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    The file is still a work in progress but I wanted to upload it and see what people thought. The file uses a bunch of macros. Don't change the file name, the hyperlinks will fall apart. There is a color code, cells colored green indicate that it's built to be changed. Don't change a cell that isn't green.
  2. I've seen several examples in the books of using dispel to dispel charges. My question is how do I use Absorption to get more charges? Do I simply calculate the difference in cost and 'AID' the Real Cost difference or something else entirely? Example: I have an absorption power called Consuming Inhale that when I'm attacked with a fire power it 'AIDs' the charges on an attack called Breath of the Dragon. Now when I do this do I get one additional charge the moment I absorb/'AID' my first body? My knee jerk reaction tells me 'yes' but I'm really not sure since an 'AID' boosts the Active Point cost of a power /not/ the Real Cost (at least it only does by virture of boosting its Active Cost) which is what we're doing here, that is at least to my understanding. Before Boost: Breath of the Dragon: Blast 2d6, Area Of Effect (3m Cone; +1/4) (12 Active Points, 3 Real Cost); 1 Charge (-2), No Range (-1/2) After Boost?: Breath of the Dragon: Blast 2d6, Area Of Effect (3m Cone; +1/4) (12 Active Points, 4 Real Cost); 2 Charges (-1 1/2), No Range (-1/2)
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