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  1. "So I should not impersonate you streaking through the boys locker room?"
  2. "Backup against other supers or just outgunned?" "we are police trainees so learning about seeing what we can make out from a crime scene"
  3. right now the nanite part of me can repair/heal me when injured I'll have to work on trying to expand that aspect of me to use on others
  4. "So what classes are we going to be given or do we get a choice?"
  5. How fast is the helo? with my running and leaping as a super charged parcour I can go 100 mph if extra room is needed to bugout w/ victims/hostages/etc...
  6. "Mock for me implies comedy/heckiling" "I'm more the grace of a cat running,leaping and climbing and able to slip in and out like a ghost" "I like that so I'll go by the nome` degere` Ghost Cat" "thank you Lady Heart for getting me thinking on a code name" "I had figured our teachers would have assessed our powers and skills and then named us"
  7. Hi, I'm Maggie Ravenwood 1/2 human(genentic construct) ,1/2 machine(nanites) I'm a shape shifting brick
  8. I could see a cgi of the RUS and that is about it
  9. redo all the DCU flicks except WW and Aquaman
  10. Just do what they did with RDJ in the Iron Man flicks and if you cannot act with your ,voice you cannot act
  11. I love it it does all the math there are lots of formats you can download to suit how you want your character sheet to look for free go to the down loads area of this forum to look at others character sheets 25$ is not a bad price
  12. instead of lower the starting CP from 400pts to 300pts why not just lower the AP/DC caps from 75 active/12 DCs to 60 active/10 DCs? this should give plenty of extra points to round out beginning characters w/skills, perks and talents
  13. Accepted Wildstrike was a cheap intro to Fusion that now could be done as a free pdf then a boxed version of CC would be the 2nd step of bringing more into the fold as it would have more inhand support than having to download and print
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