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  1. According to Douglas Adams, they're a synonym for a much stronger version of that word...
  2. I started a thread awhile back on Automobile Hero ideas. I'd love to hear some ideas or suggestions, especially about the points where you think Vehicle Hero rules fail.
  3. The MMORPG City of Heroes spawned a villain equivalent, City of Villains. One of the villain archetypes was the Mastermind, who had minions they directed to attack their enemies. As the Mastermind rose in power, these minions went from one to three mooks, one to two lieutenants, and a boss. How would you build such a character without using the Summon power? Many GMs are wary of Summon abuse, and you can't completely control Summons as well as a Mastermind could.
  4. I'm not trying to knock yours and other contributors additions to the 'zine, especially not your rights to same and/or to profit from it. But I have to wonder "Why not expand its audience?" Let everyone see, read, and use the things that were created. Hero needs MORE of everything, for everyone, not just Hero for existing Hero Players. *I'm not a Haymaker contributor; was in a gaming group with one and allowed to read a copy. Chris.
  5. Fogerty is a singer, "Put Me In, Coach" is one of his hits.
  6. No it doesn't. If Coronavirus tested positive for Chuck Norris, there would be no Coronavirus.
  7. Awesome on so many levels. Agreeing with lonewolf's post as well, I don't want them just stocking up on one skill and using it for everything - I just wasn't sure how to pull that off. LOL at the Text skill.
  8. How long does it take to cross from Louisiana into Alabama? One Mississippi.
  9. True story: My father installed the military's first ever computerized personnel system. All went well and it went into actual use, and the developers received a call that it didn't work. Error checking code required at least four letters in combined first name and last name. The operators were trying to enter data for the soldier known only as "Au".
  10. I have a copy of that. I must have forgotten about it too...
  11. This. This is what I was looking for. I cannot Rep you enough.
  12. Considering a Fast and Furious type game with significant focus on driving, how can I discourage players from wanting to buy their Combat Driving up as high as they can afford? Specifically, I'm looking for different game-mechanic options so that not every thing is Combat Driving roll after Combat Driving roll after Combat Driving roll after ... you get the picture.
  13. I think I took one level in each...
  14. What is the rules-official way to buy levels with successive hits of an autofire attack? Specifically, I'm trying to get to one additional hit for every single point (not two points) without raising my base OCV to insane levels. Can PSLs be used? If not, do I need 2 point levels for each successive 'attack'? Could I use levels for a larger 'group' of attacks?
  15. Not nearly often enough. Guy was advertising free GenCon attendance for GMs willing to run City of Heroes related adventures. Was going to run t a team saving DATA's digital archives from Arachnos thieves, through zone-wide disasters, ending at in Peregrine Island, where the DATA core goes through a Portal, and the PCs wake up seven years later... Wanted to run an Avengers game, Loki Unbound, where the Avengers find out what happened after Loki disappeared with the Tesseract and usurped Thanos' quest for himself to bring about Ragnarok... ... sigh.
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