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  1. Yeah, and after 2 certain opposing groups decided to alternate weekends being stupid. I expect a spike in 7 to 9 days.
  2. Well, Cuomo was a complete incompetent. But, still 49 other states. I decided to watch more intelligent things than what passes for the news.... Who lives in a pineapple under the sea
  3. Also probably doesn't hp when Prescotts demand half a team salary cap.
  4. I have come to realize that most I end up arguing with on YouTube comments think they have won. Simply because, I got bored and wandered off.😪 In other words, youtube commenters will not have the most intelligent of arguments.
  5. Va got homeland which would seem more DC, wouldn't it Also Gunsmoke should be for Kansas, the show did last 20 friggin seasons.
  6. Of course, with past QBs, in today game, given the level of patience in development. Bradshaw would have been declared a bust before he had time to develop. It really took him about 5 years, and didnt even fully win the job till their 2nd SB season.
  7. I am unmarried with definitely no desire to have children, so I dont have to.
  8. Probably not too bad, maybe. But, we have had a couple co-workers get it earlier on, that caused havoc. And since he is 79, bad heart, and diabetes, that is about as high risk as possible. I do call, but we arent exactly long phone conversations people. So, that only goes so far.
  9. Does Brian Blessed ever not tell, though? Yell not tell, dam autocorrect With Flash Gordon, I get the feeling a certain princess is a big factor for you. Just saying
  10. Yeah, I do get worked up over it. Haven't seen my dad since March for the risk to his health, and at this point, I dont really expect to again. And on matters like that my 5 stages tend to linger on anger and reverts back several times. But, I do thank for the sympathy, in any case.
  11. Heard Winston got in late and went 1 for 1 in passing. That is probably the least amount of help he has ever provided the Saints in a Saints/Bucs game
  12. I will say as an essential worker, when the protests hit in June, and governors did nothing to bring back the lockdown they allegedly believed in. And even outright encouragent. I read the message clearly. I was a sacrificial pawn for their power. I don't enjoy being used that way. Biden lost his chance for my vote. Too bad Trump was the opponent. So, I could do nothing. I have a lot of issues with my feelings on this election, but I will wait do so on the other thread when/if I get my mind straight.
  13. Well, I do blame a lot of the mess on China, yes. I didnt forget the origin.
  14. Georgia seems to be pulling Falconisms and crashes I he re
  15. If someone can take MI, WI both then PA probably wont (barring a true GA upset for Biden) Last I checked Mi and WI seem to be leaning Trump. I should mention Wi Biden could flip. MI Hhad a 10 point difference and not sure an Avenue can be found to make up that difference.
  16. Yeah being British, you expect him to put a random u in the word somewhere
  17. Didn't the NFC West have a 6 win, 7 win team win the division once. Granted I think 3 of the teams were within 1 game, so it wasn't completely horrifying. Note: i think young Sam Bradford was involved.
  18. Good times would have been alright if they killed off a certain character obsessed with explosives.
  19. Charlie Chaplin. They actually made this movie, so he should have a tually won Billy the kid vs Dracula
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