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  1. Yeah, I know in school a lot would depend on the subject. Mathematical good. History good. English bad (though I admit my lack of focus and interest hurt me some still it wasn't an easy subject for me-though I was great in spelling). Social Intelligence? I'd probably score low on that. I always felt several years behind my peers. Partly due to shyness. But, as a senior I associated more with freshmen than other seniors (had 2 senior friends, who in a lot of ways were also social pariahs like me). I will say a lot of freshmen that I knew were either met through church or acquaintances of theirs. In any case, I found when looking back, many nuances of socializing, I only learned 3-4 years late.
  2. Course, in my high school, you wore what jersey fit. I wore #1, and #15. And the others I don't even remember.
  3. If I pro sports players I would want #99, #00, or be the first player with a triple digit number. What?
  4. But, the boom from matter/antimatter is so much fun.
  5. Unicorn flatulence? or would the methane be bad for the atmosphere.
  6. Well, speaking for my high school graduation way back in the day. I went to it, for my mother's sake, I was all too happy knowing I wouldn't have to deal with 90%+ of those jack@sses ever again. if the coronavirus had hit in 1994, ending my senior year 3 months early. I would have been so happy and relieved, I am afraid.
  7. You're wrong, they only want to get out for a haircut. (ok that one comment made by not someone here, still burns me) Seemed more people were out this weekend than any recently in my area. At least, in my area of VA, people might be telling Gov. Northam to do some anatomically implausible things to himself. Edit: ANyhow, I think regardless of the percentages of who stays where now. Each passing week will see significantly more people venturing out. And depending on the area, of course. If an area hasn't had much (non-economic) devastation, it will be more likely to be fed up with it all. People can self-quarantine, yes, but the powers that be, didn't seem to contemplate, there was an expiration date. Quarantine is a 2-3 month option, not an 18 month one.
  8. Don't ruin their good feelings, by making the scientists thnk
  9. On a serious note: I don't think I've ever taken an IQ test. Then, again, I don't really know my blood type (probably should ask that next time at the doctor's)
  10. That was last hour, I actually got 80% of a crossword puzzle successfully done, my IQ is now over 9000! Now, I am off to do the sudoku, and my brain will evolve into its Superbrain form.
  11. My IQ is 557. So, I let you all ponder this, as you are as ants to me.
  12. beating people with a sack of flour could get interesting. (and messy in its own way). 😁
  13. Been silenced due to bad internet connections. But, I had been thinking all along, that I thought (most of them) could be reasonable till about mid-May and stay quarantined. But, after 2 months, it was going "I got to get on with my life, and find a way to survive". That is starting to look like how it is going.
  14. Still hearing about places checking employee temps everyday. Still, not seeing he point (too late by then)* *kind of wondering how that would affect me, if they did it with me, since I usually seem to register about .3 to .5 higher.
  15. The Rolling Stones have been doing this for years.
  16. Tongue Twister- a mute, prefers to take the tongues for some reason, thought of out of jealousy from those who can speak.
  17. Well, yeah, it was obviously to rally the base.
  18. Yeah, I'm not much on funerals. I figure funerals are more for the living, and I am not one of those that gets a particular comfort out of funerals. I guess, I think of it more as a family duty, that they were there for me, so I can be there for them one more time. Somwething like that.
  19. Like I said only from my experience. Though, we don't really have a sizeable Asian population in my area. Mostly Vietnamese of the ones we do. Most of the racism in my experience left in my area probably gets directed towards Mexico/Central America (we were a big factory area until the early 1990s recession, so when jobs left, and some of them moved in and took some of the jobs that were left, you can see how that went for some). (isn't to say we don't have the usual white-black racism, and others, just that over the last 20 years the others got put on the bottom shelf.)
  20. yeah, it isnt exactly a field of expertise for me, so I can only speak in some generalities. It just seems we hit rural areas with a harsher medication than needed, and my mind tries to figure out how/if it should have been handled some other way. I just know, economically, the national quarantine can only be called once at most a generation, and we already fired the bullet.
  21. Yeah, my counties' neighboring county doesn't even have a hospital (at least as of a year ago, I've heard no word otherwise). And going by when I had to take my mother to our own 18 months ago when she had her fall. Ours, is basically one step (maybe) up from a MASH unit.
  22. I know it might not be necessary all around, but, I will say, nearly everybody I know when Trump said "Chinese virus". Thought he was taking a shot at the Chinese govt, or was merely stating that it was the point of origin. Not that Chinese people in general were responsible. I can only speak from my own experience, though.
  23. Well, with the talk of phases of openings. makes me think of diseases like cancer have Stage I-IV (IV worst if I remember). I think maybe with the urban areas, maybe we should have been treating it as Stage IV and doing the precautions necessary. Whereas a lot of rural areas were probably at Stage I-II, and we over-radiated. (yeah, I don't understand the nuances of cancer, being not in the medical field, so I hope I got my message across)
  24. well, I am not mask-fearing. I just require oxygen. 😁 I've kind of gotten used to the cloth mask, for stretches of time. Though, if I were to have the need for any real physical exertion of any type, the thing might be too thick.
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