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  1. Mary was a typical Las Vegas showgirl working for Penn and Teller. One day a magic trick went awry, spraying her with a caustic reactive magical liquid. Mary was rushed to the hospital. After many tests, the doctors told Mary that she would forever have...Bad Hair! Her career lay in ruins, her future was shattered, even her boyfriend left her for another woman. Mary went Mad. Donning her old showgirl outfit, Mary became Psycho-Chick. an evil world ruling dictator wannabee. Her first criminal effort to inject the magic liquid into various hair care products failed
  2. The 5th could be " The Weasel" it's a giant and will rip and tear into the PCs.
  3. Han Solo wore a leather jacket all the time in any weather. Here is the challenge: What can you put into a leather (looking) jacket with 500 years of technology to work with? Temperature control is obviously one of them: if you're going to visit 50 different planets in a week, you want to be cool in hot climes and warm in cold climates. Basic tech stuff. What else can you fit in there?
  4. I imagine a group of fan boys out to photograph heroes acting like spies to get close, and possibly endangering secret IDs. They would post everything on Reddit, and pat each other on the back.
  5. There would be a Hero insurance for the collateral damage from super fights. Not every lightning bolt will hit its target. Further there would be a rapid response clean up team for al the rubble left behind, and a specialized construction company for all the super fight damage. At least in big cities a few more jobs would be created. Of course hero hate groups would also arise. Supers make some people feel inferior. Secret IDs would make it difficult to sue a super, so these groups would likely turn lethal, adopting terrorist tactics. The balance would
  6. Sylvia grew up in Quebec, training in Savate, the French martial art. Her love of the art proved prophetic when her mutant powers kicked in. She could run as fast as a racing car, leap 5 stories high, and kick in the side of a reinforced concrete bunker. The Canadian govt recognized her potential and they devised an armored costume and visor. The visor grants her night vision, infra-red tracking, flash defense, and a heads up display. Her gauntlets are equipped with a taser (left) and a single bola entangle (right). The govt occasionally uses her for missions, but her real tal
  7. Collinwood NPCs Heather Underwood. Halfling female hedge wizard , 20 years old. Notable stats, PRE 20, with 3 levels of Stunning appearance. Skills of note: Faith 19 school of magic: 17 School of magic: illusion 17 KS herbalist KS island home charm, conversation, persuasion Notable possessions. A dwarven ring of warmth. A magic dagger (she doesn't know what it does, but it detect as magic), a lama with riding gear, Heather is a hedge wizard specializing in curative spells, food preservation spells, and a few magic spel
  8. Collinwood is a mountainous island some 20 miles wide. The sole port is a small town of 2000. Their main defense is not appearing to have anything of value. The interior hides a hidden valley 15 miles long. another 2000 live in small villages in this valley. the sides of the valley are terraced and all the farms are here. The center of the valley is grassy and used for herding sheep. the leeward side of the mountains are also terraced, but hidden by trees grown on the edge. These terraces are accessible by hidden tunnels from the valley. save for the port of Collinwood, the coast is too rugged
  9. NPC class (not open to players): ARTIFICERS Artificer makes magic items. He cannot cast magic, but can use any magic item including scrolls. He can handle cursed items without triggering the curse, and can detect/identify the magic and uses for each item with a touch. He will know how many charges are in a wand and the activation word. He can recharge an item by three charges a week. ---all of this is rather expensive, but I am free with handing out gold....players can still end up rather poor in my world. Making Magic Items. An artificer sucks the magic out of unwant
  10. I was in a rather mercenary DnD campaign, almost all of us died and started new characters. We had the money to revive characters but no one wanted to spend the cash, so we just looted the dead and split it among the survivors. only one character did not a die, a big bad pile of hit points named, Circum. He was also the richest having split the treasure of all his former comrades. We began to call the game session, "Circum and his amazing Friends." Before one session a player remarked, "We tend to roll-play and not role-play. Circum I don't even know what color your cloak is. Do y
  11. Helios: This island was conquered by Dark Elves some 400 years ago. The dark elves were exiles - the losing side of a rebellion - fleeing for their lives. Today, the island is ruled by 12,000 Dark Elves lording over 20,000 halfling slaves. They have a standing army of 1000 Half Elves descended from human slaves. The half elves are free citizens, less that their Dark Masters, but free otherwise. They have a small navy, but their ships utilize enslaved elementals, calming the seas, filling their sails with wind, and spewing fiery death upon their enemies. This is the only navy that c
  12. Caspar, Island nation. Caspar is an island ruled as a free republic. Its population are all either escaped slaves or descendants of slaves. Caspar is like Switzerland in that every man and woman is considered part of the army. All are trained to fight. Caspar has never successfully been invaded. slavers who attempt to raid the island are hunted down and executed on the spot. Caspar has a capital city of the same name, 90 thousand strong. Two neighboring islands are used for farming, and a third has an iron mine. Caspar has a moderate sized navy, but they make up for their la
  13. This exercise was inspired by a unique map I found on DA. https://black-falcon01.deviantart.com/art/Map-537204736 Here's the background. 1000 years ago a meteor struck and destroyed a continent. It should have been a mass extinction event, but it was not. The continent survived as a mass of islands. Many of the buildings survived intact and undamaged as did many of the animals...the people all died. The meteor introduced magic (both clerical and arcane) to the world. Very rare items of master craft make became magic overnight. Clerics found they could cast spe
  14. Question. What about an endurance reserve Mages have in the Fantasy hero sample character? The staff he weilded was an END reserve...would that be allowed in your campaign?
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