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  1. I'm in mph which would be roughly 150kph But I'm running and leaping
  2. Since there are 4 of us lets do a 1 in Lakeview, 2 in poverty Gulch(Arachne and our fastest flyer) and 1 in Brackett Park every few day we swap where our heavy 2 person unit is we have radios to call in the others should 1 unit strike gold Also maybe it is time we found out how fast you can fly
  3. "works for me, do we stake out 1 place or a few near to each other "
  4. Beast

    DC Heroes

    might want to make it a zipped up file so only 1 down load needed
  5. no problem I got a little dirty and now I'm clean
  6. Hopefully the fire department is there GC will ask them to hose her off so she is only wet and from there she will shapeshift to slough of any excess sewage and water then she will head to the car
  7. GC will push her strength to 50(5pts) and leap 20m back where the bus came from
  8. "I need everybody to get back at least 40 yards, I'm going to push this bus up and out from the front" once that is done GC will get in the muck and try and find good footing to push off from she will push her strength to 50(5pts) and leap 20m back where the bus came from
  9. broken water main? does it look like there are shorting out of any power lines GC says"Call HQ and see if there are any power lines in this area get them turned off(she will spend a minute to give as exact position as possible +3 for time base Navigation 12-)
  10. GC will move over to the bus and see what could have undermined the road
  11. if she can bypass electronic security systems, I'd bet an ankle braclette would be no problem
  12. "Lots of suspects to sort through" Maybe we need to check out the crime scene again to see if there is a clue that will sort the wheat from the chaffe"
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