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  1. A character taking a recovery as an action is at 1/2 DCV. Is her MDCV affected?
  2. How about Champions of the Pacific Rim? You could consider Japan in or out of that definition depending on the amount of material you have. But pick up Indonesia, Micronesia, Polynesian culture, New Zealand, New Guinea, Sumatra-Borneo, Java, Krakatoa, sharks, garbage patch (ok that's in the middle), maybe China, Singapore, those sorts of things. All sorts of thing for heroes t concern themselves with -- storms, smuggling, piracy, human trafficking, poaching, Easter Island, maybe a Space X splashdown gone wrong, and so on. It's underused as a locale, despite being the biggest one on Earth.
  3. Necro-ing this topic to add a few characters. I never made a player character who was too weird, but during 10 years as a GM, I made some strange NPC concepts. I did play one PC who wasn't especially weird, but his concept came out of my own contrarian response to something in the rules. The Extra Limb rules in early editions said you could get a bonus to OCV by attacking unexpectedly with the extra limb(s), but not to DCV, obviously, because that makes no sense. Well, I set out to imagine an extra limb that could plausibly help with dodging but *could not possibly* deal damage...and thus Flying Squirrel was born. He was a successful and popular character in a years-long campaign. For NPCs, possibly the strangest was the Gerrymander. When subjected to stress and fear, milquetoast political consultant/campaign manager (picture Rick Moranis) Gerald Manders would involuntarily turn into the Gerrymander, a weird, flat, segmented dragon-like monster that was constantly twisting, folding and unfolding, and producing extra appendages with claws. The apparently mindless, raging monster absorbed physical blows and energy, putting the points into Duplication....when a sufficient point total was reached, it would divide into two Gerrymanders, and so on. I statted him out to 8 total duplcates, but the most we ever got into play was 2. He also had a big self heal that was bought as some sort of permanent thing, but linked back to the Duplication, so it essentially only went off once each time he duplicated (so that the duplicates would be scary instead of nearly dead). The secret to defeating the beast was to stop beating on it and employ gentler means of absorbing the rage....one time they hurled it into deep water. (Unlike the illustration in the Wikipedia article, my version lacked wings.) The players developed a much better approach -- keep Gerald Manders safe and blissfully ignorant of conflict and stress. In a few adventures, babysitting Gerald and keeping him unaware of scary things was considered a prestigious and critical job. "What was that loud crash!?" "Oh, it's trash pickup day, Gerald. Now tell me about the demographics of District 11, that sounded fascinating." My hands-down favorite NPC was Stevie Far-Traveler. Stevie had pretty over-the-top time travel powers, the kind you never let players get their hands on. He was also a Down Syndrome kid. Sweet, innocent, friendly kid who didn't usually recognize when he was being manipulated by bad guys. Clearly, an existential threat to the timeline and a complete wild card. Possibly the safest thing to do would be to lock him up, despite the moral repugnance of doing so -- his power was vastly dangerous. However, no government or villain could control him for long, as he was for all practical purposes invulnerable (being able to see everything coming) and could disappear into time and space on a whim. He showed up periodically through the campaign, smiling like a cherub, sometimes remembering the players (the first time they met, he remembered them as friends) and sometimes "before" he had met and grown to trust them. He arrival was usually associated with some high-pucker-factor threat like a railgun tank from the far future (he thought the touchscreen controls were a video game, and was happily blowing up the landscape), or "Hey guys, wanna see a Tyrannosaurus?" Sometimes villains would attempt to bribe, nab, trick, or control him. The players tried to be protective of him, but he was never around for long, as his attention span was too short and there were so many interesting things to see.
  4. Any way to update HD without downloading the whole zip file again?
  5. Long time ago I was in a super duo campaign, but we must have been difficult for our GM to balance -- I was a metamorph brick with stretching and damage reduction, but my partner was a martial artist with a stick. Most foes that could challenge me were a serious threat to him. The GM struggled to pose danger to me. Eventually we were at our school prom. I was with Nadia, a sultry beauty. The lights went out and pandemonium ensued. Eventually we made our way to the outside, just in time to see Nadia being hauled into a Soviet VTOL jet fighter. Her kidnappers escaped when we were unable to Fastball Special my martial artist partner to stop them. As we watched the jet head for a Soviet jump-jet carrier off the coast, it finally dawned on my brick that the GM had at last found an appropriate rival for his staggering power. Open mouthed, I turned to my friend. "The Soviet Union stole my prom date?!?" [Turned out she was descended from the Romanovs and a potential heir to the Czar's throne.]
