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  1. Re: OMCV 1? That was actually one of the proposals tossed around in the 6th Ed forums that appealed to me particularly with figured Characteristics dropped. The main issue I had with it is it would be more points to fiddle with.
  2. Re: Re-introducing COM to 6th Edition I was thinking about SA and Com recently and I see no reason why they couldn't co exist in the same game. Striking Appearance would be a form of specialization in appearance or aspect, the character in question is particularly outstanding in one area Comeliness covers over the rest or has feature(s) that will appeal to a certain groups strongly. This would allow for players to create "the most beautiful Predator of them all" (if its going to matter in the campaign) or the epitome of Goth mystique (though most people find him to be a weirdo that wears to much eyeliner) easily and effectively in game terms. I wasn't if the too levels would be useful but on consideration I think so. The Three point level would be things like: Sex Appeal, Cute, non threatening, aspects of aesthetics that would appeal to a wide group but not be applicable in all situations or with all people but would generally be (or the player wants to be) positive. Two point levels would be really specific aspects of the character with more limited application or appeal. Things like: Hawt Goth, looks good in a tux, well groomed ovipositors, boyish good looks, etc.
  3. Re: Re-introducing COM to 6th Edition How does your suggestion relate to reintroducing an Appearance characteristic? It seems more appropriate to adding variation to the Striking Appearance Talent which is fine but not really the goal here.
  4. Re: Omcv 1? Stupid Question: Can you get CSLs as Persistent?
  5. Re: Ben 10: Alien Force Don't put all the extra work on yourself (You've got thousands to go. ) leave the older write ups as is since it's easy to convert for readers and do the new ones in whatever edition best suits you.
  6. Re: Re-introducing COM to 6th Edition Overall this is not a big deal for me. The "Eye of the Beholder" boiler plate attached to Striking Appearance works just as well for Comeliness, IMO. Either modify the results or the GM can simply decide when it applies or doesn't. If your race's appearance is so selective its not going to come up enough to be worth it then get Com with a limitation or consider it part of the DF Complication for your race. Really, Presence is just as culturally specific as appearance. What's charming, imposing, seductive or persuasive in one culture is rude and gauche in another and that's not even taking aliens into account. Finally, there's the Dramatic Realism aspect. In much of the style of fiction Hero deals with: Attractive is attractive and ugly is ugly and judged from an overall human standpoint. In Star Wars, most races seem to think Twi'lecks are attractive (female twi'lecks anyway) and that Hutts are ugly. It's a just a pulp/cinematic fiction thing even though a "real" twi'leck would probably be disconcerting that very least. Also, in many games the appearance of extremely alien character to their own kind doesn't matter that much. The Predator might have been the epitome of beauty in his culture but it really didn't come up in the story. If that cinematic outlook doesn't work for your games that would be a application of the Striking Appearance Talent or Limited Com (which if it was increased to 1 for 1 would have the same cost anyway) Another idea that occurred to me was borrowing the Disquise modifier table for intimidating an alien race and using those modifiers for Comeliness rolls and Com based skills when dealing with alien/inhuman races. It seems like that would model the "Beautiful Alien Princess" trope pretty well and allow for some more verisimilitude for those that desire it. . I'd like to see a method that deals with the value of a hideous appearance that isn't different from all the other characteristics by costing more to lower the number. Perhaps a separate but related mechanic, perhaps limited presence. I'd see those as Complications and special effects. Comeliness doesn't have to mean pretty as I mentioned upthread. A homely but pitiable guy might have a good Com. Com measures the chance your character's appearance has a positive impact. A Complication would reflect a person who's looks give them a bad time (or sometimes another character might have Complications that prompt them to give someone a bad time over their looks). Having an intimidating/frightening appearance can be handled in a number of ways. Levels with certain Interaction skills and Limited Pre for fear based Presence attacks or you could, using open ended special effects, just say high Com can reflect that but the bonuses are different. This is why I'm going to rename Comeliness Appearance for my games, the word has less baggage. White Wolf's games Adventure defined its appearance characteristic