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  1. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine
  2. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine I happened to find this thread while doing some random searching, and I have tried out the character creator mentioned. Very useful for those of us that cannot draw. However, I do have a question. How do you save the images? There does not seem to be a control that allows you to do so. Gemphyre
  3. Re: Opinion wanted about coverage of Detect Life Force power Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions. I have written up a fairly detailed rundown of what the power can and cannot do, including incorporating many of your various suggestions. The person that is playing the character with this power is pretty new to the Hero System, but not to gaming, which is part of the reason for the level of detail. As some background, the character is a mentalist (biokinesis), and a surgeon. She has Paramedics 15-, PS:Physician 14-, PS: Surgeon 15-, SS:Anatomy 15-, SS: Medicine 15-, and the Perk: License to Practice Medicine. She work in a Chicago hospital in the ER. Therefore, she does have the knowledge and skills to interpret what she sees with these detects. Here is the power write-up with the notes: Living Medical Tricorder: Detect Health Status, Physical Symptoms, Physical Integrity / Detect Life and 18- (Mental Group), Discriminatory, Analyze (30 Active Points); Extra Time (Extra Phase, Only to Activate, -1/2) Common to Both Detects How much information is based on how good the roll is. Can be blinded by Flash attacks against the Mental Sense group. Can be fooled by Mental Illusions and similar powers Can be seen with Mental Awareness. Need to see the subject for them to work. Will work through normal Supers armor, but not an opaque vehicle or around a wall. Force Fields/Force Walls/Armor with Mental Def. included in it will interfere with the detects; penalty is -1 / 2 Mental Def. Both powers cannot work at the same time. One must be switched off before the other can be turned on. Does not allow you to target an attack through it. Detect Health Status, Physical Symptoms, Physical Integrity Acts as a living medical tricorder from Star Trek. Can approximate temperature of the person’s body in or near human norms (~70F – ~115 F). Can detect and analyze most physical injuries, both internally and externally. Can determine the symptoms of an illness. Can “see” where a person is in pain, or would be if conscious. Can pick up details 1 item at a time after the externally visible ones. (i.e. a compound fracture is visibly obvious; a sprain, internal bleeding, or a simple fracture is not visibly obvious.) The details are picked at 2/phase. Cannot tell what disease subject is suffering from. Cannot determine genetic anomalies. Cannot see microscopic structures, many parasites, viruses, bacteria, or sources of bleeding that cannot be seen with the human eye. Detect Life Is there life? What kind of life? (animal, plant, etc) What general information (carnivore, sessile, etc.) What species? What sex, age, general health (sick, healthy)? Can determine is subject is a mutant on a very good roll (vs. a mutate) for species user is familiar with. Can determine if subject is a humanoid alien. Can determine individual life signs/life force. This allows you to differentiate between individuals. Only good for a few days (i.e. 1 scenario/adventure) Out of combat only, can be used to “scan” for “life signs”. This is a case where you are trying to find someone buried in rubble, for example. It is only good through about 6 meters of rubble, and you lose everything except “Is there life”. (basically, you on concentrating on finding the person to the exclusion of almost all else.) Penalty: -1 / 1m of rubble/material minimum Same info in a Word Document is attached. Any more suggestions and comments would be welcome. Gemphyre
  4. Re: Opinion wanted about coverage of Detect Life Force power Just realized that I have a second question with respect to this power AS CONSTRUCTED. Can both detects be used at the same time on the same subject without taking the time to switch them? If it had been bought as a Sense (i.e. a zero phase action to use the detect), my answer would be "yes". However, I am not so sure about this case where the detect takes an extra phase to start up. Obviously, once it gets started/tuned in, details can be picked up as quickly as a normal detect, however, the question is only about Detecting Life switching to Detecting Physical Health/Injury/Symptoms or visa versa. Gemphyre
  5. Re: Opinion wanted about coverage of Detect Life Force power In my case, it was already in the Mental Sense Group since the character is a biokinetic, and most of her attacks and powers are based on Ego. After reading the current posts, I think that I have an answer for many of the questions (my opinion of power as GM). Since the power is in the Mental sense group, and is NOT meant to take the place of Mind Scan, it would not work well on "Search for life signs in area." More than a couple feet of material would almost certainly block the sense. (based off of combat rules that say that you must see the target to attack it, eased up since the power is non-combat and not targeting (i.e. dramatic sense).) However, it would work through most powered armors, since they are not very thick, and you can attack the occupant with mental powers without any special penalty. Force Fields in general do not change matters for the powers, but mental force fields and force walls do since they extend past the person's skin. The penalty for a reading is -1 per 2 Mental DEF. The same penalty and restrictions apply to the "Detect physical health/ Status/ injuries" side as well. Gemphyre
