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  1. Re: Villain Resource Comic - Spotlight Megatron For those interested, Hasbro just announced that they are making a toy of the version of Megatron that appears in this comic, and packing him in with the comic itself for stores for the 30th anniversary of the Transformers!
  2. I spoke with the people who run wikialpha, and they are looking for content for their page. They are interested in hosting the character sheets people have written of any fictional character - any point value or RPG is welcome. I did an example page for my 250 point Captain America for Hero 4th edition. http://en.wikialpha.org/wiki/Captain_America_for_Hero_System You can use this as an example for posting your own character sheets. Feel free to add your own character sheets.
  3. Re: 350 Point Project Okay, I made my first attempt to actually hose an RPG conversion on Wikialpha, not just use it as an index. I used Hyper-Man 250 point Thor. http://en.wikialpha.org/wiki/Thor_for_Hero_System The way I figured it, we could devote one page to a fictional character, and that page could contain all the writeups for that character different people have come up with. Here are more examples I did of the characters Bumblebee and Captain America: http://en.wikialpha.org/wiki/Bumblebee_for_Hero_System http://en.wikialpha.org/wiki/Captain_America_for_Hero
  4. Re: 350 Point Project Right now it's an index, but there is no reason the text can't up pasted into a pages too, and perhaps JPG uploaded as a file attachment. You can do either. For instance you could start a page called "Iron Man for Hero 350 points by Hyper-Man" and then paste in the text. of your conversion. Then add a link to it on the index page.
  5. Re: 350 Point Project Well now when someone writes up a new 250 or 350 point conversion, they can just add it to the wiki and it will be there for everyone to use. No one person need be in charge of it. So hopefully it will outlast any one person's interest and time to update.
  6. Re: 150 Point Project I started a wiki page for the 150 point conversions... http://en.wikialpha.org/wiki/List_of_150_point_Hero_character_conversions
  7. Re: 250 Point Project Started a wiki index of the 250 Point Project characters. Feel free to join and post your own... http://en.wikialpha.org/wiki/List_of_250_point_Hero_character_conversions
  8. Re: 350 Point Project I was working today and came up with the idea of making wiki pages for the 250 and 350 point versions of fictional characters. I have a wiki that will work great for this called wikialpha.org Anyone want to add their characters to the page? Here is the 250 point character list - http://en.wikialpha.org/wiki/List_of_250_point_Hero_character_conversions Here is the 350 point character list - http://en.wikialpha.org/wiki/List_of_350_point_Hero_character_conversions
  9. Re: Soundwave vs. Blaster I never had the hatred for Carnage in C Minor many other fans seem to have. I thought it was fun.
  10. Re: Soundwave vs. Blaster Another time Blaster and Soundwave came into conflict was the season 3 episode "Carnage in C-Minor", where they both worked to obtain recording on a 3 part alien harmonic which could be used to cause massive destruction. Soundwave got all three parts, but then Blaster was able to get in close and push his "erase" button on his chest (not kidding here!) That episode was pretty silly. Most recently in the Transformers Collectors Club comic stories they introduced Soundwave and Blaster from an evil mirror universe. Blaster is evil and speaks with a thick Germa
  11. Here are a pair of rivals for a Transformers themed campaign, or just top use as NPCs in any heroic or sci fi setting. Straight from television screen of a kid from the 80s the evil Soundwave vs. the heroic Blaster! Soundwave (depending on the incarnation) is either the loyal minion of Megatron who controls communications of the Decepticons and a legion of cassettes, or possibly he is a backstabbing jerk who blackmails other Decepticons with his recordings and looks to take control of the Decepticons himself one day. He turns from 18 foot tall robot into a tape player. He has a shoulder m
  12. Re: The Avengers Project for Champions I checked my site and I had a couple members of the Avengers who were 250 point Hero 4th editon characters: Amercian Dream - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/AMERICAN.pdf Crusader - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/CRUSADER.pdf Hawkeye - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/HAWKEYE.pdf Hulk - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/HULK.pdf Invisible Woman - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/IWOMAN.pdf J2 - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/J2.pdf Triathlon (aka the 3D
  13. Re: Has anyone ever done the Tomorrow People in Hero rules? Funny thing is I listened to the Big Finish audio books, which had many of the original cast returning to contunie the original series. IN it they mention the 90's Tomorrow People series. They mention that some kids had a breakout while the original Tomorrow People were "off planet", but they did fine. So officially both TV series and the audio books are in one continuity.
