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  1. MASH was nothing about being thinly veiled (they just kept the foul language out except for 1 out burst of "you SOB" from Hawkeye I was in my teens watching MASH
  2. Agents should be 1 hit wonders and cause 5-10 stun each if they hit 5-6 for a squad that gangs up on a single hero (for each hero or insert 1 capable villain who can go toe toe with 1 hero) the secret of using agents is to when possible is to coordinate their attacks to daze the hero or play the dumb if you want the heroes to win the agents should be hitting on a 9/10 or less vs their average DCV IMHO
  3. Beast

    DC Heroes II

    you might want to place them all in 1 folder so people do not have to go back and forth for each character
  4. for me I would help the player pre-build all the powers in the VPP if you going to allow it(and build alot 20 to 30 different powers to start with and go from there)
  5. Haymaker was limited to those that wrote for it(otherwise I would have gotten it and is worth it alone ) 1st,2nd, and 3rd editions are great adding in the Champions II and III(not editions but rule suppliments that came out between 2nd and 3rd editions would make a complete set of the rules (I know the 4th ed Almanacs have already been in another BoH) of 1st thru 5th It took me years to collect every AC for me 30$ for the Haymakers, Champions 1st,2nd,3rd editions (still wanting the 2 suppliment books) is a steal I have all of the rest
  6. 5th and 6th ed stuff is easy to convert, mostly just watch CVs and damage classes and defenses there are a few things like the expanded change enviroment and regeneration in 6th only downside is that Hero designer does not do 4th ed you pretty much have to do everything by hand there is Hero Creator software but it is really old there have been excel sheets done for 4th but I have not gone looking for them(I have tons of 4th ed stuff that I would convert to 5th or 6th as needed)
  7. Only if the senate allows hearing to be done to confirm this close to the election or if Trump looses the election
  8. Could you post a list of the games as I cannot remember which ones I was in(hoping that seeing titles might jog my memory) the 1 I really want is a magic based post apoclyptic world I ran a character named Piety she way a magical song/sound based bard/fighter and brick
  9. How does the DS do a block maneuver with no counter attack roll(sfx does not count) Block is the only way to stop an attack after it lands(before the damage roll)
  10. Does it say anywhere that a damage shield stops the attack? does the damage shield in any way perform a block that no roll is needed to be performed?
  11. from champions complete pg 151 A successful Move By does half of the character’s regular STR damage plus (velocity/10)d6. The attacker himself takes one-third of this damage (both STUN and BODY; appropriate defenses apply). • When a character performs either Maneuver with a weapon, halve the character’s STR for purposes of the STR Minimum (calculating extra damage or DC/OCV penalties), and apply the damage normally taken by the attacking character to the weapon instead. • Hand-To-Hand Attack damage adds to either Maneuver if (and
  12. you only 1/2 the str for a move by it is full strength for a move through only when doing a move by
  13. adding weapon damage from something you pick up off the battle ground in a supers game should not add any damage to your move by/through(sfx might convert to a killing attack) in any other genre, you can only double the max damage of the weapon
  14. Looks to be we may have a cat based niche here I'm Ghost Cat or just GC I'm a shape shifting brick and a fast combat mover I can do fast movement across town(
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