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  1. Most good (and great) actors take bad roles to earn a living, but eventually Connery knew he would only get roles in bad films anymore. That's why he retired and stuck with retirement. He spent his last years in semi-seclusion and relative anonymity.
  2. Sean Connery's greatness as an actor is hard to overstate. He would have been a fantastic Lear had he been given the opportunity. As it was, he was a master at transcending his material. His legacy is worth celebrating. His passing is worth mourning.
  3. If the King (Louis XIII, if you're counting) had tried to govern "on his own", he would have run France into the ground fairly quickly. None of the Bourbon kings, even the "illustrious" Louis XIV, were near the front of the line when they handed out brains.
  4. There is a whole boatload of film "villains" who are actually completely in the right. The one that comes to mind is Cardinal Richelieu in the Richard Lester Three Musketeers films -- it was bad enough that the Queen was breaking her marital vows, but she was doing it with the avowed enemy of the French state who was planning to invade the country. He knew what needed to be done, and for the most part he did it. The Musketeers had chosen the wrong side.
  5. What really bites is that he was back on the field for the celebration, and ignored the efforts of security to restrain him from doing so. He wore a mask for part of it, but not all, and it was still a truly reckless act. The TV call by Vin Scully is fantastic if you get a chance to watch it. GThe buildup towards the home run, which Scully and color commentator Joe Garagiola didn't know was coming, is a masterpiece of the art of play-by-play. It shows just how improbable Kirk Gibson's feat was, why it matters so much, and why it will never be repeated in quite the same way.
  6. Murray Porath is a real person, an attorney friend of lyricist Frank Hayes. he apparently found the joke quite amusing and they remained friends. The tune was written by the Founding Mother of the genre Leslie Fish. It was the tune to her song "Destroyer". It was Fish who wrote the classic Star Trek parody "Banned from Argo", which she has regretted ever since.
  7. I am quite ashamed to admit that the three bags of Fun Size candy I bought did not last long at all. Chocolate Therapy is real, and was probably detrimental to my blood sugar and overall health. Since I've been required to do on a plant-based diet by my dietician, which I am for the most part holding to, and since I'll be home for Thanksgiving, I'm seriously looking at getting a Tofurkey roast. Now a Tofurky's resemblance to actual food humans can consume is tenuous at best, but they make decent (if expensive) pseudo-deli-slices. I'm not exactly looking forward to it, but I must do
  8. heavens, I hope not. We need relief. How much more can be heaped on our heads. I don't want a nuclear war, thank you very much!
  9. Chegg lets you do that? I hope that student (and the ones that copied from them) faces consequences. An automatic failing grade seems like a good start. I know it tempts students to take a shortcut to that great grade. But they're really cheating themselves (and whoever is paying their tuition, expecting them to learn this stuff).
  10. isn't that awarded to the research that spends the greatest amount of money and energy to the least effect? It shouldn't cost that much money to research feline fluidity. What you mostly need are a few cooperative felines and numerous containers, a basic knowledge of feline anatomy, and the brainpower and imagination to reason "We know cats are solids, yet they and other living things that should be solid fit some of the definitions of a liquid. Do we need a more precise definition?" Can any living being truly be called fully solid? Lots of things in my body are liquids. Heck my t
  11. Foxbat is so unsatisfied with how his Master Plan worked out that he launches another Master Plan, of an entirely different type, to undo what little the original plan achieved. This one involves hanging chads. Unfortunately his minions interpret it as "hang Chad", and are scouring the countryside looking for Chads to string up for no significant reason besides their names. Oddly enough, they don't actually find any.
  12. That hits home. Sorry, and I wish you a smooth recovery.
  13. And Brian Cash (manager of the Rays) just committed one of the most wooden-headed managerial blunders you will ever see. He was apparently done in by his overreliance on analytics.
  14. That reminds me o the scene in Into the Spider-Verse where Miles Morales is in an urban boarding school he hates (different class of kids than he's used to hanging out with) and turns in a 0% exam in hope that a test score that low will get him expelled. It was a multiple-choice test, but no such luck. The teacher told him that there was no way he could have gotten every single question wrong unless he actually knew all the right answers. She did not stand for this and turned the score into a 100%, telling Miles she would not let him fail. (Of course, soon Miles would have bigger p
  15. The problem with that is that revenue is plunging due to Covid. In 2021, attendance is likely to still be restricted because covid isn't going away by then. I know a large share of the revenue comes from TV, but even that viewership may well decline. I don't have access to the balance sheets, but the sports/entertainment industries have been hit herd generally. Much of Minor League Baseball might not survive at all as none of the teams have a way to make money with restricted gates. With covid extending through 2021 teams and sports will be in raw survival mode. There s
  16. Q: So tell me, Doctor -- what do you really think of Earth? A: If I were capable of sending people on one-way trips to the other side of the universe in suspended animation the whole time, you would not be on top of the list.
  17. Hamilton drives with the sort of surgical precision that belies the raging emotions that all F1 drivers possess. Even the ones who seem to exude calm and maintain complete control compete so fiercely that they will go after each other in the pits if not restrained. (This seems to be endemic to race drivers in general, including in NASCAR).
  18. The flaws and disputes in the law make for strong storytelling when used properly. It wouldn't necessarily be part of combat-centered adventures, but it raises story fodder. Like whether ambushing and destroying the latest version of Mechanon is murder, both ethically and under the law. (Mechanon may be a special case because he is so very dangerous, but I would not be surprised if other, less dangerous sapient robots are murdered when they are destroyed.)
  19. "Green is a color of Hope and Luck" And we all need some of that right now.
  20. The Ohio Valley Filk Festival is holding their convention online, so this is recommended to me.
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