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  1. Re: speeding up character creation v0.9 Looks like it can be useful for new players.
  2. Re: 5E Cost to double equipment Thank you!
  3. In a 4/5E campaign I played in some years ago, one of the characters was a spideman clone with IIF webslingers. He bought one as a multipower, then paid 5 points for a second one, using the 5 points to double equipment rule. Now, I am running a game with a bunch of people who have never played Hero before. One is building a "Gunslinger" with two OAF six shooters. I thought he could save a lot using the 5 point to double equipment rule for his second gun, but I can't seem to find that rule anywhere except in the vehicles and bases section. I also looked for it in hero designer but could not find it. Is it a real rule that can be applied to focuses, or was that just a house rule in that game? Thank you for your time.
  4. Re: What's the most useless supplement you'd actually like to see? Eh, whats three years among friends.
  5. Re: Blowing up a mountain The best way to make it work would probably be with a big area effect. You could also to an extradimentional travel to a spot exactly like where you were, but that mountain is blown up.
  6. Re: Rewrite your PC(s) as Iron Age Villians! I think my current PC may already BE an Iron Age villian... http://www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16604
  7. Re: Stranded in the Past Data, no question.
  8. Re: How to: Pointing Out The Flaw Yep, find weakness-useable by others.
  9. Re: DEX: and the Marvel Universe I think a speed of 4 and dex of 18, along with a str of 18-20 justifys those. He probably had some combat skill levels to help with the "streetfighting".
  10. Re: Martial Art Question So, is the character using martial arts that she doesn't conciously remember? I guess any martial art would do actually, her body remember but her mind doesn't. Judo might be a good option for the defensive feel. As for "pushing" herself, just buy more raw end while keeping str and con low.
  11. Re: Are limited defenses to expensive? I also would put them at a -1, unless for some reason in the campaign they are extreamly common. How often do you actually see fire using, cold using, electricity using? Probably not all that often, really.
  12. Re: Who is your campaigns "Bad Guy they love to hate" Car-Theft man, the national hero of Belize. He is a skilled normal who can hotwire and drive any vehicle of any size, despite crew limits. He can also escape from any confinement. Car-Theft Man's goal is to make the economy of Belize equal to that of the USA just through stealing vehicles. The party speedster got into the habit of picking him up every session back when he was a throw-away villian, which earned the party a hunted by him. Now, every time we turn our back on any vehicle we care about, it is rolling off into the sunset.
  13. Re: Desol and Stretching While I'm at it, does desol give you affect desol for free, give it but only vs similar special effect, or not give it at all?
  14. Ok, say I have Desol done as a body of water, with strength affects physical world. I buy streatching. Does the streatching need to affect physical world, or does the affects physical world on the strength cover it?
  15. Re: Is this the right board? Is there a right board? Yep, the first post, when I get around to it, will be a general campaign to date thing, with character writeups.
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