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    Yup ,

    NCC was by design
    if JD was getting his ass handed to him, Karrin was to be his ace in the hole
    If JD is winning Karrin  just stands back and lets him win on his own or she bails him out of another jam


    If I lower his con to 18(7pts)I'd have to put it in def to be a viable character(some things are needed for game balance)
    and in the later books Harry is given the mantle of Winter's Knight and the fires of Creation and can now go toe to toe with multiple vampires
    at that point he is not a normal human, if he ever was as homo magi

    +26 points is just her speed, and another +32 points would be needed for the Multipower
    this makes him a speed 8 character and some of her change enviroment effects last only 2 seconds unless JD continues her attack

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