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  1. Re: Strike Force


    Funny, I picked up a used Strike Force on amazon.com for $3.50 last fall. It was a REALLY nice book. The Champions book I can't seem to find for a low price in the old original Golden Age Champions.

  2. Re: What's *your* superpower?


    I can enrage women at will. I think its uncontrolled Mind Control with one command "Attack me for no reason." Just 3d6 of it.


    I do the clock thing too. Always wake up 2 minutes before it goes off. Drives my wife nuts, which is when the first power kicks in.

  3. Re: The Ms Champions Universe contest


    So those of us who never went to 6th edition get all the fun?


    Also, I think the 5th edition character Overdrive from VV&V had one of the highest COM and PRE stats I've seen in a while, 130 COM and 70 PRE when he sets his Multipower right, but he's a guy. Still, with those stats he could win.

  4. Re: For all of you Coriolis Effect fans


    I was just looking through Coriolis Effect. Can anyone explain what Coriolis' "2D6 Area Transformation (into air)" supposed to be? Is she turning targets into air? Is it supposed to be an early Change Environment power?


    BTW - That link from the first post is now dead, but you can view archive.org's backup of the pages from that site here:



  5. Re: One other thing to model


    The Zentradi are normally giants, but have a device that allows them to "micronize" to human size for inflitration and the like. (And, God, didn't THAT backfire on them!) The process is reversible, but you need to get to a device and have someone run it for you. Humans can't use it to grow to giant size, or at least nobody ever tried.


    How would you model something like that? Growth/Shrinking Usable on Others, OAF? How big a limitation is Requires an Operator?



    In my recent attempt at converting the Zentraedi, I gave them 9 levels of Growth, 0 END, Persistant, and "only changable in the lab" (-1/4), much like a gadget VPP. They can go back to base (or ship) and switch their growth on or off in a chamber, but can't do it in combat.

  6. Re: The Zentraedi and the Tactical Battle Pod.


    Thanks. I started looking at the Battle Pods with missile launchers. Converting them straight by the rules, they are very powerful weapons - missile launchers with RKA charges, with explosion or area effect, extra range, autofire. They can do some REAL damage early on in a fight. You can basically empty a bunch of missiles in any similar target and kill it instantly. This also makes things like the Spartan Destroid very powerful.


    I'll try to post some more Robotech pilots and mecha soon.

  7. I based this conversion of the main villians for the first chapter of Robotech on the Palladium RPG stats, which make them big but that that powerful. I converted a basic Zentraedi Battle Pod pilot, 1st level, with average stats, wearing environmental armor, carrying a laser pistol, and piloting a battle pod. Came in for 250 points.


    Zentraedi Pilot - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/ZTBPOD.pdf




    Tactical Battle Pod - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/BATPOD.pdf



  8. Re: Rifts HERO?


    I am currently reading the RIFTS Magic book. Allow me a few days to read' date=' absorb then HEROfy it. Then I'll be back to post The Ley Line Walker and other Select magic based O.C.C.'s (Atlantean Undead Slayer, Shifter, Techno Wizard etc) and a treatise on how to do RIFTS style Magic in HERO.[/quote']


    I did some palladium magic classes for Hero a while ago...


    The Hidden Witch from Rifts Russia - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/pahiddenwitch.html


    Tattooed Man from Atlantis - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/patattooedman.html


    Energy Wizard from Robotech: Sentinels - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/paenergywizard.html

  9. Re: Robotech HERO (spec. Invid Invasion)


    My own attempt at writing up an Invid Shock Trooper, in Hero 4th ed. Came to 350 points.




    The writeup is based on converting the characteristics from the Palladium RPG. Actual height, weight and lifting ability determined Growth, Density Increase and STR. Mental stats are based on the Invid pilot stats from the Palladium Robotech books.

  10. Re: Wings of the Valkyrie


    This week I picked up a lot of Champions 3 modules on ebay for $5 plus $3.50 shipping. Wings of the Valkyrie was among them. So I paid $2.83 for it. I'll be selling the other modules back on ebay (7 Horsemen and Target Hero), so with any luck I'll have gotten it for free.

  11. Re: Converting RIFTS to HERO


    I was thinking that perhaps since damage/strength in Palladium in linear, where in Champions it's exponential, you could convert by having 1 MDC be 1 Armor, 2 MDC is 2 Armor, 4 MDC is Armor, etc...


    MDC/Armor (resistant ED and PD)













    That way when converting Rifts dragons and the like, with 400 MDC, they have 9 or 10 armor.


    Oh, here are two Villians Unlimited conversions, the mutant sisters Ping and Pong from the JP gang.


    Ping - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/PING.pdf

    Pong - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/PONG.pdf

  12. Re: DC / Marvel Characters in Champions Universe


    I think the 250 and 350 Point Project write-ups would be good for this. If a player wants to play someone "like Wolverine" just take the 250 or 350 point Wolverine writeup, which covers the basics of the character, rename the sheet "The Mad Badger" and you are all set. Instant homage.

  13. Re: 150 Point Project


    I love making character sheets for new toys I bought, so I wrote this one, and he works great as a 75+75 point sidekick for a technological hero.


    It's Hacker X-3 from the Transformers 2007 movie toy line! He's a tiny robot who becomes a handheld video game system. He likes to hack computer systems and share his enemies secrets with the world.








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