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  1. Re: Who are the really great Homage characters of the Champons Universe and beyond? Eldritch = Dr. Strange Nighthawk = Batman Megaera = Wonder Woman, version 1 Thalya = Wonder Woman, version 2 Raaktor = Wolverine, version 1 Scimitar = Wolverine, version 2 Chain Lightning = Cyclops El Picardo = Nightcrawler Straight Arrow = Green Arrow Dr. Silverback = Beast Eagle-Eye = Daredevil Nightwind = Nightwing Sai = Electra Black Mask = The Phantom Mr. X = Spirit Robert Caliburn = John Constantine Mighty Man = Wonder Man Hyperion = Captain Britain Wild Guesses Arcane = Harry Potter Taurus = Oxblood (from 7th Portal)
  2. Re: Who are the really great Homage characters of the Champons Universe and beyond? Isn't Ironclad a homage to the man of steel (superman)? Superman's flight were initally really long jumps (like Ironclad). Both has fought in an alien arena. Both crash landed on earth. I guess you get the picture. The Fabulous Five - The Fantastic Four Amazing Man I - Mr. Fantastic Diamond - Thing Streak II - Human Torch Siren - Invisible Girl Amazing Man II - Franklin
  3. Re: Telekinesis and Martial Arts The rules don't say much more than that it's up to the GM to decide what's allowed. The rules disallow move by, and such things. If it were my campaign I would rule that TK were the same thing as if you were standing next to the victim. In other words, range penalties. Fine manipulation is only required to perform delicate task, like pressing a nerve point. Most martial maneuvers aren't that demanding, so I would rule that all other martial maneuvers could be done without fine manipulation.
  4. fredrik_nilsson

    Modern Gods

    Re: Modern Gods These two books might inspire you: The Urban Primitive: Paganism in the Concrete Jungle City Magick They're about pagan magic in an urban environment, but they touches upon the subject of new spirits (which are a kind of gods, aren't they).
  5. In 5ER and FREd there is an example character called Willy Watson, who can transform himself into Muscleman when uttering a secret phrase. Is this character just an example character (and nothing more), or has he been stated in some other place?
  6. Re: Demo Game I shall consider that! The Gadgeteer In another group Tesla would have been a great choice, but in this group he is almost unknown (besides for me). A teen version of Leonardo Da Vinci, maybe with some renaissance fencing added, is a great idea. The Mesmerist Harry Houdini isn't that bad. Too be honest it's a good choice. I shall give him a thought. The Metamorph The problem with the cursed guy is that besides Mr. Hyde and shapeshifters, I don't know of many others that have similar powers. The Mystic Rasputin is always a good choice; the others have to be a bit more well-known (in fact or fiction). The Warrior No offense against black boxers, but I'm pretty certain none of the players have heard of him. Talking about boxers, what do you think of Jack Dempsey? Knights are fine, but which one? Maybe it could be someone like Ivanhoe? I've already added another Wild West character, Zeb, so why not another one?
  7. Re: Demo Game Another possibility is to run a Golden Age Justice Society campaign, with only the characters main powers. This is a tough choice!
  8. Re: Demo Game I forgot to add Legolas to this group
  9. Re: Demo Game The group is most in their mid-20’s, with a few exceptions in both directions. I can’t say for certain yet, since I haven’t official proclaimed I’ll run the demo. As for Teen Titans, only Robin is widely known. The problem is that, except for a few, they will think he’s Dick Grayson. Teen Titans was a good idea, but I don’t think they will work in this game. Things might change when Toonami begins to run the show in Sweden.
  10. Re: Demo Game "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" might not be that huge in Sweden, but its main idea could be used. In essence they are low-powered supers, but the characters are based on fantasy characters. It has this angst mood, that might appeal to the WoD-players. A diverse league should also help show-case a few of the possibilities of the system. It's just a thought. Suppose I run with the idea, and run a low-powered superhero team based on fantasy characters . I guess the team will have five players. Can you recommend an ideal team? The team in the movie had seven members, so two have to go (most probably Quatermain and Gray). Captain Nemo (Gadgeteer) Mina Harker (Mystic) The Invisible Man (Mentalist) Tom Sawyer (Weapon Master) Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Brick/Metamorph) My choice of archetypes can be questioned, but for simplicity suppose I've chosen the right archetypes. Can you come up with a team of fantasy characters with the same archetypes for me?
  11. Re: Demo Game For those who have missed it, I’m from Sweden. The American games that dominate here are usually some permutation of fantasy (mainly White Wolf’s Vampire and Wizard’s D & D). To compare Hero towards the competition it’s quite tempting to, as prestidigitator suggested, run a Fantasy Hero game. The problem, as I see it, is that Fantasy Hero doesn’t differ that much from games like GURPS Fantasy (I’m just referring to game play, not character creation). I’m afraid that unless I dedicate a session for character creation, the main advantages with Hero compared to the competition won’t shine thru. The premises for the demo are currently: The game will be run at the shop biweekly. The game will be a mini-campaign, played over four or five playing sessions. The rules will be Hero Sidekick, run by the book. The campaign won’t use any house rules (unless this thread come up with something, like only BODY damage), it won’t use any talents from other sources and so on. A side effect of this is also that VPPs will be banned for the Demo. I’ve thought about banning Elemental Controls too, since they just add complexity without adding anything crucial. They can however be used in a later can, if the Demo ends with positive response. The Multipower framework will be used. I see it as a form of VPP light, so it helps the players to get used to the concept. The two genres that currently seem most interesting are low-powered supers and urban fantasy. Low-powered supers (probably Teen Champions or DC: TAS) show some of the more spectacularly parts of the power system, without scaring the players of due to the (perceived) complex game mechanics. The same holds true for early supers (Golden Age or Early Silver Age). Urban fantasy might not show all the permutations of the power system that I want to show, but that genre has a huge local support. I could, for example, run a White Wolf inspired scenario. As you state John Desmarais the campaign is too short for role-play, so I thought about using characters that the characters are familiar with (like a low-powered version of X-Men, Fantastic Four or JLA). Characters conceptualization would be fun to try, but I haven’t decided yet which way is the smartest; one session of character creation (which shows also that side of Hero) or an extra session of Hero (which give the players an extra session of getting used to playing the system). What is your opinion? As for the exact scenario to run, what do you think of an homage scenario? If the players have some idea of what to except, they might be compelled to try to use the system more fully. I haven’t got any of the Battlegrounds, but I’m waiting for my ordered Villainy Amok so I’ll have a look at that one when it comes. The super-battle idea suggested could be nice. I could even think of spending one of the sessions (probably the first) just where I run the battle as a stand-alone thing. I’ve only played in games with spectators, so I might be a bit awkward with bringing them along when showcasing a new system. Still, it might be a good idea. I shall give it a thought. Thanks for all the Good luck wishes.
  12. After the summer I will run a demo HERO System game (spread over 4-5 sessions) in the local shop. The problem is that I'm a bit lost here. How do I run a such short campaign where I show the systems strengths, without mixing things up for the newbies? The main problem is which parts of the system should I try to focus on, and which genre shows this best?
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