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  1. Dr. A. Zerstoiten (though they should only know him as Dr Z for a while) What? He's a hero. Just ask him.
  2. Kickstarter? DriveThruRPG? Other? Definitely interested.
  3. MorrowProject Game: We planned our infiltration of the city for literally hours. We'd selected to enter the city via the river with scub gear. We'd studied the map, selected our targets and the order we would attack them in. We'd just finished summarizing the attack plan. Player 1 (entirely serious): Ok, so what's the plan? Group: -stunned silence- Short time later.... GM: You're swimming quietly along the bottom of the river when you come to a wall. Player 2: a what!?! -group surfaces- Player 2: Who put this dam here? -2 hours planning our infiltration and no one noticed the dam on the map- Altogether is was a good sign, we only won when things went really wrong.
  4. Can't remember if anyone's mentioned these kinds of things yet, if so, my bad. Near the end of our 3E Champions gaming with my old group, we'd degraded to completely and totally raping the computers/vehicle rules. I built a computer for my powered armor inside its elemental control with something like 24 SPD, Detect Incoming Attacks - Continuous, Analyse Incoming Attacks - Continuous, Counter Dangerous Incoming Attacks - Continuous, and a VPP for the purpose of, you guessed it, countering said incoming attack. Every phase it would have at least one full phase delay waiting to use it's VPP to negate the first attack an opponent launched at him. Whether that was encasing the armor in rubber to negate a lightning bolt or actually teleporting the character out of the way of a thrown bus, the computer was there to do it all. Character often had to take a half-phase to look around and see where he was after the computer acted, but that still left him half a phase to shoot someone. Buddy build a vechicle with multiform so that once at the combat site it would convert into his armor, or was it his weapon - I forget. Either way, that 1 CP for 5 CP conversion made it an extremely cheap way to get nasty during the battle. Only thing I can say is that the GM was just as bad.
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