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  1. Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Selling my Champions collection! Thank you for your interest everyone and I will strongly consider putting Strike Force up by itself as well as even announcing it on a seperate thread when I do. Just to warn everyone, the Strike Force is in good shape IMHO but has some fraying along the spine. It's definitely not mint. I just want to be honest. That said, GREAT book.
  2. Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Selling my Champions collection! I will be using Moving_On_2012 as my ID. Thank you for your interest.
  3. Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Selling my Champions collection! I will most likely do all of this via Ebay. A note on quality is that everything is generally decent or better. Worse thing is some corners a bit bent or the spines a bit frayed; minor and cosmetic. IMPORTANT EXCEPTIONS: The 4th Edition rule book was notorious for its binding issues and mine was no exception. Everything is there but the binding is bad. Classic Enemies is pretty battered with the front cover sheared off. Again, everything is there (including the cover) but some might be put off. Classic Organizations is well used; cosmetic. So is Strike Force; mostly the spine is frayed. I am getting rid of tons of stuff so if I can do it in lots, that would be great. Someone offering a good price for everything would be my dream. Advice would be helpful, thank you. Regarding prices: I'll see what Ebay offers as a guide. I would like a fair price but I'm not looking to gouge anyone. I would love it that true fans could get their hands on this wealth of material; it inspired my imagination and gave me a great deal of joy and I would like to see that continue.
  4. Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Selling my Champions collection! Please feel free to ask. I'm getting rid of just about everthing I own right now and figuring out how to do it. It's a massive undertaking but the big thing is that people are interested. So please do not feel that you are being pushy. Let's try this paste: Series Number Title Hero Games Edition 1-3 23 Gadgets! 30 Enemies: the International File 31 Wrath of the Seven Horsemen 34 Target Hero 38 VOICE 39 Red Doom 40 Scourge from the Deep 42 Strike Force 44 The Serve and Protect 48 Atlas Unleashed Hero Games Edition 4 400 Champions the Role-Playing Game 4th Edition Rule book 402 Mind Games 403 Classic Enemies 404 Challenges for Champions 405 Mystic Masters 406 The Zodiac Conspiracy 407 Invasions: Target Earth 408 Day of the Destroyer 409 Invaders from Below 410 Kingdom of Champions 411 Champions in 3-D 414 The Olympians 416 Classic Organizations 417 European Enemies 418 Champions Present 419 Champions of the North 420 Normals Unbound 421 Champions Universe 422 High Tech Enemies 423 Dark Champions 424 Champions Present #2 425 Viper 427 Allies 428 The Mutant Files 429 Creatures of the Night: Horror Enemies 436 Golden Age Champions 501 Ninja Hero Hero Games Edition 5 DOJHERO 100 Hero System: Fifth Edition DOJHERO 108 The Ultimate Mystic DOJHERO 200 Champions: Superpower Roleplaying DOJHERO 201 Champions Universe DOJHERO 202 Conquerors, Killers, and Crooks DOJHERO 204 The UNTIL Superpowers Database Revised DOJHERO 211 Galactic Champions DOJHERO 212 The Mystic World DOJHERO 214 Arcane Adversaries DOJHERO 218 Teen Champions DOJHERO 221 Champions Worldwide DOJHERO 225 Champions Universe: New of the World Also, Adventurer's Club 5 and 20 Edits: added the Adventurer's Club and The Mutant File, 4th edition, #428
  5. Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Selling my Champions collection! I'm not sure yet, need to do some research. I will try to post up shortly. Wow, trying to figure out why I got one response and the other one is at two pages. Did I say something wrong? *blush* Edit: Oh, it's a really old thread, that's why!
  6. Greetings all, long time so see. I have been busy in RL and with new interests. I will be making a move in the future either across the country or even out of country. Because of that, I have decided to seriously declutter my life, including the vast majority of my books. As time goes on, I will (assuming the admins are ok, I saw nothing in the rules against this), list what I have and put of photos. Please feel free to contact me privately (I think you can do that here). As for what I have, well I have quite a bit from 1-3E, 4th Ed, and 5th Ed. No 6th edition, sorry. I hope everyone is well. CAPTAIN AMERICA LIVES! And he does!
