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    tkdguy reacted to death tribble in A Thread for Random Musings   
    I have a goal for the year. Over 1,000 more posts and I displace Zornwil as one of the people contributing most content. Others on this list are still active posters like Old Man, Enforcer84 and L Marcus so I have no hope of catching them unless I use Spam which defeats the object.
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    tkdguy got a reaction from massey in Breaking Universes   
    One way to make the PCs the heroes in a well-known universe is to set the campaign in a different time or place. For example, the default setting in MERP was year 1640 of the Third Age. Why? Because aside from the Great Plague having just ended, not many details are included in this time period. That gave the module writers and the GM a lot of leeway to develop the setting as they saw fit. Alternatively, if the players want their characters to take part in the War of the Ring, the GM can have them fight Sauron's forces in the east, so the heroes can prevent Sauron from sending more troops to Gondor, Dale, and Lorien.
    The same thing works for Star Wars. Maybe the Death Star wasn't the Empire's only super weapon. Palpatine may have ordered the construction of another weapon of mass destruction in a different part of the galaxy. After all, the Death Star could only be at one place at a time, and the Rebellion was scattered in different locations. This would give the PCs a chance to shine without overshadowing Luke and company.
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    tkdguy reacted to Scott Ruggels in Fantasy Immersion and the Things that Ruin it.   
    oh, man... Where do I start?
    Mythic or Fairy tale Cosmology.  Said on the other thread. not a fan of Geocentric flat earths on the backs of turtles going all the way down,  and "breathable space".
    Eberron. Nope.  related: I dislike steam punk because it all ways devolves into  goggles,, and gears on hats, and two gun feminism. It's about as related to anything Victorian, as Star Wars is to NASA
    Illiterate does not mean stupid.  Peasants had to know the land, the seasons and the growing cycles , and how to make and repair their tools (outside of blacksmithing), and manage their animals.  Unsuccessful peasants starved to death or became wards of their smarter relatives.  Barbarians aren't stupid, they just have different priorities.
    I could go on, but I will keep this one short.
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    tkdguy reacted to Cancer in Answers & Questions   
    Q: What do mean, "Hey, let's go check out Khand", Frodo?
    A: Shelob has other ideas.
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    tkdguy reacted to ScottishFox in Breaking Universes   
    Just don't allow a Star Wars captain to end your universe by letting her be the first person to ram an enemy vessel at hyperspeed.
    Because then all capital ships are a waste of resources as they get annihilated by droid-operated ramming drones just large enough to have a hyperspeed drive.
    Or Force Lightening.
    Palpatine:  Hi guys, I'm back in town for a couple of weeks.
    GM:  Hey, good to see you.  Still got your Dark Lord of the Sith character from before?
    Palpatine:  Sure do.  The DM where I live now runs a higher point campaign, but I'm sure I can make it work.
    Two Session later

    Palpatine:  Rebel fleet is advancing on my temple?  I'll show them.  I use Force Lightning!
    GM:  On who?  Rey or Kylo?
    Palpatine:  No, the Rebel Fleet.  I raised my Force Lightning to 10d6 RKA - Cone - AoE.  From here I can hit everything between low orbit and where I'm standing.
    GM: . . .
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    tkdguy reacted to Cygnia in Foods for those that just don't care anymore   
    My birthday is tomorrow, so the hubby made me a Seis Leches Cake ❤️

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    tkdguy reacted to PhilFleischmann in Help Build...Alt ~Tarot Deck for Turakian Age   
    Just a bit more about Everyway, and it's deck.  The game itself is almost the diametric opposite of HERO.  Everything is very free-form and not well defined.  All of the crunchy details and math are gone.  There are only four characteristics:  Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  And there are no dice.  You might describe it as a fantasy role-playing game designed by hippies.
    My copy of the game is packed away somewhere.  Let's see if I can remember all the cards.  They were organized into eight "groups" which aren't really like suits:
    The "gods" (8):  War, Death, Knowledge, Law, Inspiration, Fertility, Trickster, Nature
    The "mortals/planets" (7): Priestess (Moon), Hermit (Mercury), Peasant (Venus), Fool (Sun), Smith (Mars), King (Jupiter), Soldier (Saturn)
    The monsters (6): Dragon, Gryphon, Unicorn, Cockatrice, Satyr, Phoenix
    The "errors" (5): Drowning in Armor, Fearing Shadows, Overlooking the Diamond, Sewing Stones, Striking the Dragon's Tail
    The seasons (4): Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
    The animals (3): The Lion (body), The Eagle (mind), The Fish (soul)
    The "parents" (2): The Creator (mother), The Defender (father)
    The Usurper (1) - the Usurper card changes from realm to realm, and represents the unique influencing force that has a significant, if subtle, impact on the realm.  And the usurper may change when circumstances in the realm change.  If you were to make a Fortune Deck for the Turakian Age, the Usurper card would probably represent Kal-Turak himself.  But the usual Usurpers are not usually specific people or concrete things.
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    tkdguy reacted to Bazza in The Last Word   
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    tkdguy reacted to Cancer in The Non Sequitor Thread   
    To Triton in 2038!
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    tkdguy got a reaction from Cancer in The Non Sequitor Thread   
    Goblins dancing to ABBA.
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    tkdguy got a reaction from Rails in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
    Creepy Pics thread is over there.
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    tkdguy reacted to Starlord in The Advice Column   
    I prefer Happy Single Awareness Day
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    tkdguy reacted to L. Marcus in The "Nice Happy" Thread   
    ... No tortoises? Unpossible!
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    tkdguy reacted to Kaze9999 in Recommendations for a Play by Post Hero System Game?   
    FYI I have committed to rpg crossings; I love the community and have accepted the challenge of trying to develop and support a Hero System 6e presence on the site! Thank you for bringing it to my attention!
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    tkdguy reacted to Cygnia in "Neat" Pictures   
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    tkdguy reacted to Gnome BODY (important!) in Breaking Universes   
    Both approaches are correct and any given group should do what works for them.  It's their game, not George Lucas's. 
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    tkdguy reacted to Anaximander in Breaking Universes   
    The versatility of the Star Wars universe is a big reason why I like over the Star Trek universe for roleplaying purposes.  It also has a lot to do with why I like the idea of super hero roleplaying games.
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    tkdguy reacted to Ninja-Bear in Breaking Universes   
    I’ve said this before but I’ll mention it on this thread. Back when when the Internet was new and dial up, I saw other people’s WEG inspired websites. And the feeling I got from them was that just about anything Sci-fi could be included in a Star Wars games. Just might have to have some of the serial numbers filed off.
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    tkdguy reacted to Cancer in More space news!   
    Highlights from AAS journals, late January-early February
    I think most interesting to folks here will be the items with a limited 3D map of the dust in the Galaxy, some details about interstellar Comet Borisov, and speculations about why there are so many sub-Neptune exoplanets relative to Neptune-class exoplanets.
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    tkdguy got a reaction from Cancer in More space news!   
    Hail and farewell, Spitzer.
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    tkdguy got a reaction from Duke Bushido in Jokes   
    I once read Dante's Inferno; it scared the hell out of me.
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    tkdguy reacted to death tribble in In other news...   
    Wildlife photos. Squabbling mice top poll
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    tkdguy reacted to Logan.1179 in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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