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  1. I really doubt there will be printed copies, but you can always ask Marc Miller about it
  2. if your new to Traveller, and want another great value, I would suggest the Classic Traveller CD also, but you dont have to have it by any means
  3. Mary Ellen Carter Northwest Passage Darwin's Beagle
  4. Marc got the CDs today, and they are now available on his website, https://www.discmakers.com/AVLFlashViewer/?p=ecTr4vCQS1CXg3vP2PTHUw%3D%3D#.VwvqMUfGApr is a flash demo of the packaging etc http://www.farfuture.net/FFE-CDROMs.html
  5. wooohoo!!! Marc finally got the CDs in today, and they are available here http://farfuture.net/FFE-CDROMs.html and heres a demo of what the CD and packaging look like... https://www.discmakers.com/AVLFlashViewer/?p=ecTr4vCQS1CXg3vP2PTHUw==#.VwvozkfGApq
  6. if you havent seen the art already... here it is 13-281-CDROM-T3b Wrap Traveller Hero.pdf 13-281 CDROM-TH HERO Traveller.pdf
  7. not sure on a downloadable form... Iet me talk to Marc Miller and get back to everybody, the original plan was to have an announcement about it being available by the end of this month... I will update this as soon as I have something to update if you have seen the table of contents from the back cover art, there is one change.. it doesnt list the Hero Designer files we created as being included... but they are definately there. I have the final draft of the CD here, now its a matter of production. I also can give the price... it will be 35.00, which is the same price Marc charges for all his compilation CDs, that being for the physical CD... no idea about downloads
  8. i would stay with 5E, and tweak as needed, its been too long since I really even looked at Wing Commander to have any ideas on crossovers/conversions
  9. hopefully the Traveller Hero compilation CD will go to press and be available soon, Marc has the final version in hand now
  10. I remember lifting some of the ship stats whole cloth for another game and while combat lengthy, I didn't necessarily see the ships as being too imbalanced. That being said, I had to use a spreadsheet to keep track of how much body got through the shields and all that. Not really looking forward to that sort of thing again. Any suggestions for an alternative ship combat system? it depends, do you want simple or crunchy? you might consider adapting a set of minatures rules... Full Thrust or Power Projection, or Starmada or Victory By Any Means... or use Traveller Hero for that matter... although Traveller Hero is currently unavailable... but that should change in a month or so hopefully Traveller is always a decent option by itself
  11. I gotta agree with NuSoard on the ships, bloated, imbalanced, and boring too... not enough detail or backround on the ships.
  12. if theres anything else I can help with just let me know... theres quite a bit in that archive file
  13. if your on Facebook, I posted a copy of all my vehicle archives including a lot of aircraft that are not surbrooks page, its one big zip file of HD files though, on the Hero System Fan Group page
  14. lets not forget Jim Corbett, who was a hunter that specialized in the man eating cats https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man-Eaters_of_Kumaon
  15. plenty of aircraft conversions of all eras up here http://surbrook.devermore.net/adaptationsvehicles/vehicle.html
  16. Brains... Brains the magical fruit... the more you eat the more you LOOT
  17. I have finished reviewing the final draft of the CD... I hope to have an announcement about it soon... hopefully end of month... but were a go
  18. I have finished reviewing the final draft of the CD... I hope to have an announcement about it soon... hopefully end of month... but were a go
  19. I have finished reviewing the final draft of the CD... I hope to have an announcement about it soon... hopefully end of month... but were a go
  20. my original intention was to work on updating some of the tech stuff, and I was waiting to hear back from Don about what he wanted done when he passed, after that Marc Miller took the project over, Andy had already been working with Don on some of the updates
  21. from what I understand Don Mckinney and Andy Staples fixed that part
  22. cover art is done, posted links in the Star Hero portion of this board, conversion doc is being worked on, theres also a ToC on the back, it does not list the conversion doc, but it will be there
  23. Idiot me, I was juggling files and uploaded the same one twice under different names heres the proper one
  24. ok this is the new thread for this, what we need is just a guide/Treatise etc on converting 5E to 6E, my problem is I am quite entrenched in 5E, and I honestly dont know 6E well enough to do this properly. we have everything ready to go except the conversion guide. anybody who wants to help on this would be welcome. as a teaser I have examples of the art for the new CD in hand... and have been given permission by Marc Miller to post them 13-281 CDROM-TH HERO Traveller.pdf TheroCDCover.pdf
  25. ok, Finally I have good news, what we need is help putting together the conversion document for 5E to 6E, otherwise were good to go it looks like, I have now seen the slip case and cover art for the CD itself, and it looks pretty nice, so i would appreciate any help I can get on this, I am going to start a new thread on this today
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