  7. Re: Crisis of Infinite Champions: 10 brave heroes "Can I do that? Ask to amend someone else's WWYCD? I kind of feel like I stepped where I shouldn't now. What do you think, Powerhouse? " No stepping on whatsoever. Please feel free to answer as you see fit. I'd love to hear more about why one would or would not go as well as how do you spend that last day. Thanks for the responses and I look foward to more.
  8. Re: New team on the evening news The first mission sounds to be very successful and the Silver Knights would: Lady Silver: issue a statement of support as well as an offer for assistance. Sentinel (the US monitor of the Knights) would probably insist that someone check out the island to be sure the refugees are treated well. Titan, an African prince, would pledge aid and temporary housing (his nation is small but quite weathly ala Wakanda). Idealistic like Lady Silver, he would chide Sentinel and note that the US should not feel so threatened. Starknight (GL analog): would probably fly over personally to look into things. She's answer communications but would insist on landing on the island regardless of being given clearance. HOPEFULLY this wouldn't lead to your classic misundersanding/fight between the Protectors and the Knights. Nova: would probably side with the Protectors as an example of humans not blinded by national borders. Her world has a single world government and doesn't seem to understand why humans can't do the same. Of course, her world was less populated and had fewer racial/relgious differences. Speed Demon: hedge between saying it was a job well done... for amateurs. He's into being a superhero to help his acting career and positive press for the Protectors takes the spotlight off him.
  9. Re: New team on the evening news It does sound a little Authority like or the White Martians from the JLA. Then again, that's meta-gaming from a comic book fan. Lady Silver, leader of the Silver Knights, would most likely welcome open the Protector with open arms. She's really big into giving people the benefit of the doubt. Sentinel would probably be suspcious (as well as needing to up his antacids since even more costumed interlopes are out there) and Starknight would be rather snarky about being flattered that someone is imitating them.
  10. Not too tough of a WWYCD- more about how powerful and useful they are compared to their peers as well as how willing they are to sacrifice it all. (based on Crisis on Infinite Earth from DC comics) It's been a tough few months since the skies turned Red and black shadows appeared, along with wierd time rifts, the breaking down of physics, and the mounting deaths. But the heroes of your Champions Earth have finally found a way to the Anti-Matter Universe where the Big Bad, the Anti-Monitor exists. At his most powerful there, it is also the only place in the multi-verse that he can be killed (Quick note: the Anti-Monitor is a universal monilith of evil, alien, that is not even alive in the conventional sense AND his goal is the complete destruction of the universe which he is dangerously close to achieving- CvK do not apply). The Phantom Stranger/Spectre/Drifter of your universe can open a portal to his world within 24 hours but: 1. he can only sent through 10 heroes against the Anti-Monitor and his forces 2. Your chances of success are virtually non existent 3. The portal is only one way. It's possible that a way back may exist in the other world or the other mystics and techs might be find a way to bring you back it's all speculation. So: 1. does your hero volunteer and why or why not? 2. what do you do in your last 24 hours (the other heroes will 'guard the walls' as it were. I'd be interested in hearing some responses. Oh as for the odds, yeah it's about 1 million to one but come on- for heroes that's practically even money!
  11. Re: Code vs Killing, but Gods a little fuzzy about kneecaps. When looking at the Batman character, it is always good to consider which version we are looking and who is the writer is. The pre-Robin Golden Age Batman carried a gun and killed crminals. The Miller Batman from Dark Knight Returns actually does appear to kill once (shooting a punk who held a kid hostage) yet he "only" paralyzed the joker. The most modern Batman I think has a CvK with ONE recent exception. In general, I've always seen Batman as a hero who CAN'T kill from a psychological POV. To him, killing is BAD. A bad man killed his parents and killing someone else would make him just as bad. It's why he alwys tells his partners, "if we kill we're just as bad as them." It's a very simplistic POV when you consider those who they face. It reflects IMHO a child's mentality. In many ways Bruce hasn't grown up from being a scared 10 year old boy. Sure he's a tactical and scientific genius but he sees the world in black and white, can't hold a relationship together, and dresses up as a bat. BTW, the one exception was when Batman shot in Final Crisis 6 Darkseid in order to save all of existence. That's the only modern day exception that I'm aware of.
