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  1. Long time ago I was in a super duo campaign, but we must have been difficult for our GM to balance -- I was a metamorph brick with stretching and damage reduction, but my partner was a martial artist with a stick. Most foes that could challenge me were a serious threat to him. The GM struggled to pose danger to me. Eventually we were at our school prom. I was with Nadia, a sultry beauty. The lights went out and pandemonium ensued. Eventually we made our way to the outside, just in time to see Nadia being hauled into a Soviet VTOL jet fighter. Her kidnappers escape
  2. Replying years late, but...something I don't see mentioned in this conversation is that a significant number of player characters, even superheroes, don't have their strength bought up above 10. Those characters (and the mentalist in question seems likelier than some to have low strength) are all but helpless against a regular entangle, which has even more defense and dice than a Mental Paralysis at the campaign's Active Point limit. If the Entangle is built with extra PD defense, there's a significant chance many characters will have no ability whatsoever to break out of a normal Entangle u
  3. Also the Summon power would let you potentially control more actions in a phase as your minions (or whatever) go individually.
  4. Okay, I think I can make that timeslot work regularly. And I am used to Discord and Roll20. What more do we need to know to start working up concepts?
  5. From old campaigns long ago: First mission of the campaign, the heroes defeated generic terrorists, but one of them knocked a terrorist into a VIP hostage, doing body damage to both. Afterward, as the press arrives, the hero who hates the press flees, and the other secretive hero also flees, leaving behind the only player with a "cannot tell a lie" limitation to speak on camera. "And how did the Senator get injured, <superhero>?" "He was...uh...struck by a terrorist. " In a later campaign, a darker and grittier "street-level" game, my cha
  6. Barton, You invited me from another thread (my intro). I'm flattered and intere4sted, but I don't think I count as a newbie per se. GMed for many years although that was 8-10 years ago by now. Looking at the Champions Complete book, not that mnuch has changed from my day except the removal of "figured characteristics" (which I can see the reasoning behind). I live in Virginia so my presence would have to be virtual in any case. If you do decide you'd like me to join, like if you need warm bodies, let me know and I will weigh in regarding playtime schedul
  7. Friend of mine made a character Woth the hilarious name Blue Bayou. (As in, he just blew by you.) His emblem was a palm tree bent over by strong wind, as if he had just passed by but was already out of the frame, so to speak.
  8. Used to play and run Champions (ran a 3rd Edition campaign for ten years!) I would like to get back into Hero System / Champions or at least see what the state of the art currently is. Is 6th Edition the current state of the art? What books/publications would I need to understand the system as I ponder getting involved again? Just Hero System 6E and Champions? Could it be that simple? I looked at the offerings in the store and was bewildered by the array of options -- how do I get (re) started? Thanks for your time!
  9. Re: AoE Damage Sink defensive power My approach would be to use the specific Suppression Field mechanic described on 6E1 197 (with or without he Standard Effect rule, to your taste). The Suppression Field rules clearly anticipate the issue of an attack originating from outside the area of the Suppress entering the area and being reduced in effectiveness.
  10. Re: Bring Out The Old! I like that. I used Frizbee once long ago, but I was always put off by the write-up saying she was "just an ordinary secretary" with Dex 30 and Speed 6. It just reeked of "stat inflation" to me -- those numbers should represent a superhuman.
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