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  1. Very envious, wish I was a part of that! Congrats to you and your players! Here's to the next 40!
  2. I'd like to thank Jason for his speedy resolution to my problem! All is good, and I've downloaded my hdc files! Thanks again Jason!
  3. I bought the PDF here in the hero store, not POD, and not thru RPGnow. I did not get the hdc files. There was no link in my purchase to download them, only a link for the pdf. The HDC files are useful to me and are supposed to be included with the purchase along with the cardboard miniatures. I'm just looking to get what I paid for! Maybe Tiger and Hero aren't aware that the hdc files aren't showing up when purchased, I don't know! Figured here was a good place to make those in charge of he problem. I am waiting on a response from support at the moment.
  4. I've just purchased this and downloaded the pdf. However I see nothing for downloading the standups or the hdc files. Did I miss something? BTW, bought it thru here, not RPGnow.
  5. Purchased this yesterday. After reading through the content, I must say very nice job Mr. Taylor!
  6. rjd59

    Some Somber News

    So sorry for your loss. Condolences to all friends and family.
  7. I believe this may help! PDF print is light so I included doc also. v&v to hero.doc v&v to hero.pdf
  8. Wow! Thank you! Just saved me a ton of work!
  9. I also have cardstock stand-ups of them somewhere on my computer if needed.
  10. I have these. Can't remember where I got them from or if I converted them myself. They are hdc files so you can fix them up to suit your campaign. They are 6th edition. Hope this helps! Crusaders.zip Crushers.zip
  11. As far as his name goes, be it sensitive or what, I'm reminded of the old saying....."Those that forget the past...are doomed to repeat it!" I shall not go into my beliefs any further, because they are mine and may not be anyone else's! Don't worry, be HAPPY!!! ?
  12. Each branch of the militaries ranks basically follow the E1 - E9 rankongs for enlisted personel (along with Specialist 4 and 5 in the Army), Warrent Officers 1 - 4, and then Officers which I can't remember how they are reffered to. Each branchs ranks, although they may be called different names depending on the branch, follow the same structure. So an E7 in the Army would outrank an E5 in the Navy, Marines, or Air Force. Same thing with officers however you would have to check a charting of each branches officers to see who outranks who. (I was an elisted man, never made it past E5) zslane and Spence are right on much of what they have said, although I'm going to assume your situation is some time after the beginning of the apocolypse started, laws would no longer apply to the military not operating in the country. The highest ranking officer would be in charge regardless of the branch he was in. Spence is correct that most likely it would be National Gaurd personnel, but there are plenty of Army, Marine, Navy, and Air Force personnel all over the US, so having any number of them from any branch is feasible. However, a Colonel may be a more plausable rank for the ranking officer. There are more of them around than there are Generals. Just a thought! Hope some of this may help with your ideas! Have fun!
  13. Would be awesome if we could get a seperate pic of Tribune Asa and one of the Bloodswarm!
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