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  1. I'm on the fence about Hard Light. What I most want to see in it is the creation of mundane objects, like a chair. No spoilers please, but is that covered, and how - application of an existing power or a new power?
  2. There is a great deal of difference between a 300 point character with 100 experience and a 400 point character.
  3. If a character has Duplication and/or Summon (expendable duplicates) in a Multipower, what happens to the additional bodies if the Multipower slot changes to something else? I checked the rules for Multipower, Summon and Duplication and didn't see a concrete answer. The Duplication and Summon notes on Adjustment Powers seemed to indicate they would vanish, but an Entangle doesn't vanish if its Multipower slot is switched. If there are specific rules covering this, please let me know where. Chris.
  4. If it's the system I'm thinking of, Yes. Played a convention game where the PCs were Victorian age expies of the Justice League. Massively entertaining game. I did like that the rules for breaking a structure were the same rules for hurting a character. However, to address the original question of balance: I have NO idea. It was probably my first exposure to the system, and I didn't have the rulebook to puzzle that out, or need it to play. Chris.
  5. I'm pretty sure that aggression is perfectly natural.
  6. Recently there was another discussion on Mental Powers, and while this topic touches on that, it's not the same. Mental powers work until a breakout roll succeeds. Adjustment powers fade over time. Damage heals with Recovery (or Regeneration). Entangles are escaped with applied STR. Transforms can end when a condition is met. Constant powers stop when END isn't paid. That's six ways to end the effectiveness of an opposing power, each with its own use and circumstances. Why are they different mechanics - why not use the same one everywhere? N
  7. Were you the dum-dum or the buddy?
  8. I've had similar issues, and some of the conversation hit on my points of concern, but nobody else reached the conclusion I had. Discussion mentioned a Blast that can inflict a few points of Stun, render the target Stunned or completely Knocked Out. So why can't mental powers be graded on a similar scale instead of EGO, EGO +10, EGO +20, etc. which generates its own set of discussion. I'm more partial to EGO levels of effect, describing them like this: Can't exceed Mental Defense + EGO? Plink, no effect at all. Exceed Mental Defense + EGO, you leak a minor effe
  9. We're Starfleet officers. Weird is part of the job description.
  10. Inspired by a post in Funny Pics: Do you believe in the Bible? Believe in it? Hell, man, I've SEEN one!
  11. Two eastern Europeans vacation in the United States. They look scruffy and rough around the edges, so the bellhop warily asks what he can do for them. "Me and the Russian would like two rooms please." The bellhop snidely replies, "It's not 'me an the Russian', use proper grammar." The customer winces and says, "But every time I say Fukov and I, people attack me."
  12. To be a little fair, according to one of the D&D books that described weapons, said darts weren't dartboard sized, they were a lot closer to the lawn darts (approx a foot in length) that were eventually banned for people throwing them up in the air and landing on people.
  13. It would. HERO is exceptionally easy to PLAY - as stated earlier, roll 3d6 vs target number, lower is better. Roll high for damage. That's it. The hard stuff is front loaded into character creation, but if you pre create the characters your players should be fine.
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