  12. Re: WWYCD: Mirror Universe My characters would have to RUN! Just as they are the most respected team on their home world, here they are the most hated villlains on the planet! Some of my own characters who in their universe are the Silver Knights. Here they are the Dark Lords, a powerful super villain team who aim to eventually take over the world. To reach their goals, they do anything from stealing mystical artifacts to destabilizing governments. The Black Lady's more mundane connections only give them yet another tool in their arsenal though she is careful to funnel such efforts through other channels so as to not connect the two. Over the past few years they have perform a litany of evil deeds including but not limited to: 1.Devastating the Knights of Krim: the healer Cadeus (Bloodstone), Force, and Phoenix were all killed in a bloodsoaked ambush. Light Angel (Dark Seraphim), Tremblor, and Starlight (Eclipse) have struggled to carry on the fight ever since. 2.The Black Lady sold the souls of three Senators to demonic powers. One she intends to run for President in 2008. 3.Crippled Professor Preserver (Doctor Destroyer) when he and his forces prevented the team from killing 90% of the population. The good Professor has been forced to retire from active duty though his first lieutenant Doctor Sol (Professor Muerte) is still active. 4.Slaughtered a UN military force that tried to affect regime change in Zumunda, the land where Earth Lord rules with an iron first. Some feel that the invasion may have suceeded with US support but key Senators voted against funding US troops for such purposes. The international team of Eurostar suffered heavy losses and two are still missing. The government denies holding Sentry (Durak) or Bora though the Black Lady herself smirked when answering. 5.Beat to death the well respected superhero Bulldozer. The Harvard professor who gained super strength in a freak accident, the man never forgot his humble upbringing where he worked as a blue collar worker to go to school. 6.Nearly converted the world to an extension of hell when working with the Destroyers (Champions). Only a falling over and epic spell battle with Blackfire (Witchfire) prevented its success. Since then, the two teams have been mortal enemies. 7. Tyr setting the original Constitution on trial and leveling the Supreme Court Its members: Lady Silver becomes the Black Lady: raised among good sorcerers hidden away in a pocket dimension, she would from an early age seek power of any type. Eventually, she made a pact with a demon lord for the power to slay her brethren and steal their magic. From that point, it was an easy matter to force the portal to Earth. From day one, she has sought to increase her magical power by stealing artifacts, making pacts with dark powers, and murdering other wizards to steal their secrets. No fool, she also valued the more mundane paths to influence and used her natural beauty and charm to make friends in high place. Claming her family's pharmaceutical holdings (her mother was original an outsider before wandering into the pocket dimension) only enhanced her wealth and status. In general, the Black Lady is a ruthless opponent who delights in causing her foes great agony through the darkest of magic. Although a cunning planner with long term goals, she can find herself distracted by petty vengeance and will use her influence to drive a foe through a personal hell of financial ruin and slander. She takes what she can, destroys what stands before her, and manipulates allies through charm and sex for her own aims. Good aligned magicians, including the Light Angel (ie Dark Seraph) are very worried given the extent of her evil and ruthlessness in addition to a deadly combination of incredible natural talent for magic and her stolen arcane secrets which seems to increase her power in leaps and bounds. Nova: an alien whose peaceful race was annihilated by a war-like race of conquerors, she learned quickly that good and evil are irrelevant in the universe. Instead, only strength is important. Only the strong survive and all others weaker than her have no right to leave save to please her. Stranded on the backwater Earth, Nova is a raging engine of destruction who vents her rage against any who stand against her. As a result, Nova thinks nothing of killing for the slightest of insults and her body count is past 100. The only person who can keep her in line is the Black Lady, the one who first defeated her on Earth. Recognizing this strength, Nova pledged her service to dark wizardress. This bond has been strengthened over the years through charm spells and a number of intimate encounters. She is the Black Lady's most loyal bodyguard and enforcer, a living weapon to use against others. Star Knight becomes: Star Marauder: an ace pilot who was court-martialed for targeting civilians in order to make a bombing run, Ameiko was on her way to execution when a mysterious light filled her with the power of the Order of the Celestial Knights. Intended to be a force of good due to an innate talent for the power, she instead chose to break out of jail and slay the judges who had found her guilty. For a while she used her powers to steal on a grand scale whatever struck her fancy and kill any who opposed her. Eventually, several Celestial Knights of the order of 11 were dispatched to bring in the woman only to be ambushed by the Black Lady and the rest of her Dark Lords. Together with Star Marauder, they slew the knights, leaving