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  1. yes, GURPS Spaceships allows for a lot more technologies, although Mongoose Traveller does allow some other weapons technologies not used in earlier editions, and Traveller Hero was published before Mongoose Traveller
  2. if you want a more structured starship construction system for Hero, Traveller Hero is the way to go, the original Champions 2 vehicle rules had rules for figuring out how much space something took up, but that got tossed out the nearest airlock in later editions... which I have never agreed with, and was flat out told no when I suggested adding it back in. as far as GURPS Spaceships, GURPS Traveller went to a modular construction system for it and GURPS WW2 used the same system for building other vehicles
  3. one of my favorite books to draw inspiration from has always been Barlowe's Guide to Extra-Terrestrials
  4. just send me an e-mail at shadowcat48li@yahoo.com turnaround time is minimal
  5. if anybody buys the Traveller Hero CD from FFE, theres an error with one of the ship files, just contact me and I can send the corrected file, its a deck plan error with GAS-7
  6. things change and tech evolves... Traveller celebrated its 40th anniversary in publication on saturday Traveller hasnt evolved as well as it could have... but what really has the ideas of trans-human traveller definately intrigues me... and adapting to Star Hero/Traveller Hero should certainly be doable what can I do to help? Traveller Hero is still kinda my baby, along with Eodin
  7. are you looking for more books on world building? rule suggestions? software suggestions? for world building/generation rules from a gaming standpoint... few things come close to Traveller, from the basic Classic Traveller... to the really complex World Builders Handbook for Megatraveller theres a free program called Heaven and Earth wherre you can select the amount of complexity you want even
  8. I keep losing track of whos buying the CD. theres a a problem with one of hte files in that the its got one wrong deck plan in it... Marc and I found this AFTER the CD went to print, so rather then reprint them, we just did a corrected file for the one in error, so people who order the CD just need to send me an e-mail and I will send them a copy of the corrected file that way.. GAS #7 is the file in error. just e-mail me at shadowcat48li@yahoo.com
  9. once you get it ordered e-mail me at shadowcat48li@yahoo.com, there is a file in error, I will e-mail back the corrected file, it was an issue with deckplans getting switched. just one page in one file
  10. I lose track of who I send what sometimes.. so I would rather ask to be sure
  11. did you pick up the CD from FFE? that has a lot of my design notes and such that never saw actual publication
  12. C-Note... Interesting "Upgraded" Gazelle its always nice to see somebody elses take on my ideas I did the all the ship conversions for Traveller Hero
  13. heres my tinkering stuff, its all assorted templates and prefabs Battlemechs.zip
  14. I have tinkered a lot over the years with converting battletech to Hero, mostly just to do costing for mechs, in Hero points, and keep mech combat in Battletech I have posted the results of my tinkering here and on the Hero System Fan group facebook page
  15. I was informed yesterday that Loren Wiseman of GDW fame passed away yesterday morning of natural causes, Loren worked on Traveller, Space 1889, Twilight 2000, edited Journal of the Travellers Aid Society and after GDW closed worked for Steve Jackson Games. this is posted with permission of his brother John
  16. Carrie Fisher has passed away at age 60 this morning
  17. thats why this is an open discussion forum... I make no claim to special knowledge etc.. its nice to have more thought on this stuff
  18. true enough... but now I want to read what larry called "The Apocrypha"
  19. what about this? Gift of Languages: Universal Translator 14- (21 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Minute, -1 1/2)
  20. was doing some tinkering with a writeup of Chad from the Memoirs books... but for 5E... also Larry said this was ok to post Chad MHI Grunge.TXT
  21. I quoted Heinlein in a memorial post on Facebook... We pray for one last landing On the globe that gave us birth; Let us rest our eyes on fleecy skies And the cool, green hills of Earth.
  22. another of my childhood heroes gone.... Rest In Peace John Glenn at age 95
  23. I might be considered a heretic for this... but I like the 2 memoirs books better than Larry's original series
  24. Killer Shrike is being modest... not sure getting through all of his amazing site in one day is really possible... I have tried... and there are a few bits and pieces I contributed to it
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