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  1. This sounds like an episode of Gi joe. Is bill gates, Cobra Commander.
  2. But back when i was still attempting to find a mate. The thought of talking to them always gave my stomach the feeling of needing to go.
  3. Seattle: at least we aint the Rockies
  4. Mother dad and stepmother have all got the first. 2nd for mother march 29, dad and stepmother april 15.
  5. I was in the 1950s and came across a circus. With ringmaster Hitler Also, A while ago i had dream, dont remember anything but that it had Guest Star Ozzy Osbourne.
  6. Never open your wallet in a windstorm. Rule 34 Section J If it is a sexual proclivity, Japan will make money off it, via animation
  7. D, of course. And you should apologize to Desmond Llewellyn.
  8. Yuccana is one of the last of her species, a very durable, and power laden race they were nevertheless destroyed with their race, some say murdered by one of their long time adversarial species in their quadrant. Yuccana, had basically worked as a mercenary for hire, and merely wants to see the universe burn one planet at a time after the loss of everything. She especially likes the role of superhero killer. And has focused much of her time towards heroes on Earth. I meant to say their planetary system was destroyed.
  9. Remember, if you wish upon a genie to have the human torch powers, make sure you also get immunity to your own powers.
  10. I dont know, i feel more saturated by Mahomes coverage. Seemed the vibe was Brady had an amazing career, but Mahomes victory was a given.
  11. Audie Murphy had to similarly careful as a kid, if i remember. Thinking today. Mr. Drysdale and Thurston Howell team up.
  12. I never could get past the Londo hair. The 3 Stooges get shipwrecked on a supposedly deserted island in The 3 Stooges meet Gilligan.
  13. Might as well use the minor league sites for something.
  14. Well, i have gotten to where, i only like blander potato chips now, as i have gotten older. And i never liked bbq flavored Never liked coffee. I should also mention that when i threw up after those Doritos it was the first time i had thrown up in 15 years.
  15. The media double checking? That is so adorable.🤔
  16. Stafford is a definite upgrade. Not sure 2 1st rders is worth it though.
  17. I get we have roles. Cancer points out all space sciencey stuff, and i point the painfully obvious☺️
  18. So, hypothetically, if one doesnt have email or such (like a lot of older people). You are just screwed.
  19. I cant eat Doritos because i threw up after eating them once.
  20. And we are ashamed of you for it. What? Somebody had to say it
  21. Robinhood deserves to get what is coming to them.
  22. The name is false advertising, take from the poor and give to the rich.
  23. I seem to be odd within my family. My least favorite food (or 2nd, but the other one is less universal within) black eyed peas. Dont get it, it taste like mud with less flavor (with a hint of paper taste, dont ask how i know how mud and paper taste). I have to wash down. Beans, especially, is also a family favorite, they are less repulsive than above, but still cant eat. Note: the other hated food i didnt mention is coconut. The taste is awful but survivable but in combo with the texture, i end up in chew and heave mode getting it down.
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