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  1. Re: Converting adventures from other systems for fantasy hero Thanks for all the advice. I am going to take the plot points as is, and then rework the npcs/monsters to fit for my hero campaign.
  2. Re: Converting adventures from other systems for fantasy hero Actually I'm in school and a father and husband. I wish I had the time I did when I was an undergrad.
  3. I'm in school right now and don't have the time to create new adventures for my fantasy hero game. I have a lot of DnD 4E adventures laying around and thought I could convert them, but after looking into it, this seems a little more difficult than what I thought. Has anyone tried converting adventures?
  4. Re: Am I doing this right? This is our first time playing the Hero System and so we are working out a some of the specifics of the game. It's our standard game now...we love it. What would be a reasonable PD for a barbarian or any other 'tank' type character? His chain and plate armor gives him a RPD of 7, so is a PD of 10 to high?
  5. I have a barbarian that wears chain and plate giving him a rpd of 7. He also has a natural pd of 10 due to his background. When he gets hit with a HA of say 12 points of stun damage, the armor of 7 deletes all but five points but then his pd of 10 would negate all other damage. Is this correct? Thanks for the help.
  6. Re: Deciding on Supers MMO Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I am leaning to Champions Online, but wouldn't mind hearing some more thoughts.
  7. I just got my shiny new macbook pro and finally have the heavy lifting to be able to play some MMO's. I'm trying to decide between Champions and DC Universe. Can anyone give some insight into which would be better? I'm kind of leaning towards champions online because it seems like there might be a bit better customization.
  8. I've been asking some questions about how people use their ipad in a different thread, but it got me to thinking about technology in general and how people use it, if at all. I am normally a pencil and paper sort of player/GM and I do most of my planning for campaigns on paper, or I print it out from a word doc and stick it in a folder. I don't have my computer at the table when I play, but, as I mentioned, I just got an ipad and I was wondering how best to incorporate that into my game. I'm experimenting now, so it's possible it might not stay at the game table, who knows. What sort of technology do you use at the game table or in preparation for the game?
  9. Re: Anyone use DM's Toolkit for Hero Fantasy? It is an app for the Ipad that allows one to create characters, weapons, spells, campaigns including notes, story arcs, and encounters with the monsters/creature stats put in. There doesn't look to be any templates for the Hero system, which is what I was asking about, but does have a lot of templates for 4E/CoC/Pathfinder and more. Here is a link to a youtube video. Just for an fyi, I don't make any money off of this and I am not trying to promote it. (I thought it sounded a little like I was praising this app). I haven't tried it out for much as of yet, so I can really speak of the quality and usefulness. But I would still like to hear from those that might have used it. I'm normally a pencil and paper sort of player/GM but I thought I might try to bring some of the technology that I have laying around, into my game. (There's another good questions.) I will post this one in the forums as well.
  10. I just picked up this app for my ipad and it looks pretty good for planning our Hero Fantasy. I was wondering if any else uses this program?
  11. In just bought an iPad and wondered if ther are apps for the Hero system?
  12. Re: Nazi Scientists Proposed Creating a Giant Space Mirror to Burn Enemy Nations I just shot coke out my nose on this one!!! Bravo Escafarc...Bravo!
  13. Re: Looking for pulp information Thanks Steve. I will check this out. Suprisingly Google has not been that much of a help in the area.
  14. I'm thinking of creating a pulp fiction setting that has some of the feel of Call of Chuthulu and Brian Lumley's vampire books, set in England of the 30's, 40's, or maybe the late fifties early sixties. I'm at a bit of a loss on where to start researching this idea. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  15. Absolutely nuttin...okay just had to finish saying that. But seriously. I'm sure I missed something but can't seem to find the reason why experience points are added to creatures. For example, in the Beastiary (6E), the Werewolf on page 180 has an xp total of 223. I'm guessing this has something to do with the creation of the creature and not an amount that the players would recieve as this contradicts the rules for give players character points. Any help with this conundrum would be appreciated.
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