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  1. Dr. A. Zerstoiten (though they should only know him as Dr Z for a while) What? He's a hero. Just ask him.
  2. Kickstarter? DriveThruRPG? Other? Definitely interested.
  3. dbcowboy

    Brick tricks

    Absolutely. Naked Advantage wouldn't bother me, just not in a MP.
  4. dbcowboy

    Brick tricks

    Personally I wouldn't allow it as a GM. If a player wanted 2 different attacks with either autofire or extra knockback in a MultiPower I'd require they build them as Energy Blasts with said advantages. But as Pattern Ghost said, varies by GM.
  5. If someone grabbed the hand while it was separated, would it still function after 16 hours or would it run out of power and need to recharge? If so then it sleeps. If kept separated for days would it continue to slow until it eventually stopped? Then it eats; don't pay for those. And unless the hero is completely immune to all environments no reason the hand has to be. Yes it can be mind controlled but only by opponents who can affect a Machine-class mind. It's small but probably not terribly fast. With just a couple fingers not very high manual dexterity. Not as much
  6. It sounds like the hand becomes its own character for the duration. What about building as a Summons with side effect of character loosing their hand while separated?
  7. I have wanted to find these for so long. <--- One happy camper right now.
  8. I will be soooo disappointed if this isn't what I hope it is.
  9. Champions Complete pdf is available in the store right here for only $20. Champions: The Super Roleplaying Game requires you own the basic player/GM books. You want Champions Complete.
  10. Yes, need more of the old adventures in PDF. Zodiac Conspiracy and Day of the Destroyer to start.
  11. dbcowboy


    We really should form a group to stat out all the various characters mentioned in the Hero books but never detailed. Sure GMs can do their own but would be nice to have a set to grab from.
  12. I'd like to pit my 6 players against a large hoard of opponents; something reminiscent of the Avengers holding back wave after wave of Ultrons in their last movie. Are there any mass combat rules I can look to to help manage such a large-scale battle? Anyone else ever ran this kind of scenario? What worked and what didn't?
  13. Gravitar from Champions Villains vol 1 has a similar power: Altered Gravity Field: Flight 26m Usable As Attack (does not affect anyone with Desolidification, Power Defense, or gravity-manipulation abilities; +1¼), Ranged (+½), Area Of Effect (16m Radius Selective; +1) Perhaps to create a field that lingers use something like this; anyone entering floats straight upwards: Reverse Gravity Field: Flight 2m, Ranged (+1/2), No Gravity Penalty (+1/2), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Uncontrolled (Set effect, straight up; +1/2), Area Of Effect (16m Radius; +3/4), Time Limit (5 Minutes; +3/4),
  14. Aaand literally the topic right after this has all the answers I've been looking for. Awesome
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