Its only today that I can read your post, as the Hero Games board has been blocking me from reading and replying. I'll see what I can do about getting your account working on Wikialpha.
  8. Okay, so now Wikialpha has been upgraded so you can save PDF files to it. So if you can generate a PDF file as output, you can save it on Wikialpha. Let me know if anyone needs any help.
  9. Re: What other anti-human hate groups exist besides the anti-mutant ones? IMAGE might be considered anti-human. The Palladium Heroes Unlimited group as an alien run anti human group. Aliens and mutant animals are most of the members. Marvel has several anti human pro mutant groups.
  10. Re: What other anti-human hate groups exist besides the anti-mutant ones? I think mutates outnumber mutants in the Champions universe, at least among the public supers.
  11. Re: What other anti-human hate groups exist besides the anti-mutant ones? See, that would make sense. A group can say they are "anti-mutant", but they really mean they are anti-masked super powered freaks. A group of protesters can't TELL Spider-Man's origin from looking at him. If they somehow ectually knew his origin, they probably wouldn't suddenly like him either. What is a mutation was externally invisible and didn't grant super powers? For instance, the person just had a 6 chambered heart, or that they have an extra vertabre in their backbone (only visible in an X-Ray). Would there
  12. Re: What other anti-human hate groups exist besides the anti-mutant ones? The part that lacks sense is that people with that sort of bias would differentiate between next-step in evolution mutants, and mutated humans. Would they fear that their children are not quite human with super strength, but then accept the guy who was dumped in a barrel of radioactive waste to gain his superhuman strength? That would be like a Nazi who only hated left handed Jewish bankers, but had no problem with right handed Jewish bankers. It seems to be a disctinction that would not matter to them.
  13. Re: What other anti-human hate groups exist besides the anti-mutant ones? In the X-Factor comic they once visited a planet where super powered mutation was rampant. A formerly human looking race was now producing all superhuman mutants, but the mutation was unstable. The world had seperated itself into those who could pass for human, and those who didn't look human any more. The "Perfect" and the "Rejects" were all super powered mutants, but the Rejects were hunted down on for not LOOKING human. Supers who could change form were seen as "duelors", because they could look human, or not. Th
  14. Okay, so we recently had a thead about anti-mutant groups, which I never found logical in a mixed-origin super setting, but what about other groups? How about anti-magic groups? Or anti-robot groups? Or anti-alien groups? or just plain anti-super groups? Which ones exist in the Champions setting, or just your favorite super setting? Anti-magic religious groups would seem to be logical. They would find "magic" to be the work of demonic powers. What about technological anti-magic types? Would radical athiests in a super setting tend to hate magic using supers because it disagrees with
  15. Re: 350 Point Project Can you edit yet Hyper-Man? I see another guy who joined after you is successfully making pages now.
  16. Re: 250 Point Project The leader of the X-Men, Cyclops! http://en.wikialpha.org/wiki/Cyclops_for_Hero_System Namorita of the New Warriors: http://en.wikialpha.org/wiki/Namorita_for_Hero_System
  17. I was working an an artifact that give the user up to 8 levels of growth, but I don't want it to be able to make a character larger than that - therefore it a character already has some levels of growth they only get enough more to get up to 8 levels. I don't want characters ending up with 9+ levels because they either had growth, or they were larger than a normal human already. Is that worth a -1/4 limitation on the artifact's growth? something like "only increases to 8 size levels maximum."
  18. Re: Wikialpha wants your conversion character sheets! Sorry, I didn't realize they put validation on the accounts. I think they had a rash of spam attacks recently. You should get validated soon.
  19. Re: Wikialpha wants your conversion character sheets! What is the name of the page you want to create? Usually I just put that title in the search engine and it will tell that page does not exist, do I wish to create it...
  20. Re: Wikialpha wants your conversion character sheets! Are you logged in still?
  21. Re: Wikialpha wants your conversion character sheets! I asked them to try to support attached files, but right now you can just insert TXT file content between PRE tags, like in my example page with Captain America. Further options should be added soon though.
  22. Re: Villain Resource Comic - Spotlight Megatron Shortly after the events of the comic Starscream reformats himself into his Generation Fall of Cybertron toy, as do Soundwave, Shockwave and Laserbeak. I think the order came down from Hasbro to IDW comics to try to start making the characters look like the toys ON THE SHELVES NOW. That way someone can read the comic and then go to a store and buy the characters toys, instead of finding them as vintage toys on ebay!
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