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  1. Re: Cool Guns for your Games Oh but there is... :-) http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2009/01/26/at-14-the-410-ar-15-shotgun/ The AT-14, AR-15 lower, custom follower and upper. .410 shells - a good room sweeper when you are concerned about penetrating walls and keeping collateral damage down.
  2. Re: Cool Guns for your Games I fired one. Absolutely worthless gun. You might as well carry a rifle if you are going to lug that much weight. You get the added benefit of accuracy.
  3. Re: Cool Guns for your Games I see they also have a "Nancy Pad" to absorb the recoil...
  4. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares You're baking me crazy!
  5. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Necromancing the Stone
  6. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far I didn't read the whole thread but I got the jist reading a dozen plus pages. Steve is Hero to some and a witch in need of lit tinder to others. I missed where he suggested all primary characteristics be based upon a 3d6 roll but given some of the hatin' it seems he must have suggested that at one point! Well I am excited for 6th edition. I think the changes are needed and while they will pose some new issues in the end I think we'll find they give us granularity that we've been missing and reasons for trying new things.
  7. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Sampson and Daleks
  8. Re: 6th Edition Hero System While the points made here are quite subtle concerning senses the fact is that GM Fiat overrides everything. If the book says you can't but it makes sense to the GM then it CAN. If the book allows it but the GM thinks it breaks his game - then it CAN'T. 5ER: It's a toolkit - not a religious document.
  9. Re: Does my timing suck? I plan on donating my copy of Fred to one of my disadvantage players and buying 5ER when it comes out. Someday you may just want to do the same and hand off your current copy to a gamer in your group that can't affort a copy.
  10. Psychological Impact That was actually briefly discussed and I found I didn't have to say much about it but acknowlege what the party already assumed would be the case. In either case they are on their own seeking treasure and their enemy now. Their steam powered boat will face uncertain perils next Wednesday. I'll come back to this thread with an update.
  11. The Battle Continues Ok we finally finished it. The boat had 3 crew and 1 player vs. 4 Swamp Thralls. The entire crew went down but not killed leaving 2 thralls on the player. The scout player seeing the rogue in trouble on the boat turned his rifle on one of the thralls, and while not killing it, weakened it. Pushing every advantage he could, disregarding safety in exchange for offense the rogue managed to kill off the weakened thrall in time for the crew to start to wake up and help deal with the last one. The party was starting to go low on endurance but they were getting the upper hand. Even though thralls were regenerating they managed to rebuke enough of them for a turn (turning spell from the priestess) that they could concentrate on the others. It ended up being a very close thing. The outpost "mayor", if you can call him that, had been working to set up his Still Cannon (basically a large moonshine flame thrower). He and another Swampie pushed it out of the shed and yelled clear. It was obvious that something exciting was going to happen and two characters near where this thing was pointing aborted their next action to jump out of the way. Woosh! 2 more dead thralls. Mayor and flunkie began working the belows again. This was not a rapid fire weapon! Long story short the final thralls were offed and the party priestess went around healing the wounded. Only she found one of the adult swampies wasn't wounded she was dead... DEX Check. Priestess fails a dex check and is surprised when the dead woman arises as a swamp thrall! It lashed on to her. The Ogran Martial Artist leapt in, and while normally being into subtly and mastering his craft, saw no other choice but to grap the newly risen's arms and, using his 30 strength, pull-them-off-crunch! The Priestess had a mini-heart attack she thinks! The battle was over, one of the outpost members was lost and there was a sense, not of accomplishment, but of shared survivial among all there. The Swampies were upset at their loss but they'd seen it before. The party members were angry though. This attack was launched by their arch enemy, and while it was aimed at them, it put all the swampies and their children in harms way. They had an idea where their enemy was going and, after some rest they'd be heading upriver to deliver an ass kicking.
  12. Fear Not! Next Wednesday or there after I will give details on what happens next! Your game sounds like fun. Is your world your own setting or based upon a published book or game system?
  13. Ok, I've been GMing (DMing? Reffing? Hero Mastering?) an Iron Kingdoms world. Lots of fun. We are in the middle of a battle that's been quite fun to run. It involves a swamp outpost with 15 'swampies' (7 adults, 8 children) and 5 Heroes. The outpost consists of a small quay with the party's boat and a competant crew of 3. There are a about 3 buildings locally and a bonfire (not like a Texas A&M sized bonfire but a reasonably sized one). The outpost is thus surrounded on 3 sides by swamp/jungle and on the last by a river. The party's main foe wants to off them and sends 20 Swamp Shamblers after them. A swamp shambler is basically undead (no stunning), with 3d6 of regeneration and a nasty habit of turning those that kill it into a fresh swamp shambler 3 minutes later. The shamblers have raking claws that do 8d6 normal damage. They have a CV of 4 so aren't too tough but there are lots of them. Its been fun because the players can't take a lot of risks like they are used to . If one of the shamblers get through to the children it will kill the child and also create a new shambler. It has 8 potential victims to do this to. The fact that they regenerate 2-4 points per phase also makes it interesting as they most likely event is they will out last the adult swampies. Needless to say the party has pulled all the stops on trying to kill off these things. The Priestess has been trying to turn them, the martial artist is trying to tie up 3 of them in hand to hand combat and the others are looking for every method available to them to make sure they stop twitching. Its definitely been a tremendously fun game.
  14. In The Ultimate Vehicle, on page 50, there is a description of the M2 Bradley IFV. The TOW missile launcher is listed as costing 52 points. A second launcher is listed but it only costs 5 points. Why is this? Shouldn't it be 48pts with the smaller number of charges than the first one?
  15. Oh yeah, the US government would never empower someone who shows an undeniable streak of deceit and misuse of the trust of colleagues and the American public. People like Oliver North, Manuel Noriega, and Saddam Hussein never can expect to get power, money and super weapons from the government. Ok, well sometimes the government does F-UP and give these jerks everything they need to run illegal arms sales, become dictators and engage in senseless violence. Further a few of the Law and Military friends I know do quote the dispicable adage: "If you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin'!" So I can easily see Stalwart getting such power. That level of stupidity really exists. Just my $0.02.
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