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  1. These seem like special effects, not powers. "Detach arm and punch bad guy at range" is a physical Blast and detaching your eye to look around is Clairsentience.
  2. When the funding announcement was emailed they admitted the Champions 3E, Champions II, and Champions III pdfs they're including are scans. I'm sure many of us have seen bootleg scans of books, and their quality usually leaves a lot to be desired: misaligned pages, fuzzy or out of focus images, and of course massive size. I am quite disappointed.
  3. As noted by others, this is going to look like 6E is being dumped (to the extent that, it not being in print and thus very difficult for new gamers to discover, isn't already considered a dead product line) even if that's not the intent. I am disappointed there isn't a pledge just for the 3E, Champions II, and Champions III pdfs (with errata, preferably, since that's not specified in the kickstarter). I would think there'd some interest in that.
  4. DriveThru is recommending steps that degrade the image quality of your PDFs in order to reduce bandwidth on downloads. It isn't 2000 anymore, an extra megabyte or two is immaterial. Personally, degraded or low-resolution PDF makes me feel cheated, I always prefer the highest possible resolution.
  5. I'd have thrown the floppy disk out a long time ago, a floppy disk that old is highly likely not to work. I don't know anybody who has one of those drives either. I'd hope he's long since copied the pdf to modern storage.
  6. Damage Negation is a Persistent power, why would it need a trigger?
  7. Does it continue to work even though the character is not receiving phases to act due to being asleep or knocked out?
  8. The question seems rather premature now that Hero is pretty much no longer on retailer's shelves. Hard to get players without eyes on the product. I see DC and Heroes Unlimited (both of which I thought were pretty dead) on the shelves these days taking Hero's proper place. I remember when Hero dominated the game conventions I attended. Only a few years, and it mysteriously died as quickly as it ascended, but it was great while it lasted.
  9. When did Damage Negation start giving Flash and Power defense?
  10. Would that be viable in a superhero setting? In AD&D, walls, fogs, and suchlike can be effective at channeling the battle in your favor. Fantasy characters don't have nearly the same freedom of movement supers do though, what with flight and teleportation being staple powers. Total damage seems to be a problem too. Things like walls of fire won't deter a superhero, since there will typically be too few dice after the required advantages are added to do significant damage.
  11. Can Frameworks and Levels be allocated on my Phase prior to making a Breakout Roll? I might have, for example, an Overall Level I would like to apply to the Breakout Roll. More generally, can a Breakout Roll be considered a mandatory 0 Phase action? One may normally take 0 Phase actions in any order at the beginning of your Phase. 6E1 says Breakout Rolls "take no time", but does not explicitly deem them a 0 Phase action.
  12. Can MCSLs be used to increase the damage done by EGO when attempting to break out of a Mental Paralysis? This is not obviously a "mental attack" for purposes of using an MCSL in this manner.
  13. Consider a Change Environment that, for example, increases the range modifier penalty or imposes a perception roll penalty. Do characters outside the area of the change environment suffer that penalty when firing at or perceiving targets in the area covered by the Change Environment?
  14. Does the Martial Escape maneuver allow escaping or breaking Entangles affecting the character using Escape?
  15. At the +1 Level, 6E1 states: "Entangle cannot be attacked, damaged, or affected by outside attackers at all — only the victim can break free, and he can only apply his STR (or EGO, for Mental Paralysis Entangles) to break out." Taken literally, in addition to being protected from outside attackers this means that said entangle is not affected by Blast, Killing Attack, Mental Blast (in the case of Mental Paralysis), Drain, Hand-to-Hand Attack, or any kind of damage shield. Is that the intended interpretation?
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