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  1. What do y’all think a DragonBall/anime power up would be like? Xd6 Aid, Self Only, Extra Time (full or half phase)? Compound Power with characteristics and defenses that’s on charges? Ive been watching Dragonball Super again and this thought keeps percolating. Seems to me that a power up would take at least half a phase, increase characteristics, defenses and maybe other stuff... and be able to be done more than once and thus stack. How would you build it?
  2. VPP powers bought with Continuing Charges and Trigger as a Zero-Phase Action. Currently i'm working on an Elemental Manipulator character concept with more than one VPP. In the "Earth" pool, I bought +20 STR, Continuing Charge 5min, Trigger. So in prephase he says the trigger word activating the charge as a zero phase action and he gets the STR boost and can then allocated the points in the pool freely. Sharp Cheddar.
  3. If it were 6E I'd probably build a Mind Link, Usable as Attack with No Mental Awareness and a custom limiter "only for adjustment powers" -0
  4. Hi all, I'm working on a new character for a 5E game. His current name is "Conduit" and what i'm envisioning is a walking battery that can set up links with other PCs and then move energy around. Aid, Succor, Transfer, Healing. He'll be an Adjustment power guy, with a big fat END battery I'd like to set up a "conduit" power that works kind of like Mind Link and Mind Scan. Where he can set up a link between characters and then use his power freely. Any thoughts on how that would work?
  5. Hey All, I'm looking to create a character with powers based around Luck. Besides the Luck power itself, y'all have any ideas for some interesting and fun effects that would work in combat?
  6. I had intended it to be set to "on" and be forgotten. Does Damage Shield affect ranged powers?
  7. I'm trying to build a character for a superhero game that has the ability to manipulate matter and transform anything. I would like to figure out a way to create a Transform 'Shield' where the PC can roll his transform dice and attempt to transform any incoming attack, including ranged attacks. Obviously it would be a 'Severe' Transform... I have a few ideas: Transform area of effect: surface (but that seems like it would not work against ranged attacks) A combo power of Barrier and Transform AOE: Surface Thats all I got. Thanks for the help! WalkingParadox
  8. Hi! I'm building a character that has the Area of Effect: Surface power to make a damage shield. Question: can the power still be used to attack others at a range? Or is a way to buy it so the same power is a Ranged Attack AND the Damage Shield? Thanks! Walkingparadox
  9. Re: Increasing Damage with a low active point limit I totally agree on getting creative with low AP campaigns. My character is a wizard that has tattooed his spellbook onto himself. He has to re-do his tattoos after all the triggered charges are spent. Here is an example of one of his attack powers. Tattoo of Magickal Attack: (Total: 30 Active Cost, 23 Real Cost) Energy Blast 1d6 (standard effect: 3 STUN, 1 BODY), 8 Continuing Charges lasting 1 Turn each (+0), Autofire (3 shots; +1/4), Uncontrolled (+1/2), Penetrating (+1/2), Trigger (Activating the Trigger requires a Zero Phase Action, Trigger resets automatically, immediately after it activates; When Tattoo is Touched; +3/4), Continuous (+1) (20 Active Points); IIF Expendable (Easy to obtain new Focus; tattoo on caster; -1/4), Costs Endurance (Costs END When Cast; -1/4) (Real Cost: 13) plus +5 with any single attack (Real Cost: 10) yay creativity
  10. Re: Multi-Dupli-form-cation? The base form paid for the 8 Generals only. Each general bought 16 Lieutenants, etc. I look foreword to seeing your character!
  11. Re: Increasing Damage Attack How about a Compound Power? Something like 2d6 EB, Continuous PLUS 3d6 Succor to EB, uncontrolled
  12. Hello! I'm in a game with a 30 active point limit. I would like to create a power like a heat ray that hits a target and then the damage increases as long as the ray is targeted. Any ideas how to build this? Cumulative cannot be put on attack powers that do body and stun... Thanks!
  13. Re: Multi-Dupli-form-cation? Heh, yea. He had to scale up the levels of conflict exponentially to account for my various squadrons moving around the city. I gotta say, Swarm did disrupt the balance of the game, but the GM adjusted very well and the other PCs enjoyed the insanity it created.
  14. Re: Multi-Dupli-form-cation? This is similar to my character "The Swarm" He was mostly normal, only two powers. Duplicate and Mind Link. The dupes were 100% different, of which he made 8 "Generals" The 8 Generals spawned 16 "Lieutenants" The 16 Lieutenants spawned 32 Drones. Drones were created in different classifications... strong drones (20 str), zap drones (2d6 EB), sticky drones (2d6 entangle) stealth drones (invisibility), aid drones (2d6 aid) All drones were bought with 2 levels of shrinking and teamwork skill. All dupes were bought with resurrection healing (they are made of protoplasm and will eventually reform over time) All dupes had 0 Int and 0 Ego and could only accept instructions via Mind Link, making the main PC in charge of 4120 duplicates... hence the 'Swarm' name. It was common during this game to have 256 drones swarming around at any given time. Oh, and the PC was a Meglomaniac (I thought it would be appropriate)
  15. Hello! This is my first post. I am in a fantasy hero campaign with a 30 active point limit, playing a wizard. I would like to develop a power that does more and more damage per phase, something like a heat spell where it is cast on a bad guy and the heat continues to build and build, doing more and more damage as long as the spell is active... So far, i'm thinking some kind of EB with Continuous (obviously) and Uncontrolled, but I'm a bit lost as to how to make the damage progressively increase as the Cumulative advantage cannot be applied to attack powers. Thanks for the help!
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