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  1. Go for three mages of different types as fast as possible, but keep one "pure" until max, then cycle him through all of the mage classes. Replace the others with same when you can.
  2. Pardon the snark.. If the point is to simplify the system, why have Killing Attacks at all? Ok sure, Defenses would have to adjust. Or would they? For a Convention game aimed at non-Hero players, I changed the definition of Resistant to mean that it could stop Body damage. none-resistant defenses were stun-only. Worked fairly well and simply.
  3. Isn't he a little too old for a kid leash?
  4. That's no moon! Oh wait, the little one behind it might be...
  5. For my Fantasy world, the four gods representing the classic four elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) came together and created the world. Each created their own chosen races, and gave their race a distinct style of magic. All magic takes the Requires Skill Roll limitation, and Costs END if it doesn't already. Each style of magic requires an additional -1/2 limitation based on the style. Air magic is Thaumaturgy*, and often deals with things unseen or intangible. It requires some form(s) of Incantations. Temporary Air magic items are called Charms, activated by blowing through a hole in the charm. Earth magic is Enchantment* and often defensive in nature. Each Earth magic spell requires a distinct, permanent Focus. Temporary Earth magic items are dusts or powders activated by sprinkling or rubbing them on something. Fire Magic is Sorcery* and often offensive spells. Casting Fire magic requires the sacrifice of (oftentimes expensive) expendable Components. Temporary Fire magic items are incenses activated by setting them on fire. Water Magic is Alchemy* and often healing in nature. Casting Water Magic requires movements and/or Gestures. Temporary Water magic items are potions activated by drinking them. Other non-exclusive Limitations can still be applied. *These words have different meaning in my Fantasy world than in the real world. I used cool sounding names for the magic. Deal with it.
  6. No no no, he must be a ship captain. Groj Sale, remember?
  7. Found and read some of the resources referenced. A lot of it runs right in line with what I was thinking, but I'm still percolating on others.
  8. Its things like this that are why I posted. Didn't know that existed. I was going to post more of my thoughts on those subjects, but pesky eyelids kept blocking my vision. I think I'm gonna follow through on my thoughts before reading Autoduel Champions. Chris.
  9. I'm looking to create (or steal) some rules to make vehicular mayhem more entertaining than just opposed Combat Driving rolls. Some points I'm considering: Separate movement from SPD for vehicles, let vehicles move every segment and handle driver ability separate. Revisit acceleration, braking and turn modes, allowing for 30/60/90 degree turns or even finer. Consider a number-of-wheel based modifier so motorcyles handle better than semis. Examine martial maneuvers as an option, including things like spinout braking, cross-lane turns, PIT maneuvers, and half of the Fast and Furious movies. Create a new look at smooth vs rough terrain and suspension to handle it - why you drive a dune buggy and not a sedan in broken desert. Make a race/pursuit jockeying system so it isn't always the fastest one wins. Look at adapting these ideas for dogfighting, space combat, and foot pursuit / parkour.
  10. Big Hero 6, flying around to the strains of 'My Songs Know What you Did in the Dark(Light 'em Up). Someone made a fantastic montage of Avengers set to that on Youtube. Worth seeing. Chris.
  11. Wonder how it would look with the gloves/boots in blue. Since I may steal the pic for a villain, I'm offering up the character and name: Orb Weaver, the Magic VPP Blaster for team Arachnaphobia.
  12. Because they are silent, fast and deadly?
  13. After a little more work fleshing out my plotline ideas, here are the basics: Scene 1: Loki escapes from the Battle of New York with the Space Stone. Scene 2: Loki tricks the Warriors Three and keeps the Reality Stone. Scene 3: Loki steals Power Stone from Nova Corps. Scene 4: Loki arrives on Earth, followed by GotG. Loki tricks them into fighting. Scene 5: Loki takes over Avengers HQ, Reality Stone transforming SHIELD to HYDRA. Scene 6: Avengers must stop HYDRA from returning with stolen Time Stone. Scene 7: Avengers move/protect Vision, but Reality Stone allows Loki to take Mind Stone. Scene 8: Avengers have to sneak into Avengers HQ to find/retrieve stones. Scene 9: Loki offers to leave if given the Soul Stone. Scene 0: Loki starts Ragnarok on Asgard.
  14. It's not supposed to be a direct rehash of Infinty War/Endgame subbing Loki for Thanos. Getting the Soul Stone happened too much offscreen for the PCs to participate in; so I may devise another way to get it. In the unlikely event he managed to gather all six, he would use them to trigger his own version of Ragnarok. I'm looking for what kind of things Loki would do to trick the characters and/or entertain the players. Chris.
  15. I'm planning to run a convention game in September, based on the opening left in Avengers: Endgame. Loki escapes with the Tesseract, learns about the Infinity Stones from Thanos and basically usurps his quest. The majority of the MCU movies can still follow a similar path, with Loki returning to avenge Frigga and escaping with the Aether in Thor: Dark World, and Bruce Banner's return mitigating the damage caused by Civil War. Thor: Ragnarock would not have happened, and the game would open with Loki returning to Earth after stealing the Power Stone from the Nova Corps, pursued by the Guardians of the Galaxy. This allows me maximum flexibility of PCs - everyone except Captain Marvel. One of Loki's bits will be creating images/dopplegangers of previous Avengers foes. What other ideas / suggestions would you like to see if you were playing? Chris.
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