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  1. I'll say it for all of us. Meee-YOW!! Chris.
  2. Supherheroes pic threads are thataway...
  3. Yeah, but he Shazam trailer that said it was "the greatest superhero movie since last month" made me laugh out loud. Chris.
  4. A few years back I posted that DOJ had purchased WOTC... That would have been nice. Chris.
  5. If something amazing happens in space, the appropriate reaction is "OM!" Because it's Zero G.
  6. Which is why it took so long for them to get it together for the next movie...
  7. I really *really* like this idea, consider it stolen. Using 5E, the differences in stat costs might be an issue, but I can deal with that. The choice of stats, and DShomshak's comments dovetail nicely with the races' default bias. I had considered a racial package for each that modified some stats, this will make me take a second look at that. I received commentary from CaptPatriot or WyrmOuroboros elsewhere, can't remember which suggested giving Gestures to water mages, leaving air mages only the Incantations. Still thinking on that. The other styles of magic have limitations only they can use. Water should also, just most of the remaining ones should apply to all styles. Anyone have new limitations that might work? And why am I suddenly picturing Iron Man 2 here? Chris.
  8. I'm developing a fantasy world created by four elemental gods. Each god has their own chosen race, and a distinct style of magic. All magic has Requires Skill Roll, and the distinction is enforced by -1/2 of limitations exclusive to each style. Players are also be free to apply generic limitations like Limited Casting(Charges) and Increased END Cost. Earth magic requires a different Reusable Foci for each spell. Air magic requires Incantations and/or Gestures. Fire magic requires Expendable Components. Water magic is where my problem lies. Concentration and Extra time seem thematically (calm) appropriate limitations, but also seem like they should be applicable to all magics. Any thoughts or suggestions from Hero at large? Chris.
  9. My 8 year old is obsessed with PvZ, to the point of making up his own plants and zombies. I was..AM going to point him to this, a way of making it his own game.
  10. Color me interested... But half hour each way is a killer.
  11. In a ruling similar to the above, one character successfully made three (possibly five) 8 or less rolls on Combat Driving. He was awarded the full skill for free.
  12. I deliberately avoided describing the race for two reasons. First being the name of the race carries some connotations that aren't relevant to the discussion, and second, the race is still a work in progress itself. I'm open to stealing from the suggested ideas, though they will remain humanoid and a PC-playable race, so the four arms and whiptailsword probably won't make it, I can save those details for an appropriate monster. Thrown obsidian disks are being added to the armory.
  13. Yes, that's what I'm trying to ask. I don't know which factors contribute to favoring one weapon over another. For example, lack of cover implied by desert. If it's a hilly/dune filled desert rather than flat, how does that affect things?
  14. Slings are taking the early lead. The shell is interesting too. Obsidian knives are simple and obvious, possibly overdone. I realized though, that with the answers I got, I didn't ask the right question. What makes a race favor a particular weapon? The water race favors spear and net because they're of everyday use. Similarly my dwarves are born with a pick in hand - much more useful underground than an axe. And the flyers have bows to keep out of enemy reach. So what should this race favor and why? Or more properly asked, what would make [Weapon- any weapon] become the cultural go-to for a race? Out of time at the moment to write more.
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