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  1. Many moons ago, we were at a LARP event hosted in a former apple grove. The alcoholic fruit salad had apples added to celebrate the occasion but they absorbed WAAAY too much of the alcohol - it earned a 'poison apple' moniker that year. Most celebrants tossed the apple bits aside. We awoke the next morning to very drunk birds having feasted upon them...
  2. It hasn't actually been playtested; my child suggested the idea and I got caught up in writing it. My thought was that the per-segment actually gave it a chance to build up/down during the character's off phases so they feel the difference on their Phase. Especially given the Constant AOE still applying during the off segments. Perhaps adjust it by a 1/4 if it is too much change. But that's why this thread is ideas, not official rules. Chris.
  3. Other examples lay out the math, but to make the verbiage clear: Having a Multipower with more points than your AP limit does NOT negate the AP limit of individual powers / slots. It lets you have multiple slots running. Chris.
  4. Increases over Time: This (-1/2) Limitation makes a Constant power start slowly and build up to its full effect. The power starts at 10 AP/2d6 and increases by the same amount per Segment. For a Constant Area of Effect attack, this Limitation can be applied so that the AOE increases by 2m per segment. Both versions may apply to the same power. Decreases over Time: This (-1/4) Limitation makes a Constant power slowly lose its effectiveness. The power decreases by 10 AP/2d6 per Segment. For a Constant Area of Effect attack, this Limitation can be applied so that the AOE decreases by 2m per Segment. Both versions may apply to the same power. Chris.
  5. Wound tracking for everyone! Cumulative on Blast/KAs might be used to make a single wound worse, so that it exceeds per-wound Healing.
  6. Plugging a friendly local convention. Lonestargameexpo.com Game Submission and Vendor Registration starts tomorrow! Lone Star Game Expo V is back. October 8-10, 2021 at the Grapevine Convention Center LSGE will be back for in-person gaming goodness, with all your favorite board games, miniatures, and RPGs. I'm trying out ideas of HERO game(s) to run. Chris.
  7. 😆 Darn you! I was gonna post that! I wrote up my own, rather similar version. 🤣
  8. I know you already know this. It's because at the end of the day it's still a 60 point blast. The limitations making it harder to get there only affect the Real Cost, not the Active Cost. Otherwise I'd do this with a 12d6 blast that powered up to something absurd to shave points as far as possible, and just use it as a vanilla 12d6 blast.
  9. Not a bad idea overall, maybe name it Power Up (Required). I see a lot of overlap between a Constant and/or Cumulative advantage, along with the Extra Time limitation, and just plain Special Effects of not using it at full power. When I first saw it, I thought of one of my ideas not posted, a tweak to Reduced by Range called Increased by Range. Power starts at 0 AP/0d6 for the first 4"(or whatever 6E's first RMod is) and goes UP by 10 AP/2d6 per RMod up to the power's purchased cap. Used for those "more powerful the farther it goes" effects, though probably added/linked to a minimum range effect (Blast 6d6 + Blast 6d6 Increased by Range). Priced at an additional -1/4 over Reduced by Range, as the higher damage is less likely to hit. Chris.
  10. Not to say it's a bad idea, but isn't this just a variant of Piercing? Or using Penetrating to reduce the defense?
  11. Capped Effect: This limitation limits the maximum impact from a power, relative to the target's abilities. For a -1/2 limitation, the power's effects apply normally until they reach half the target's ability, then has no additional effect. Repeated uses of the power do not change the basis for the Capped Effect - it is half of maximum, not half of half. (Ex: Speed Limit uses Drain Running 4d6 Capped Effect Half(-1/2) against Anthem (who has 8" Running) for 16 points of effect. Instead of reducing him to 0" of Running, the Capped Effect can only reduce him to 4" of running.) Different levels of Capped Effect can also be taken. For a (-1/4) limitation the Capped Effect is one quarter of maximum. For a (-1) limitation the Capped Effect is three quarters of maximum. Leaky: This -1/4 limitation only applies to defensive powers. It treats all attacks against it as if they had the Penetrating advantage: The BODY rolled on the attack dice gets through the defense, so the character takes that much effect, plus anything higher than the level of the defense. If the attack is already Penetrating, the amount penetrated increases by +1 for every die rolled.
  12. Not being defenses only was in fact one of the reasons for expanding it. Can't recall how to multi quote at the moment. The fiction is full of such difficult to heal wounds, but the presence of Aid/Healing/Regen powers versus this advantage needs to be explored.
  13. I suppose expanded versions are allowed as well? New options on an old standby, Ablative. Ablative: This limitation covers powers that lose effectiveness, either over time or with repeated damage or use. The possible effects of Ablation are decreased Activation or Reduction of effect. Ablation over Time is a -1/2 limitation if the power ablates every turn, doubled to a -1 limitation if it ablates every phase. Ablative from Damage is a -1/4 limitation if BODY damage causes ablation, increased to -1 if STUN damage causes ablation. Ablation with Use is a -1/2 limitation if every successful use causes ablation, or from every unsuccessful use. This is doubled to a -1 disadvantage if every use (successful or not) causes ablation. Ablation by Activation causes the power to acquire a decreasing activation roll with every ablation; if the power Burns Out and cannot be used again until repaired it is an additional -1/2 limitation. Ablation by Reduction causes the power to lose 1 Damage Class or 5 Active Points with every ablation; each additional loss of power increases the value of Ablative by an additional -1/2 Ablative powers may recover by one step per turn, but this halves the value of the Ablation limitation. Value Ablation -1/2 over Time (Turn) -1 over Time (Phase) -1/4 by BODY Damage -1 by STUN Damage -1/2 successful Use or unsuccessful use -1 every Use - by Activation Roll -1/2 Burnout -1/2 Additional reduction -1 DC/5 AP x1/2 Ablation recovers per Turn
  14. If you're willing to run numbers, how would it work out at 5 AP/2d6 of Dispel?
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