  6. Re: Opinion wanted about coverage of Detect Life Force power After reading the first set of replies, I think it might be easier to explain things if I post the power as it is currently designed: Living Medical Tricorder: Detect Health Status, Physical Symptoms, Physical Integrity / Detect Life and 18- (Mental Group), Discriminatory, Analyze (30 Active Points); Extra Time (Extra Phase, Only to Activate, -1/2) The first set (Health Status, Physical Symptoms, Physical Integrity) are all basically the same thing, and bought as such. The "Life" is bought as a second, related detect. I have also included a series of notes defining what it can and cannot do. Notes which apparently did not transfer. As a note, it is defined as not being able to see microscopic life since the "Microscopic" Adder was not (yet) purchased for it. The Health/Symptoms side is pretty obvious. It is what can be determined with the "Detect Life" side that I would like advice on, besides the obvious "Is it alive?". Gemphyre
  7. Re: Opinion wanted about coverage of Detect Life Force power She actually has both detects. She has one detect that is for life force, and another for medical condition. Both powers are innate, and interrelated. They also explain why she got into medicine. She does have Paramedic and Medicine as skills, as well as a License to Practice Medicine. It is this ability to detect what is going on inside of a being that forms the basis of her other powers, although those powers are not dependent on the detects. Gemphyre
  8. OK, I am looking for opinions here. I have a character in my campaign with the power Detect Life Force w/ Analyze and Discriminatory. The character is a Biokinetic/Egoist. Besides an ego attack, the character has Drains, Aids, Healing, empathy detection and manipulation, and is a "living medical tricorder" (can detect and analyze the physical symptoms of a humanoid person. Does not have Microscopic, so cannot directly detect bacterium). The character is a surgeon in "real life". The question is, what is covered by the life force detection specifically? Obviously, it can tell if the subject is alive or dead. But what else can it determine? I remember seeing something about this in one of the books, but I cannot remember which one and where. Opinions are appreciated, as well as any other discussion. Gemphyre
  9. Re: Question about a classic trap and a power advantage We may be seeing it in different ways. To me, a double knockback attack as more force than a regular attack of the same power, such that it is more likely to knock a person off their feet and send them flying. It does not do more damage, just pushes harder against the target while doing the damage. Gemphyre
  10. OK, a classic deathtrap, to the point of cliche. The hero(es) are in a room with the walls slowly closing in. Some heroes are trying to break through the wall, and others are holding the walls apart. One of the heroes has an EB with Double Knockback, and wants to use the power to help. The question is how does this affects the walls? 1. For breaking through the walls, my assumption is that the Double Knockback would not help at all, since the walls are too heavy to be knocked back. 2. For the closing walls, my assumption is that the total inches of KB generates, including the doubling, would add to the strength of the heroes at 5 STR/inch equivalent. Most AOE additions would increase this by 5 or 10 STR because it is pushing against a larger area. Opinions? Gemphyre
  11. Re: Megascale Move(damage) question A couple things that nobody has mentioned, yet. For option 1, he would not be able to get to MegaScaled movement speeds. In fact, since we are talking about a Speedster, he would not even get to normal non-combat speeds. Not enough room. As far as option 2, I personally think that the best option here is to enforce the time and distance it takes to get up to full speed. From the rulebook: "Acceleration and deceleration with MegaMovement is at the same rate as for normal movement, only over a larger scale. For example, MegaMovement, at the rate of 1 kilometer per hex would allow a character to accelerate or decelerate at the rate of 5 kilometers per kilometer." A person with megamovement on running or flight needs A LOT of room to get up to speed, as well as a fair amount of time. And, as everyone, including the rulebook, has mentioned, doing this in combat is little better than a kamikaze move, and likely ends up worthy of one hell of a funeral. The hero MIGHT get some last words, or end up as a fine mist across the state. Mark Sebree
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