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  1. Because the sign kept you out, obviously?
  2. It is a very Britishism. Try it with Harry Potter.
  3. Aww dammit, that means they're all gonna die and he's gonna come back alone.
  4. Christougher


    Sensor things, based loosely on Master of Orion and some of my own interpretations. Each TL advance allowed an additional 25 Active Points. Most sensors were built on 25 points, with modifiers of 25 AP each, Active, Microscopic, Nanoscale, Molecular, Quantum, Megascale, Planetary, Orbital, System, Lightyear. Your empire had to possess the knowledge of certain SFX types to have these sensors: Optical, Infrared, Laser Radar, Radar, Chemical, Radiation, Warp, Seismic, Environmental, Botanical, Magnetic, Ionic, Neutrino, Biological, Psionic, Motion, Gravity, Microbial, Neural, Medical, Density, Tachyon, Particle, Flux, Genetic, Viral, Antimatter, Multiphase, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Subspace, Quantum
  5. Christougher


    Late to this particular party. I had started work on defining various sensors for a Master of Orion game. I'll have to dig up and post. Chris.
  6. Dammit Jayne, stay in your own 'verse.
  7. Extra Time on an attack power can be used to represent a charge-up type attack where the character can do nothing else while it starts. A pocket monster CCG also has an inverse effect - after the attack, they can no longer do anything else. Inflicting Stunned as a Side Effect works, but adds a lot of nasty issues - powers drop, doubles damage taken. Same with Draining or Suppressing SPD, biting into SPD chart nastiness. Is there an easy way to represent this, other than Limited Power: Lose Next Phase?
  8. Alas, the convention has just posted that they will again not hold the convention this year due to Covid,
  9. Someone with video editing skills should take the Revenge of the Sith clip of the battle on Mustafar, and set it to Michael Jackson's music. With of course, the song changing to Smooth Criminal when Obi Wan takes the high ground...
  10. (Writing this from memory / without the aid of books.) Most Fantasy Hero weapon writeups are built with Costs 0 END(+1/2). Adding STR to the weapon damage should normally be prorated for the cost of the Advantage. But they don't; +5 STR over the STR Min is +1 DC. END Cost for Strength in Fantasy Hero is 1 END per 5 Active Points, instead of 1 END per 10 Active points. If the weapon's Advantage, and the doubled END cost, were dropped, how well would this work out?
  11. Hey, they were smart enough to leave out Windows ME and not break the graph. Not sure how far negative it will render.
  12. Your thread on same actually led to this one. Though I'm not worrying about what you can build, but why the costs are the same but the benefits seem to be so dissimilar.
  13. I get that you can apply different fade rates to the Drain and Aid. But what is a threshold trigger?
  14. How are Duplication and Summon balanced against each other? In 5Er and 6E, it costs 80 points to create a 400 point duplicate, and the same 80 points for a 400 point summon. The cost of higher powered, or additional bodies, appears to be the same. The duplicate is controlled by me and absolutely loyal. If the duplicate dies, it stays dead. If I want a duplicate to have different powers than me it takes a +1 Advantage. The summon has to be bribed or threatened to do a handful of things and then is done. Or it takes a +1 advantage to make it as loyal as the duplicate, and I still don't control it. If it dies I can just summon another, unless I take another +1 advantage to make it summon the same being. If I want a summon to have different powers than me, it is free, unless I want to be able to have any powers, then it's a +1 advantage for Expanded Class. Those are the differences in the power as I understand them. The underlined portion is the basis of my question. Why does it cost twice as much for a Summon to behave the same way as a Duplicate? Do the other points listed under Summon justify this price? Is there something else relevant that I am missing? Chris.
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