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  1. "What did you say this popcorn was called again?" "Smartfood." "It can't be Smartfood. Smart food would have run away by now."
  2. Spoiler Alert: the British win. NT: Subtle signs that it is, in fact, wrong to try and pick up girls in a dungeon.
  3. The cinematic version of that video is much better. I don't know what compelled the band or their label to think they needed a second one (unless that was the one that came first).
  4. The virus has claimed actor Nick Carduro after a battle that lasted nearly a hundred days. Carduro was better known for his Broadway stage work than for TV or film, but he had just relocated with his family to LA last year. Then the virus took hold of him and never let go. I will not give you the details from the link here, but they are shocking. And to think his story is one of a hundred thousand other stories of people who went through this ordeal and did not emerge.
  5. That was what my mother referred to it as. It could be described as a hip-hopera since most of it is rapped, but the point stands. Despite the musical style, which would normally not be to her taste -- Mom loved Hamilton. She found it very intense.
  6. King George does the pre-show no-cameras announcement. (He actually does.)
  7. I thought for a moment the University of Portland might be in the WAC< but they're actually in the West Coast Conference. This means that every two years they have to lose basketball games to Gonzaga. (And before you ask, Portland State to the WCC would be a non-starter: PSU (as the locals call it, usually not very nicely) is a public university, and the WCC is composed of schools run or founded by Christian churches. Its membership includes, besiudes GBonzaga and Portl;and, San Francisco University (alma mater of Hall of Fame NBA pioneer Bill Russell) and BYU (who need to introduction).
  8. Q: AAGH! My phone's been cut off! How did it get to be ninety days past-due anyway? A: All those people in mental institutions for saying they were time travelers from the future sent to stop Trump -- well, I'm beginning to have my doubts.
  9. Things aren;t all that great in Mexico already. At what point does drug cartels fighting civil authority and each other for control of the country count as a civil war?
  10. I wonder who bought that Roper shotgun? Question: is there a specific reason the OP's weapon would be significantly more effective than a plain-vanilla shotgun? You can slap gears on ordinary things and call them steampunk, but to really get the idea you need to figure out why people would use your weapon instead of the cheaper mass-produced model. (The Roper Shotgun reminds me of what my gadgeteer/sniper/gunfighter super Redshot would use for his multi-purpose firearm.)
  11. Gundams and Veritechs are weapon systems. The typical Gundam just happens to be highly advanced, exotic, and frighteningly effective killing machines. There are other "Mobile Suits" in the various series, but Gundams are special. Veritechs, on the other hand, are assembly-line products made for a specific purpose in a specific war. Similarly, the Jaegers of Pacific Rim are weapon systems built for a specific task. Now, civilian mecha are rare because producing even a run-of-the-mill cannon-fodder Mobile Suit is maddeningly expensive. But there some interesting examples of situations where mecha are efficient and common for civilian tasks. The Labors of Patlabor are very useful devices for things like large-scale construction projects. You still wouldn't go to your Nissan dealer and pick one up to take the kids to soccer practice -- that's what minivans are for -- a Labor is really great when you have a lot of stuff to move around. (They can also do a lot of damage in the wrong hands, so the Tokyo Police have their own force of specialized Labor drivers). A Transformer, on the other hand, is a sapient being who happens to have metal and electrical wiring instead of flesh and blood.
  12. Q: I'm waiting, so why aren't you asking a question? A: I always wondered how a duck can use a desktop computer. Thank you for enlightening me.
  13. Q: Why won't you sell me a pink Darth Vader costume? Wouldn't they be on sale now that Pride Month is over? A: This is a piano piece the human hands are utterly incapable of playing.
  14. And I got my test results, and they're negative. Now if only I could find my keys...
  15. If he's smart, he'll wear the damn mask like everybody else. You can't punch a virus.
  16. With the minor league season canceled, I suspect a massive die-off of teams and even leagues is imminent. I don't think very many teams will survive, and if we're lucky one or two leagues. Worst case scenario would me minor league baseball completely vanishing as just about every team folds, and the municipalities who subsidized newer minor league stadiums realizing they were probably pretty darn foolish. All of the major league clubs will oprobably survive, because ownership has deep pockets and they have TV money. But the minors as we know them have probably ceased to exist.
  17. Apparently she still loves playing Harley Quinn, though.
  18. I'm rusty on doing these conversions, so please be patient. I've started a project that will require me to revisit some of the rules and material in 5e material (notably The Ultimate Vehicle, although I have no doubt there will be others) and reverse-enigneer it to 6e rules (I included the Complete series because those are what I currently have handy in softcover, although I think I own whatever else I need in PDF). Is there still a guide on how to translate 5e equipment and vehicles into 6e (I'm especially looking for how to build things that are build as Elemental Controls after those rules were excised form 6e). If there is still a conversion document online, that will probably do.
  19. This might be a good excuse for Portland State University to shelve football. They play in the FCS Big Sky conference, but nobody in Portland seems to care. They are an urban campus with few athletic facilities in the middle of a very expensive housing market. Home games are played in Hillsboro Stadium, 14 miles west of the campus, and few students own cars.
  20. People from my church have dropped by with supplies during my quarantine. They were unconcerned about my possibly passing on the virus, but took the necessary precautions anyway. I shoujld get my test results tomorrow or the next day. Then I will find out how much longer I will need ot be in full quarantine. It would not surprise me if the Governor in Oregon didn't roll back some of the reopening moves, or at the very least exhort people to stay at home.
  21. Since he isn't offering and it's been five days: NT: Subtle signs you employer is outsourcing all your phone support services to The Fictional Central Asian Republic of Gatchastan.
  22. Q: Whose picture is that on the ceiling, son? A: Pictures of Lily made my life so wonderful.
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