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  1. I have learned that I do not understand the mindset of females.
  2. So, smoking would be a bad idea.
  3. Well, I did figure they would have to make up some for the other teams they were supposed to play against. With 7 inning in doubleheaders thing. 7 inning games do make me think I am in high school again.
  4. I used to have one when the state decided to expand the road width. Took 2 years to get that right, myself. Ok more like a Ww1 trench replica by the side of the road. That took a while to fill up. Still would be careful if a recent snowstorm or you will never be heard from again.
  5. Never mind Covid is kind of stamped on my mind. And D is always passing, you just dont actually admit to what you got to your parents.😉
  6. Well hunger is always going to a bigger priority than disease prevention for the living. In places in the world where starvation becomes it will be the hell with shelter in place, if I starve I will be dead anyway and you roll the dice. America is less prone to that, though, and applies less to it.
  7. And Va has a D which is about right here. Whether they want to open up or close back down depends on the week. And what Northam rolled with his D&D dice that morning.
  8. 49 states passed, so you dont live in AL. Also how did NY get a C. They were atrocious early on. THEY did improve. But it was F- in April and like C maybe C+ now, so the average out just doesn't compute.
  9. Well as far as abuse. If you have ever played a sport, you have suffered verbal abuse and probably emotional abuse. I believe at least 2 former MLb players have come out as being molested by coaches as children.
  10. I was supposed to say that, but considering the next post...
  11. Marlins dont matter, but the other teams probably do to an extent. If I remember, a big reason games are played out, was about 115 years ago a team won the pennant by virtue of playing about 4 less games due to cancellations, and the 2nd and 3rd place teams did not take that well. I would have to check it though
  12. At the very least they will probably need an extra week or 2 at the end of season to play massive number of unplayed games to sort out playoffs. Like Yankees vs marlins.the doubleheaders will likely only go so fR
  13. What does it mean if I am middle aged and cranky
  14. I think he was born at age 45. Seemed him and Walter Brennan were born to play old
  15. Do you want me to go on my 133rd rant about Pluto being a planet. I'm sure no one else does😪
  16. Still better behaved than a toddler at a grocery store
  17. I think he played everything but a Saxon. Which would have made that King Arthur movie. Albeit, that might be not saying much.
  18. It did seem he and jack palance took on any role
  19. Turned out the ps4 survived somehow. Though my android phone is getting slow again. So it must be a getting low on data thing near due date. (I did overuse during that tv less week).
  20. I figured he would, but with or without a limp was in the air. (though the infection scare, you have apoint
  21. Redhead women are hot to me.
  22. I got tired scrolling through the table of contents
  23. Yeah, if accident it is understandable. I got the impression that case not so much.
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