the Order so devastated that billions have died across the galaxy in the wake of evil left unopposed. Star Marauder neither knows nor cares about any of this but instead concentrates on working with the Dark Lords to keep her bank account filled, her posh pent house stocked with the most expensive treats, and her bed kept warm by beautiful paramours. Sentinel becomes the Ravager: an ex-Special Forces operative, Esteban Del Hoyo had a terrible cruel streak but also a talent for getting the job done no matter what he had to do or whom he needed to kill. Eventually though, his war crimes were discovered and he was sentenced to death. Saved from death row secretly by the CIA he would spend several years in the dirtiest and most dangerous places on Earth to kill whomever the US government wanted. One day he picked the wrong target, a shadowy figure who seemed to wield power over some key Senators. His assassination of the Black Lady was defeated but she offered the man the choice to work with her instead and his first assignment would be to help her kill the man's handlers. He accepted without a second thought. The Ravager is a bitter man, someone who did his duty to his country only to be betrayed. The reality though is that he is also a complete sociopath who cared little for country but instead elected for any path that let him exercise brutal power over another. He is the Black Lady's tactical leader though he has designs for her throne. He will be patient and in the mean time ruthlessly trains the rest of the Black Lords to be as efficient as possible. In combat, he will often rig a battle field with explosives and set off one, killing innocents, just to show he's not bluffing. Tyr: once a god of justice, Ragnorak perverted the being into a demon of sin. Clad in bloody armor and often seen with his once missing hand now whole but gloved and with a rotting stench emanating from it. He is the team's most powerful member and wildcard. Proud and arrogant, he is also their most difficult to control and it takes constant soothing by the Black Lady to keep the god in line. As long as he is provided with strong drink, beautiful women (willing or otherwise), battle, and justice to usurp he remains content. Few things give him greater joy than raiding a town for what he wants though his favored act is humiliating and maiming so-called champions of "justice." The head of Lord Brightsword (Dark Paladin) currently adorns the god's wall.
  13. Re: Getting ready to run the "Til Death do us part" from Villiany Amok What would really be cool and a surprise for the others players would be if the two characters decided after the big throwdown how much they loved each other and got married on the spot! At least, that's how I'd write it. Hmm... I may have to use this!
  14. I picked up the new release of the TPB Pantheon: Welcome to the Machine and would like to recommend it to the fans. It's written by Bill Willingham of Elementals, Fables, and Shadowpact fame. If you like to see new takes on iconic characters with solid artwork and strong writing, please consider this book. It takes place in its own universe and asks the question: what happens when the superheroes win? Pantheon: Welcome to the Machine is part one of a tale with twists, likeable characters, and attention grabbing shocks. If you like big superhero tales about the Justice League or Avengers but hate that you know going in that the good guys are going to win and live happily ever after, this could be the tale for you. It's Willingham's own cast in its own world so all bets are off! Comic book fans should like it because it's a great comic. Hero fans could also like it for its take on iconic character that they can bring to their own worlds. If you comic shop doesn't carry it, you can obtain it here: http://lonestarpress.com/
  15. Re: WWYC Team Up With? Assuming that I use Lady Silver, a mage, and the threat is mystical: The team should consist of: 1. A character from the main DC Universe (DC's Earth-1): After going back and forth on this, I decided on Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern- experience superhero, great power set, and experience with mysiticm. 2. A character from any other DC Universe, including the various "Elseworlds" and other Earths supposedly eliminated by the various Crises over the years: Doctor Fate (the original Kent Nelson) from Earth-2 3. A character from the main Marvel Universe (Marvel's Earth-616). Doctor Strange: really who else for this job? 4. A character from any other Marvel Universe. Assuming that this includes the New Universe, I'll go with Starbrand. Incredibly powerful and quite flexible. Also, nice to have someone who isn't mystically based- just in case we run into a magic killer 5. A character from the current Champions Universe. Drifter- powerful, flexible, and experienced in such things 6. A character from any other published superhero universe (Valiant, Astro City, Milestone, whatever -- including other RPG universes). From Image: Majestic. Like Brand, someone who brings a ton of power and isn't dependent on magic 7. Optionally, one other superhero character from any other universe -- a second entry for #2, #4, or #6, or an alternate Champions Universe. (If you pick a third Marvel character, then one should be from the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Earth-1610.) I dunno but I'd love a Batman in there for his intelligence, tactical skills, and will
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