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  1. since I rarely read the Hero Boards anymore, it might be easier to contact me with TH on questions by e-mail or discord shadowcat48li@gmail.com
  2. you can get them here, but its file by file I think, you can get the whole CD with everything for 35.00 from Marc Miller directly at this link https://www.farfuture.net/ you can download the ToC from there if you dont want the whole CD. if you dont have a CD drive, just ask Marc to put it all on a flash drive it was written for 5E as 6E wasnt published yet, theres a conversion doc there on the CD. I can be reached on the Hero-Champions-RPG[Unoffical] Discord page to answer questions. I was one of the authors of it
  3. something to bear in mind... there was actually a published version of Traveller Hero, that is still available from Hero Games and Far Future Enterprises, the CD version at ffe.net has a whole ton of useful material https://www.farfuture.net/ theres a table of contents for the CD.
  4. I had a had in the project in the first place, a friend of mine who used to work for a novelty distributor had a source for them I still have 2
  5. on a sorta related note... Bundle of Holding is offering two collections of the little black books right now https://bundleofholding.com/presents/LBB1-2020
  6. just to clarify one thing from that quote, the re-issue of Traveller Hero is just the PDFs on CD. but I didnt know that was going to happen even at that point
  7. an interesting idea, are the cars armed? might be time to dust off Autoduel Champions
  8. coming in to this way late, has anybody else tinkered with the Desperado skirmish rules set? or the newer Gunfighters Ball set? one bit of trivia... the first Train robbery didnt take place out west... it was near Chesterton Indiana, and the first train robbers were John and Simeon Reno as far as fantasy old west goes, you might look at the stories of Mad Amos Malone by Alan Dean Foster Knuckleduster has some really nice minatures jf nothing else https://www.knuckleduster.com/shop/
  9. some mechs have a center torso cockpit, and are not quite as vulnerable to head shots[Archer, Orion].. there are also mechs that have 2 seat cockpits[Battlemaster, Cyclops, at least one Madcat Variant, at least one Atlas Variant] and some mechs have a whole head cockpit that can be ejected[Hatchetman, Axeman] FASA had a rather large Atlas model built for display at cons, it used a 2-seat F-16 Trainer cockpit model for the cockpit, it was built by Steve Venters iirc. not sure who built the later Madcat model they used after the Atlas was destroyed in transit someplace in Europe
  10. Commo is limited to Radiio, Laser, Maser, and some mechs have SATCOM capability. and LOS datalinks ok heres my basic BT chassis templates 55 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt 60 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt 65 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt 70 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt 75 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt 80 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt 85 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt 90 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt 95 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt 100 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt 20 Ton Battlmech Template.hdt 25 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt 30 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt 35 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt 40 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt 45 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt 50 Ton Battlemech Template.hdt
  11. one IS Assault Mech, 1 Clan Assault Mech while doing some research, I found the maximum sensor ranges are 2 and 4km, except for satcom stuff
  12. heres a rough example of a Battletech to Hero mech conversion I did AS-7D Atlas.hdc Daishi Primary.hdc
  13. dont forget Traveller Hero, which makes for a great 5E/6E Star Hero variant, with a whole ton of backround material available
  14. shadowcat1313


    Ships Sensors, taken from Traveller Hero Radar IR UV Densitomiter Passive EMS Active EMS Neural Activity Sensor RadScanner Atmospheric Sensor you could add sonar too, but I would limit that to more specific uses
  15. been doing some tinkering with some conversion stuff for a possible Twilight 2000 Hero campaign is this something worth bothering with?
  16. https://travellerrpgblog.blogspot.com/2020/08/even-more-images.html?showComment=1598672802829#c3504309321886486879
  17. the new T5 kickstarter had a -package of deckplans incluided that might prove useful theres also a really sweet book of deckplan geomorphs that is a **FREE** download, it says unofficial, but Marc Miller has approved it being distributed, it just cant be sold. I was the one who took it to Marc for verification of permission, and can provide such if ever needed. its not my work, I just happen to talk to Marc a fair bit, usually by accident http://travellerrpgblog.blogspot.com/2018/10/the-starship-geomorphs-book-if-finally.html. for scale reference 2 hero hexes=1 traveller square
  18. Wendys RPG "Feast of Legends" https://www.feastoflegends.com/?fbclid=IwAR0kCucGGAJRmTXzWE9O-jOUKvN0cRHmLmTeJH0BBiFLo_flWqBWOOueavI I think its getting a frosty response from the RPG community "Single... Double... Broil and Trouble" now I have to write the module "Hall of the Fryer Giant King"
  19. these are wonderful... have you found a use for Quantum Ducks yet?
  20. "Brewing UP" issues were also caused by the gas engines shermans among others used.. they were more flamable
  21. as far as AT grenades, are we talking hand thrown/attached? or launched like PIAT/Panzerfaust/Panzescheck?
  22. I need to sit down and take another look at body stats for vehicles... or at least come up with a better system for crits etc... a penetrating hit wont always be a kill, but its very likely going to hurt
  23. ok, now I know what your refering to, but I have no idea on the difference, I didnt know the 10.00 version existed, I will have to ask somebody higher up the food chain on this
  24. a little confused for a second here.... where are you seeing these prices? yes it would satisfy the requirement, but the better value is the CD, which has everything
  25. what can I do to help on your project, I have a quite a few notes and HD files you might find useful for idea mining if nothing else, I would love to share ideas


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