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  1. Beast

    HD Update

    then what changed ? that seemed to be the only change I saw and I was not that far out of date I usually check every 3 months or so unless somebody says something as in this case
  2. Beast

    HD Update

    the update 1/2ed the limitation for increased End cost on those with "costs End to activate"
  3. Beast

    HD Update

    it looks like the limitation on increased end cost got 1/2ed on powers that only cost End to activate
  4. Beast

    HD Update

    I'm seeing character costs going up what changes happened?
  5. my weekends are taken better luck finding others
  6. spending 40pts would give a 50 spells/powers limit which would be more than the limitation is worth and if rolling for changing the VPP say 50 pts is almost automatic(14- = 93%)
  7. that limit would be up to the GM to approve just like any other
  8. the question is then How many spells can you have created and accessable during any 1 scenario if you can have 200 spell/powers then no limitation 20 spell/powers maybe -1/4 10 spell/powers maybe -1/2
  9. Maybe preapproved when I have a VPP I generally do up at least 20 effects for the GM to see the gist of what my character does it is also easier to have them before hand to mod or use and not have to figure out from scratch and waste time during a game
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