  6. Replying years late, but...something I don't see mentioned in this conversation is that a significant number of player characters, even superheroes, don't have their strength bought up above 10. Those characters (and the mentalist in question seems likelier than some to have low strength) are all but helpless against a regular entangle, which has even more defense and dice than a Mental Paralysis at the campaign's Active Point limit. If the Entangle is built with extra PD defense, there's a significant chance many characters will have no ability whatsoever to break out of a normal Entangle under their own power. Mental Paralysis may not be all that different from regular Entangles, at least against non-melee-oriented characters.
  7. Also the Summon power would let you potentially control more actions in a phase as your minions (or whatever) go individually.
  8. Okay, I think I can make that timeslot work regularly. And I am used to Discord and Roll20. What more do we need to know to start working up concepts?
  9. From old campaigns long ago: First mission of the campaign, the heroes defeated generic terrorists, but one of them knocked a terrorist into a VIP hostage, doing body damage to both. Afterward, as the press arrives, the hero who hates the press flees, and the other secretive hero also flees, leaving behind the only player with a "cannot tell a lie" limitation to speak on camera. "And how did the Senator get injured, <superhero>?" "He was...uh...struck by a terrorist. " In a later campaign, a darker and grittier "street-level" game, my character was a Bullseye analogue, able to add damage and accuracy to any ranged weapon. Long story short, we were betrayed by a teammate and captured by my arch nemesis. Because my character could throw almost anything as a weapon, he was bolted to the wall stark naked. After much embarrassment and frustration, I made a spectacular roll and got free from my bonds, loosening a single bolt. Hurling the bolt, I smashed the cell door lock. Hurling the lock fragment, I KOed the approaching guard, and retrieved his armor-piercing energy pistol -- a very nice weapon that would be outright deadly in my character's hands. Without waiting to dress, I ran down the hallway, blowing open the other cell doors to free my team. The character who had betrayed us (and since apologized and offered to rejoin us) was the last to be freed. She gasped in alarm as I raced to confront my arch foe: "Wait! You're still naked!" And thus I had the God-given opportunity to deliver my best line of the campaign: "I'm not naked. I have a gun."
  10. Barton, You invited me from another thread (my intro). I'm flattered and intere4sted, but I don't think I count as a newbie per se. GMed for many years although that was 8-10 years ago by now. Looking at the Champions Complete book, not that mnuch has changed from my day except the removal of "figured characteristics" (which I can see the reasoning behind). I live in Virginia so my presence would have to be virtual in any case. If you do decide you'd like me to join, like if you need warm bodies, let me know and I will weigh in regarding playtime scheduling. If not, thanks for the offer and have a great campaign!
  11. Friend of mine made a character Woth the hilarious name Blue Bayou. (As in, he just blew by you.) His emblem was a palm tree bent over by strong wind, as if he had just passed by but was already out of the frame, so to speak.
  12. Used to play and run Champions (ran a 3rd Edition campaign for ten years!) I would like to get back into Hero System / Champions or at least see what the state of the art currently is. Is 6th Edition the current state of the art? What books/publications would I need to understand the system as I ponder getting involved again? Just Hero System 6E and Champions? Could it be that simple? I looked at the offerings in the store and was bewildered by the array of options -- how do I get (re) started? Thanks for your time!
  13. Re: AoE Damage Sink defensive power My approach would be to use the specific Suppression Field mechanic described on 6E1 197 (with or without he Standard Effect rule, to your taste). The Suppression Field rules clearly anticipate the issue of an attack originating from outside the area of the Suppress entering the area and being reduced in effectiveness.
  14. Re: Bring Out The Old! I like that. I used Frizbee once long ago, but I was always put off by the write-up saying she was "just an ordinary secretary" with Dex 30 and Speed 6. It just reeked of "stat inflation" to me -- those numbers should represent a superhuman.
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