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  1. You arent an old man, back from his car ride, whose bladder moves faster than his feet.
  2. If O'Brien was still around he would to make a Watson for Trubisky trade.
  3. Bill Belichek was my biggest reason anyway.
  4. You know those pajamagram commercials. If you are thinking getting that for your wife, dont, it will save your marriage.😉 Ok, I joke about that every year.
  5. We need to have a team sign Antonio Brown and Dez Bryant. Just to see what happens.
  6. Grandma got ran over by a reindeer What?
  7. In Las Vegad you will find plenty of Elvis impersonators In your local grocery store you will find plenty of Jabba impersonators.
  8. I have theorized that Snyder may keep it that way, more to troll the NFL than anything else.
  9. I didnt know you and Lolth were dating.
  10. Why do you want ruin our fun?🥺
  11. Despite, my harping, the Broncos did deserve it. Unfortunately the 10 others this year, including the current Ravens situation, they were let off easy. But, most of these have better playoff aspirations. So, that downtrodden team was perfect choice to courageously drop the hammer on. What probably should have been done all year, you cant, you got X days to get your crap together or you forfeit. The Broncos may or may not have qualified, but at least we should have had a solid damn rule.
  12. Let us be honest, there is only one of them, and it is teleporting itself.🤯
  13. In VA here My former workplace actually does a lot of business with the university.
  14. I think more legit claim would be the inconsistency in punishment.
  15. I am built more for cooler.
  16. Scooby Doo movies series With Special Guest: Mike Tyson
  17. Gibbon Gibbons. He is a talking gibbon with a Cockney accent. He wears a power armour suit.
  18. If you can breathe you are wearing it wrong.😉 Now that it is cooler I have done alright, I dont know if I can survive another summer like that.
  19. Well, I think a college in D1 did have a female kick a couple extra points about 20 years ago. Hnida was the last name.
  20. Hinton ended up 1 for 9. I did come across, a Bills/Jets boxscore in the mid 70s. Where the Bill's Joe Ferguson went 0 for 2 for the game. Of course, OJ went for 150+, and the fullback Jim Braxton went over 100 too. Also, probably helping them was Joe Namath who went 2 for 18 with 3 interceptions. So, in that game defenders caught more passes than receivers. Oh and Namath Qb rating was 0.
  21. Yeah it would be interesting, especially if they could've figured out some crazy scheme. Hey maybe, the could put both those players in a shotgun and have the center random snap. Call it the double barrel.
  22. Rick Pitino is still around? I thought they ran him off after his 22nd scandal
  23. My mother is in trouble. When we had a comet a few years ago and they directions to look for it in the sky, it turned out she was looking in the exact opposite direction
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