  14. Re: Transformers: Prime for Champions 4th edition Might as well throw in a holiday update with the leaders of the two factions: Optimus Prime is a former archivist who raised to the rank of Prime for his heroism during the war for Cybertron. He is the current leader of the Autobots, although he only has direct contact with those on Earth. He has a great respect for and is VERY protective of human life. He has a variety of weapons, including swords, blasters and his "Weaponizer" cannons. He has wielded the Star Saber and the Forge of Solus Prime on occasion. He turns into a semi-truck
  15. Re: Transformers: Prime for Champions 4th edition I had trouble figuring out a theme for today's characters, so I'll just go with the fact that both characters wear high heels. Arcee is a tough female Autobot who turns into a motorcycle. She's seemingly based more on the 2009 movie Arcee character than the Generation 1 Arcee. Her toy lists her function as a stealth fighter, so I threw in some stealth skills. Arcee possessed very obvious size shifting in the series, turning form a normal sized motorcycle into a giant robot at least double the size of the motorcycle. Her current partn
  16. Re: Transformers: Prime for Champions 4th edition Today's update included the two muscle-mechs of the teams. Bulkhead is based on the character of the same name last seen in Transformers Animated, but with a bit more of a combat edge. In fact he strikes me as TFPrime's answer to Springer, a big, green, strong, smart former Wrecker. Bulkhead can convert his hands into battle maces or blasters. He turns into a truck. His human partner is the trouble-seeking Miko. A 350 point character. http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/BLKHEADP.pdf Breakdown is a long-time rival of
  17. Re: Twinsense for Hero 4th editon. I suppose you could go cheap and use Distinctive features, in a way similar to the Adept from Mystic Masters. It makes him distinctive to others of his kind. DF - Can always be detected by twin brother. -5 points.
  18. Re: The Beast Wars for Hero 4th edition Bazooka - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/BAZOOKA.pdf Optimus Primal - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/OPRIMAL.pdf Ramulus - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/RAMULUS.pdf Stampy - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/STAMPY.pdf
  19. I have two characters who are twin brothers. They cannot speak telepathically, but they always know the direction and aproximate distance of their brother, and whether he is injured or killed. Range should be galaxy wide. What's the cheapest point way of doing this? Maybe some advantages and disads on Mind Link (-1/2 no telepathic speaking, +1/2 can sense each others direction, +1/2 can sense each others health)?
  20. Re: Transformers: Prime for Champions 4th edition Oh that note, I updated Knock Out to include two more weapons, his energon prod and his drill. That Decepticon has a lot of weapons... Today's pair of characters are the zombies of the Transformers: Prime world. Both Cliffjumper and Skyquake appeared in one episode, got killed, then brought back as zombie Transformers. These are their original LIVING forms (I might do zombie writeups later). Cliffjumper is an Autobot Commando. He's basically the 1984 Cliffjumper on steroids. He's Arcee's partner, who came to Earth in response to
  21. Re: Transformers: Prime for Champions 4th edition I don't recall Vehicons being bad drivers, they just have the aim of a Stormtrooper. They always miss when it is important. I based many of the characteristics on the Tech Specs from the toy boxes. Dex is based on their toy's "SKILL" stat. Bumblebee had a "SKILL" stat of 6 out of 10, so I gave him a Dex of 12 out of 20. Vehicon has a "SKILL" of 4 out of 10, so he got a Dex of 8 out of 20. -- Anyways, here is the second pair of characters from the series: Ratchet is the resident medic and scientist of the Autobot team.
  22. Following my attempt to work on Prime Optimus Prime, I figured I'd start a thread for the whole show. I'll be posting characters in pair, one hero one villain. Tonight's pair are two of the main characters on the show. Bumblebee and the Decepticon Car Vehicon. Bumblebee is a small but quick Autobot, more closely based on the character who appeared in the 2007 Michael Bay films than the character from the 1984 TV series. He's a sports car who suffered damage to his vocal systems, and speaks only in beeps. He works in gathering intelligence for the Autobots and works closely with a hu
  23. Re: I'm still not sure how to make a Gestalt character - 4th edition. If you want to suggest something like that, I think you need to mention how much that modifier is worth. What would "Ceases to exist while duplicates exist" worth? Another idea would be Duplication linked to extradimensional movement to limbo. When you travel into limbo your duplicates come into being.
  24. Re: Has anyone ever done the Tomorrow People in Hero rules? List of powers: Telepathy Mental Illusions or Images Telekinesis Teleportation Danger Sense Missile Deflection Aid (healing) Flight (just to hover over the ground) Eidetic Memory Mind Control Mind Scan Perks: Contacts with higher ups in state Money Base with a science lab Contacts with alien government Disadvantages: CVK - total Watched by the alien government and the higher ups in state Hunted - nasty aliens and government spooks Dist features (psychic mutant) Psych Lim - Arr
  25. I using 4th editon rules, and I wanted to make a gestalt where one super hero (high points) turns into two (or more) normals. The normals are all completely unlike the hero, and much lower point value. Turning into one nomal would be done with a Multiform. Is it legal to have Multiform linked, so when he activates one, he gets both normals?
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