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  1. Why has Fox's feed for live sports been looking like an live internet video 15 years ago?
  2. Lakers: we need some shooting, time to get Westbrook.
  3. Laker fans are funny. Lebron's gotta get (insert literally every superstar here). Seems like today on the net they are set on Westbrook. (Aka pick the big name instead of best fit). Me as Laker GM: i would actually go for 2nd tier, and get cj mccollum. They need a shooter not a playmaker. And the perfect fit at pg in le-offense, is either a shooter, or lebron himself and and go for a shooter forward. So i am not the only one who goes to that youtube channel.
  4. Assumed it was a usual double post actually. Today, was first day back to work. No problems except minor dizzyness if i turn my head to quick.
  5. He is a starting pitcher so he could get it down. A reliever is screwed.
  6. Yeah, they have to trade Story, though after Arenado, maybe letting Story walk would be a better deal than what they would make.
  7. Nah, vision has been fine.
  8. Oh, and my ego is also bruised for being an idiot and passing out. Not logical, but i cant help it.
  9. Admittedly, i would opt out too. Especially if a pitcher, would rather rest up and save myself for my team. As a fan, dont particularly care for the ASG, and havent watched at all since, bud selig decided to make it count. At this point, they need to be shelved and just give all players 3 days off.
  10. Well, finally broke down and got first shot yesterday. (Worked morning and had a short schedule) Everything went fine until i went to get lunch. Went to nearest Bojangles, after ordering while waiting, felt a sudden weak, empty feeling in my stomach, and next thing i am aware of, i am looking up at the guy who ordered behind telling me to stay down because i had hit my head hard when i fell. Luckily, i was pretty aware, and the rescue squad, got me worked out. Once, i ate, i was pretty much alright. Only problem i am having beyond bruises, is a slightly stiff neck muscles which i assume was from the fall rather than the shot. Though, i am keeping an eye on for next couple of days. All around fun day, and i am making sure i eat before my 2nd shot.😁
  11. Abbott and Costello meet Dr. Who. Tell me the name of the doctor Who The Doctor!
  12. This sounds like an episode of Gi joe. Is bill gates, Cobra Commander.
  13. But back when i was still attempting to find a mate. The thought of talking to them always gave my stomach the feeling of needing to go.
  14. Seattle: at least we aint the Rockies
  15. Mother dad and stepmother have all got the first. 2nd for mother march 29, dad and stepmother april 15.
  16. I was in the 1950s and came across a circus. With ringmaster Hitler Also, A while ago i had dream, dont remember anything but that it had Guest Star Ozzy Osbourne.
  17. Never open your wallet in a windstorm. Rule 34 Section J If it is a sexual proclivity, Japan will make money off it, via animation
  18. D, of course. And you should apologize to Desmond Llewellyn.
  19. Yuccana is one of the last of her species, a very durable, and power laden race they were nevertheless destroyed with their race, some say murdered by one of their long time adversarial species in their quadrant. Yuccana, had basically worked as a mercenary for hire, and merely wants to see the universe burn one planet at a time after the loss of everything. She especially likes the role of superhero killer. And has focused much of her time towards heroes on Earth. I meant to say their planetary system was destroyed.
  20. Remember, if you wish upon a genie to have the human torch powers, make sure you also get immunity to your own powers.
  21. I dont know, i feel more saturated by Mahomes coverage. Seemed the vibe was Brady had an amazing career, but Mahomes victory was a given.
  22. Audie Murphy had to similarly careful as a kid, if i remember. Thinking today. Mr. Drysdale and Thurston Howell team up.
  23. I never could get past the Londo hair. The 3 Stooges get shipwrecked on a supposedly deserted island in The 3 Stooges meet Gilligan.
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