in a similar fashion. It didn't necessarily mean attractive. This would open up room for all sorts of Appearance based Talents (Striking Appearances, really) too for even more fine tuning of this area. Presence Talents would be interesting too. This could shape up into a decent social system. Well, there is the Make Over adder for Shapeshift already and some guidelines on altering Comeliness/Striking Appearance for Transformation. I sometimes feel like it should be the same deal as altering any other Characteristic. If you want to make changes you need to use an Adjustment Power/Transform. Allowing Com to be cheaply changed enforces the feeling that it's not as "important" as other things. And honestly you can alter someone's effective Pre pretty easily too. Give them a squeak helium voice or make it look lie they just went themselves or passed gas…
  7. Re: Re-introducing COM to 6th Edition You seem to be coming at this from the POV that Comeliness was a weakness and a failure at what it was supposed to do. I'd say that's not really the audience this thread was aimed at. The thing is it has just become another thread arguing over the appropriateness of Comeliness as a Characteristic and which means is "better" with the same old arguments being tossed around and fought over. The thread is about implementing Com and some new ways to use it. Not about how much better it is (if you're interested in the topic, you prefer it already) or how much more appropriate Striking Appearance is (if you prefer what are you doing in this thread?). Comeliness isn't perfect, neither is Striking Appearance They're just preferences with neither one being Objectively Superior or the One True Way. But that's all been discussed, debated and fought over. The side that wanted Com dropped has officially won. Can't there be a discussion for that want to use and possibly expand it that doesn't turn into a Defend Comeliness thread, There is no need to defend it and no point to doing so. It's gone officially and its not likely to come back. Some people want to use it in their games though like some people use the Half Move OCV penalty. The objective, or I gathered was to discuss using it and enhancing it for even better use not prove it should be re-introduced at all.
  8. Re: The REALLY important 6th Edition question Choke points are generally a bad thing I agree. And notoriously easy to unknowingly slip into scenarios. There should generally be more than one way to give at a vital clue or other information than a single deduction or die roll. Any type of success or failure based on a single binary occurrence might be tense but isn't necessarily dramatic. Though I do think victory/success should not be assured in most conflict/obstacle situations. The PCs should be able to screw things up to the point success is impossible or Pyrrhic and useless at best. The ability to fail, IMO, is an important aspect indistiguishing role playing games from shared fiction creating, maintain both tension and drama and the game aspect of role playing game. Not to mention a sense free will (for lack of a better term) among the players, their descisions and actions matter. Being railroaded to success is still being railroaded. But I digress from what was being discussed I think
  9. Re: Re-introducing COM to 6th Edition Is there any chance of letting this thread go back to it original topic? It's quickly turned into a defend your preference thread which seems odd since the those that wanted Comeliness removed have won (until some highly unlikely future edition re-addition). Yes, there are going to be some statements that express a preference for how Com handled things in a thread about reintroducing it but that's not really a call to rehash an old debate.
  10. Re: Post "gotchas" here Whoops! You're right, I'd conflated some of the text in my mind over the years.
  11. Re: Post "gotchas" here Rapid Attack no longer allows a Full Move and Attack instead it allows the character to perform a multi attack as a half phase action instead of a Full Phase.
  12. Re: How to: Spatial Compression technology Yeah, at one point she's carrying around a kid of 10 or so in a unit thin as a book and about the size of back pack with the same weight. Possibly a Gadget/Weapon pool changeable in Combat with a OIF and other limitations to reflect it's nature. Make the points expendable, that is if she loses or empties a weapon she has to buy it again or wait until she can "refill" her pool at an appropriate locationl. Hmm, Invisible to Weapon Detection or huge Concealment Bonus? Summon: Base or Vehicle? Simple structures might be doable with Barrier? The object in question (Tardis, the vehicle, etc) is just a OIF or has EDM to an Extra Dimensional Base. Just some suggestions. I hope they help.
  13. Re: Re-introducing COM to 6th Edition kdansky, please. This not the thread to rehash this debate for the nth time..
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