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  1. Version 1.0.0


    These are Excel spreadsheets to automatically (and randomly) calculate the results of attacks (may they be critical or not) and damage of Normal and Killing attacks, considering defenses, Hit Locations, Surprise and Damage Reduction modifiers. The sheets simulate Hero System's dice rollings. Useful for GMs who like using computers or tablets to speed up combat calculations.
  2. Good and simple! Actually, there was something in the download section, also: try these ones, if you please (I made'em about four years ago). Here are the links:
  3. This is a very nice attempt! Thanks! I tried something, also, in this sense, three or four years ago; take a look in this link, if you will.
  4. Version 1.1


    This spreadsheet presents a possibility for tracking serious injuries in Heroic campaigns, with a suggested extra sheet for tracking injuries. It includes the ideas presented in 6E2 (incapacitation, disabling and destruction of a body part).
  5. Version 1.0


    This is a place for summarizing NPCs key features in a .doc file.
  6. Hello! My doubt is this: I am designing a magic system in which the spellcaster has the option to prepare and store some spells beforehand (with the advantage "Delay"). So far, so good. The problem comes when I consider the possibility that the spells could be fixed slots of a Multipower (say, "Wizardry spells"). Then, the questions arise: 1) Is it possible for a spellcaster to prepare and store a spell, then swich slots in the Multipower and prepare other spells, up to the limit set to him of stored spells? 2) If so, "Delay" should be applied to the whole Multipower (reserve and powers within) or to the powers (fixed slots) only? Thank you and best regards!
  7. Version 1.1


    This spreadsheet was made to speed up gameplay during damage calculations on combats and to keep track of NPC resources (END, BODY, STUN). Here is a quick set of instructions to use the file: Sheet "NPC Resources":Type names and/or numbers for each NPC on the battlefeld. Insert their numbers as required (STUN, BODY, END, REC). Copy/paste is OK! As the fight goes on, type the expenses in any column and order in the respective line. Whenever the character takes a recovery, either type anything in the black "REC" line or type "r" in the STUN or END lines. Aid/Drain is also allowed; type them in the last three columns. [*]Damage sheets (Normal/Killing) When a NPC is hit, type in their respective defenses in any of the six tables available. Then, ask the player if he/she wants to roll for hit locations:If so, just select "N" in the dropdown "Auto?" menu and then select the local hit in the respective menu; If not, just select "Y" in the dropdown "Auto?" menu. [*]Ask the player if she/he wants to roll the damage dice. If so, just type the number of dice and select the right modifier in the respective Damage Roll table. If needed, copy and paste (values only) BODY or STUN damages in the correspondent table (the one in which you put the NPC defenses). [*]NPC Resources (again): Type in any line/column the damage taken by the NPC. You may paste something copied from the other sheets; however, if so, paste as "values only"!
  8. I guess I solved that in this new version. Take a look and thanks!
  9. Sorry for that! You must type anything (for example, an "x") in the correspondent column, according to the kind of actions the character performs (mental/physical). This determines which Characteristic will be used (DEX or EGO) to decide initiative order during the phases.
  10. Version 1.1


    This is an initial attempt to measuse and compare power between characters (and parties). Although a very difficult task in Hero System, it might help GMs to design balanced encounters. It is more or less related to the idea behind Dungeons & Dragons' Challenge Rating. Notice that a key aspect in the spreadsheet is the "fitting factor"; using a few combats as a reference, it seems to be it should be somewhere between 1,5 and 5. As a guideline, encounters where the odds are over 70%-30% should be considered easy ones.
  11. Wyrm, I guess you were right. It is working better, now, I hope! Thanks!
  12. Sorry for that... It is just to separate characters who use EGO from those who use DEX during the initiative!
  13. Version 1


    This is a simple table with basic OCVs and rolls. All a player has to do is to roll 3d6, consult the table and say: "I hit a DCV of X; critical on DCV Y".
  14. Version 1.1


    This sheet will help in organizing the order flow of a combat. It tracks characters phases even is galactic superheroic campaigns, in which the value of SPD may go well above 12.
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