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  1. It would. HERO is exceptionally easy to PLAY - as stated earlier, roll 3d6 vs target number, lower is better. Roll high for damage. That's it. The hard stuff is front loaded into character creation, but if you pre create the characters your players should be fine.
  2. Waitress: The glass needs a refill.
  3. Two of three thumbs up. Batman is very clear, Zorro is only slightly with the sword, the folded gloves and boots could be either. The Phantom I think of wore a purple bodysuit and black headwear, and that doesn't come through. If it's a different Phantom, my opinion isn't qualified to answer. Most people think of foxes as orange/white. I can understand darkening the colors for a grim avenger type, but the colors read more brown to me. A dark or black cape/cloak would feel more Zorro, and allow him to hide a brighter or different colored bodysuit.
  4. I've found that point savings of an EC were too much bang for the buck, and toyed with a few house rules from time to time. Achilles Heel: ECs require additional Disadvantages related to the EC's special effect, equal to the amount of the EC pool. Ex: a Luck EC had the Psych Lim: Superstitious. If you can't find a disadvantage that works, maybe it's not a good EC? One Power: As the expression of a single power effect, all powers in the EC must either all cost END, or none of them can cost END - no mix and match. They must all turn on and off together, not individuall
  5. Ultimate skill was $20, shocked me too. I'll have to make a run to the store to check price and availability on the others.
  6. Logan gets a lot of sore throats.
  7. There are some Herophiles out in this area... All the copies of Atlantis, Gadgets and Gear, Combat Handbook, Monsters Minions and Marauders, Tuala Morn, Turakian Age, and Villains Vandals and Vermin have been snagged.
  8. A PM suggested I list the actual FLGS so locals could pick up their own. While sharing the details is Madness, I'd love for any locals to PM me, just to know who's out here.
  9. My Dallas/Fort Worth local gaming store has a bunch of out-of-print supplemental (NO rulebooks) HERO 5E/6E printed books on clearance, most of them for single-digit prices. The books listed below were there when I left, (presume 1d6 copies of each, didn't have time to count & price all). Willing to pass them along for $5-10 + shipping if there is interest. Post requests on this thread if you wish; will take to PMs for arrangements. Will update when any sell out. Alien Wars, Asian Bestiary, Arcane Adversaries, Atlantis, Book of the Destroyer, Book of Dragons, Book
  10. But what if I want the cranberry free dolphin?
  11. I'd always heard that as 'The one language all programmers know best is Profanity."
  12. Are they colorful? Or is it fifty waves of gray?
  13. For Amtgard, the fantasy medieval LARP, I have a cloak with pockets. It is indeed awesome.
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