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  1. Hi. I'm about to play in a low-magic setting using Fantasy Hero/ Hero 6e, and am looking for some ideas of what spells a wilderness-oriented 'hedge mage' might have (and suggestions on how to construct each spell). The idea is that the guy is a wilderness expert -- tracker, survivalist, etc., but he supplements his knowledge with various skills of 'the old ways.' This allows him to do things like hide the smoke of a fire, dry out wet clothes, set night time alarms, and... I'm not sure what else. More stuff in the vein. Nothing flashy, quick, or combat related. Anyone have any thoughts? Anyone done anything like this before? Thanks in advance!
  2. I think there is a lot of misinformation about intelligence in what I will call the "nerd community." I also think people have very skewed understanding of IQ and what it is for (and what it is good for). We all also want to think that we (or our group of friends) is in "the top ____" of intelligence. Some of us are right. A lot are not (studies consistently show that people, especially those that did somewhat well in school, consistently overestimate how rare their own intelligence level is). A certain amount (but not much) of mental accumen is needed to grog the Hero system. Perhaps a greater amount to enjoy working with all those numbers. Still, it is 6th, maybe 7th grade math.
  3. Your friend mixes his metaphors. Those would be part of Newton's 3 laws of motion, not the four laws of thermodynamics.
  4. The psionic characters in the Asimov Robot/Empire/Foundation superseries could kill people by creating a small build-up of heat in people's brain. It's not unheard of. As long as he wasn't like "you said my character had telekinesis, give me my instant death ability!" it's pretty reasonable. Just make him add that to his TK multipower if done in Hero. It'd would be an ACV, AVAD, Does Body, RKA with Limitation (requires called shot to head), possibly RSR(anatomy), and limitation (only works on creatures with brains). Pay the points and you can do anything. :-)
  5. Yes, like the lizard. Any sweep-you-off-your-feet type move. Heroic campaigns are supposed to be more realistic at the cost of being more deadly. In real life in a fight, when are you knocked down? When you are staggered so much that you fall over (like a boxer), and when someone deliberately attacks your feet to get you on the ground. The martial arts system has its own trip mechanic (which is really more of an all-or-none, knock you down if they hit, so I don't actually like it so much), but I can see using the knockdown mechanic. The problem is that the defense against it is the KB resistence ability, which I can't realistically picture in a heroic game (and adds one more defense you have to keep track of).
  6. Not really. In a heroic game, We generally figure that a character gets knocked down when they are tripped (or at least the equivalent effect), and when they are put down below 0 stun. We rule that being lightly below 0 stun (such that they'll recover in a turn) means that they are extra staggered, and will fall down and drop what's in their hands, but still be concious.
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