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  1. I love it it does all the math there are lots of formats you can download to suit how you want your character sheet to look for free go to the down loads area of this forum to look at others character sheets 25$ is not a bad price
  2. instead of lower the starting CP from 400pts to 300pts why not just lower the AP/DC caps from 75 active/12 DCs to 60 active/10 DCs? this should give plenty of extra points to round out beginning characters w/skills, perks and talents
  3. Accepted Wildstrike was a cheap intro to Fusion that now could be done as a free pdf then a boxed version of CC would be the 2nd step of bringing more into the fold as it would have more inhand support than having to download and print
  4. Sketchpad, you took me out of context as I started by using a version of Wildstrike as an intro to Hero system, THEN a boxed version of CC
  5. It was a fairly cheap entry intro for Champions combat(PIT FIGHTING)
  6. there needs to be a starter setup that is about 20 pages including 10 starting heroes and maybe 1 Boss encounter
  7. not a starter box but a free pdf of an updated Wildstrike and Hero system in 2 pages with a bit of exp spending then Champions Complete in a starter box or as a starter pdf package
  8. I would go with the 6e CE Stunning adder but go vs Int or an Int drain vs machines
  9. you are correct need to wear my glasses mo for the small stuff
  10. Beast

    More space news!

    we have landed people on the moon and have sent out at least 2 address adverts inviting any who could read our address for naked hot tubbing party
  11. Beast

    More space news!

    or Hersey Kisses
  12. lots of stretching weapon is just a special effect or focus
  13. just engrave "Return to Sender" on it
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