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  1. Re: A Thread for Random Musings But it feels better to help the homeless where they are! If we gave them homes, we wouldn't have any homeless to help! [/sarc]
  2. Re: The Last Word aka "American beer"
  3. Re: "Neat" Pictures "Donner, party of 10... Donner, party of nine... Donner, party of eight..."
  4. Re: "Neat" Pictures Serving suggestion - the colder, the better.
  5. Re: "Neat" Pictures Romulan Ale: 3 parts spiced rum 2 parts vodka 2 parts blue curacao 2 parts Everclear That's as real as it gets.
  6. Re: "Neat" Pictures I've had the real thing. I know the real thing. And let me tell you, this is not the real thing. (And definitely not the Real Thing , either.)
  7. Re: "Neat" Pictures Nah. That's just a load of... stuff.
  8. Re: ADVANCED PLAYER'S GUIDE II -- What Do *You* Want To See? And for that last phrase, I (at least) thank you.
  9. Re: Skills. How much is too much? What did you start with? Because that is generally the major point of conflict within the literary and cinematic works that Hero is, by default, attempting to emulate.
  10. Re: "Neat" Pictures "You go first."
  11. Re: "Neat" Pictures So become part of the solution.
  12. Re: Charging points for tech gear?
  13. Re: December 27, 2004: The Day Earth Survived the Greatest Stellar Attack -Ever I was being more "snarky for humor" than anything else...
  14. Re: December 27, 2004: The Day Earth Survived the Greatest Stellar Attack -Ever This is on the wrong board, because that incident just screams "introduction of super powers to the world".
  15. Re: What Genre book Reprint are you most anticipating? Fixed it for you.
  16. Re: Order of the Stick "I almost got through that with a straight face."
  17. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. Public, no doubt.
  18. Re: Controled (?) Growth Concepts And the point that I was making is that what you are proposing is a half-measure that presents the appearance of offering HERO's flexibility to the players while in actuality keeping things firmly in the control of the GM. If you're going to do that, don't offer the insult (which is how I would receive it; others might feel differently) of the illusion of choice. Be honest about it and go ahead and restrict the choices in advance based on how you want the PCs to advance, and how quickly; a class-and-level system is both historically proven to achieve that objective and very familiar to most players.
  19. Re: Controled (?) Growth Concepts 1. Build a class-and-levels system Seriously. HERO is a kit for building a game, not a game by itself. If you, the GM, want to control character progression, 30+ years of real-world RPG design (tabletop, MMORPG, etc.) has demonstrated that a class-and-levels system works extraordinarily well. It preserves schtick, limits the acquisition of abilities to the pattern you have created, and takes away much choice from the players, restricting them to choosing a class and then selecting from only the abilities offered by that class when they "level up". (As a side note, be wary of multi-classing, as the primary function it performs is to allow a character to bypass the limits you've established with the classes you've designed. You Have Been Warned).
  20. Re: Order of the Stick Yeah. The puns were beginning to bug me, too...
  21. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far I can. I played in more than one of his campaigns before I realized how severely limited he is as a GM. Based (especially) on those experiences, there should be a GM-established norm and range, at least at the beginning of the campaign.
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