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  1. I only watched a significant of the first debate last time. From what I did see, Lester Holt was a little too ready to get into a debate with Trump, leaving Hillary to stand and watch. That was probably just enough of a bad look for the excuse that "trump won" or at least "stood his own against a 2 vs 1". Or even at the very least that "Hillary didn't win" because she wasn't even speaking for minutes upon minutes at a time.
  2. your country doesn't know about MST3K. Poor country.
  3. Original. I don't think the MsT3k did this movie but would it be perfect for MST3King? Reefer Madness.
  4. On that note: I think I must be a Blood Knight in dream world, because my best dreams seem to be fighting. Probably residual from my high school days, maybe. Speaking of, I tend to have a lot of dreams (may have mentioned before, too lazy to re-read) I have a lot of dreams where it is found out I was a credit short for passing high school, and have to go back. Only my age is what it is now. Kind of weird being a high school student in middle age. And you'd think getting through college would count for something.
  5. For good or ill, I think the winner of most of these debates have been, Donald Trump. Edit: Which is why I keep asking "why are we still having them?"
  6. When I feel sorry for Bloomberg, start selling some heaters in hell. Best comment I've seen on online of Bloomberg lately: "He is Trump plus a hatred of soda."
  7. Heh, that is true. I was just wondering what they're convoluted argument might be.
  8. I didn't realize steroids caused constipation. No wonder we have roid rage.
  9. Yeah, it is county owned. And when I had to take my mother when she broke that bone in her neck. I'd say it, devolved to a glorified MASH unit as it is. And she had to be taken to a hospital 2 counties away. I think the state rep for the area of the neighboring county, whose hospital did shut down, did try to get it re-opened from help of the state House, but their attitude was pretty much not giving a ____.
  10. I prefer to make bullets too scared to hit me.
  11. Yeah, why I said only some. But, I am pretty sure Max (Kellerman, I found out) is there in some probably vain effort to make Smith likeable. I cant see another purpose.
  12. I actually can agree with a lot of it. Have to disagree with his last point. The last 5-10 years my area has gotten progressively worse with the care. I admit I don't how much the ACA has been to blame or not. But, any change worries me because, we really cant afford much worse. Remember Vader and Lando, that is me on health care.
  13. I live in a rural area, we got only one hospital to go within a 45 minutes drive. Not so easy to just go to another hospital in even the best of circumstances. My former company even filed several lawsuits against the hospital over price gouging our insurance company. (also the neighboring county's hospital closed down 3-4 years ago, so we got one hospital servicing the greater part of 2 counties essentially). That bargaining power is mostly theoretical for the insurance company.
  14. fair enough, I do think only one insurer will give hospitals an excuse to charge what they please for example. But, at least that is some explanations, on the matter. Thanks.
  15. In some defense of Stephen A Smith, that idiot that put him with (max something or other) makes Smith almost likeable. I cant even listen to the other guy.
  16. So, now that we covered the ASG, can we finally be allowed to move past Kobe?
  17. that'll just make the dog bark more.
  18. don't take a ship named The Poseidon Adventure or Poseidon will take you on an adventure.
  19. Anyway, I am dropping it. This is just the type of thing that p___es me off. Saying we can have all these things, and not pay for it. Always feels like The Nigerian Scam. And while I hate the "dismiss the intellectual elites" narrative, I also detest the contrast "believe the intellectual elites, blindly, because they are smarter than you, and would never lie" Regardless, I've gotten worked up, and know by now, to get out of it, before I go too far in my anger.
  20. I don't, and I get tired of because they are "intellectual elites" that I am supposed to accept on blind faith. Edit: too often these thing turn out to be "well, we didn't expect the price to rise this high for this product or that product." I guess I can suspend belief and say it will save 450B if everything goes right as predicted. Everything goes right as predicted, absolutely never. Note: And I should this isn't me saying Medicare For All is bad idea, just that I am quite the skeptic over money savings of it. Saving lives, and healthier workers are indeed worth a rise in cost.
  21. Since, they don't explain the methodology without me paying for an article. I am expected to accept on blind faith. I am not wasting my money throwing it out for internet articles.
  22. I suppose IF the prices remain stagnate on medical supplies/equipment, IF doctors work for slave wages, IF hospitals don't gouge the prices, then maybe. MORE people will be getting these procedures, and that will be money spent. And in theory, the checkups can mitigate the cost with possible less expensive preventive measures earlier. But, everything has to go right and more for money to be saved. So, yeah, I can buy it not costing as much as we thought it would cost, and if that is the argument on "saving" then I apologize. But, savings to me means the spending actually decreases. More people + more care=less money is like saying 4+4=(-2) Note: I see, it claims and then instead of explaining, chucks 50+ references at me or make me pay for the article. And I was beginning to get optimistic.
  23. I can buy the lives being saved, saving dollars I am always dubious about.
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