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  1. these are wonderful... have you found a use for Quantum Ducks yet?
  2. "Brewing UP" issues were also caused by the gas engines shermans among others used.. they were more flamable
  3. as far as AT grenades, are we talking hand thrown/attached? or launched like PIAT/Panzerfaust/Panzescheck?
  4. I need to sit down and take another look at body stats for vehicles... or at least come up with a better system for crits etc... a penetrating hit wont always be a kill, but its very likely going to hurt
  5. ok, now I know what your refering to, but I have no idea on the difference, I didnt know the 10.00 version existed, I will have to ask somebody higher up the food chain on this
  6. a little confused for a second here.... where are you seeing these prices? yes it would satisfy the requirement, but the better value is the CD, which has everything
  7. what can I do to help on your project, I have a quite a few notes and HD files you might find useful for idea mining if nothing else, I would love to share ideas


  8. seriously, talk to Killer Shrike or at least look at his website, a whole displacement ton of useful ideas there for High Fantasy Hero, http://www.killershrike.com/FantasyHERO/FantasyHERO.aspx
  9. I really do want to take more looks at vehicle construction etc... this has been my pet project along with Traveller Hero for many years, what else can I do to help?
  10. heres my collection of HD Templates I use to save considerable time and keep uniformity when building vehicles 6E Vehicle Templates and Gear.zip
  11. are you on facebook? theres a FB group called Hero System Fan Group with some information in the files section that should cover what you need
  12. if your on Facebook, check out the files section of Hero System Fan Group.. I am one of the moderators there, and thats where I have posted a lot more stuff
  13. what rules set are you wanting to convert? I have mostly used Angriff
  14. some of the ways I do things on my coversions 1. size is based on hull length 2. speed for most vehicles I go with a 3 for tracked and heavy wheeled 3. ground speed in inches is figured using the chart in The Ultimate Vehicle, but It spreadsheeted 4. most vehicle equipment is fairly basic, but notes are made for special variants etc 5. I do what research I can on each vehicle, a lot comes from wikipedia
  15. the current directory where I keep everything is 3600+ files. 311mb, 25mb zipped, but I would have to go through and pull some stuff thats copyrighted and I paid for that I just dumped in the archive section
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