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  1. Anyway, just a heads up, I might be around much for a month or so. Going to spend on some projects (gaming and otherwise) I have put for forever. Seems a perfect time, I need some time off from reality as much as possible, to get a rest, and freshen my perspective. Well, planning on Monday, my next day off, to have that full day for a good start you might say, so I may pop in tomorrow
  2. The undermanned, does make me think, too bad. But, then there is a danger of the other team getting contagion and possible unnecessary injuries to the clean Raven players, if enough players cant be scavenged off the practice squad. Sort of good news for the Cowboys to get extra rest. If the team wasn't a complete FUBAR at this point.
  3. The Three Stooges meet Barbarella. Mst3k favorites visit Middle Earth. Ator: "One does not simply glide into Mordor."
  4. They like getting in front of me and drive 25 in a 35.
  5. Luckily, I heard before I read. Though, when little Greek names were a problem. Socrates became sock-rates Persephone became Purse-a-phone
  6. You heard that my opinion of Facebook was so low it cant get any worse, and you got someone to hold your beer didnt you?
  7. I wasn't aware Nunavut had 132 people in the province.
  8. I am signing up for Cancer's class next semester then. This may end up mutually assured destruction though.
  9. I pronounced caveat as cav-eet for a decade. And paradigm was para-dig-um. And homogeny was homo jenny.
  10. Cam Newton just thinks he is fashionable. Everybody else thinks he is the 3 year old whose mother let him dress himself.
  11. For, some reason when I read Resistance, my mind translated it to to Revolution.😦
  12. I agree about the movement, though I understand the people, a lot of them have been absolutely alienated by both parties. And they metaphorically spat on by both parties in general, and liberals in particular. My feelings are also a bit mixed on the other side, being an independent. After 4 years of "the resistance" everytime I hear Biden call for unity, my ears want to bleed. It feels ridiculously hollow even for the Trump era. I am ok with the result, but how we got there is a large part of my political frustration I am dealing with at the moment. To be honest. I am pretty much just trying to shut down the political part of my brain for awhile (probably 6 months at least).
  13. Nowadays, I think my local schools close down for a week over a snow flurry. Wish they did that in my day.
  14. I learn it from a heavily saturating rain,
  15. Wait what? If he is looking for a job....
  16. Ehh, approx. I dont think I would want one though
  17. I think it was Beavis Trump and Butthead Biden or vice versa.😉 This wasn't the most enthusiastic of elections for me🥺 Sorry, for that sudden gloominess, still suffering from the aftermath fatigue.
  18. Yeah, I always do to some extent briefly in the aftermath. But, it really has lingered. That voting is pointless, that I wasted my time being informed. Dont worry, I will shake it off eventually, but it has really lingered this year, probably due to my feelings of all involved this time around
  19. Not to defend trump but I am seeing very little from some on the other side. Who seem to think, if they protest or celebrate the right cause they are somehow magically exempt from catching it. I have gotten pretty sick of the lot of them. The rest of us who have actually followed the guidelines, are the ones who are suffering, and for nothing.
  20. Badger-fight,should be challenging. Frosty bob- he doesn't smell of gunpowder and smoked meat. I better shoot him before he improves my reputation.😁
  21. Well, I was watching Spongebob, but I can check in on that too. Just dont make me watch any news for 3 years.
  22. Badger- "time to feast". (Note: maybe I am channeling online Badger and the Ewokhunters, than super character Badger here. But, all of my characters will of some variance be taking home "leftovers" after the battle"😂
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