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  1. Actually, let me make part of this easy. Here are all of my V&V to Hero (5th ed) conversions in one convenient zip file located on my Google Drive. Enjoy. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cF0nYSLOjx00R66JKYwGprlLoBHznhsn/view?usp=sharing (If the link doesn't work for some reason, let me know.)
  2. Hi guys, Sketchpad said you might be looking for something?
  3. Re: Get 'em while they're hot! Proditor's Pad V&V conversions closing down In general, if they're down, it means I didn't get to finish them up and put them on the page. So unfortunately, the short answer is, we don't get them back. However if you want to pm or mail me a list, I can double check which ones are really down and which ones are just a technical oopsie. And Susano, I'll talk to you offline about hosting possibilities. Thanks guys, be good. No wait, be super!
  4. I'm going to be dropping the V&V to Champions conversions page whenever the hosting runs out (I think it's December, but I don't really remember in all honesty), so if you want a sheet, grab 'em now. Before anyone asks, I'm not mailing hdc's, I'm not making zips. I'm pretty much out of Champions entirely right now, but I had a couple of requests for stuff over the last couple of months so I thought I'd make sure everyone knew where to get the sheets, and that the clock is ticking. Be good folks, have fun, save the world, game hard. http://www.proditorspad.com EDIT: If a link does not take you to a finished Character Sheet, it means I didn't get to it. And yes, that unfortunately means all of the hdc links are no good.
  5. Re: Champions (Super)Hero Resources Drive-by update, I moved my V&V page here: http://www.proditorspad.com/ See y'all in another few months.
  6. Re: Monster Island Aw shucks Lord L, you're gonna make me blush. Yeah, that one was a real labor of love back in the day. I hammered out the article over a Christmas vacation. If I were going to change anything, it would be to remove the limitations on the defenses. I left that in as a loophiole so you could stun a monster with a big enough normal attack, but they'd be pretty much immune to tanks and what not. I like the new MI, it has a nice look and a LOT going on! I'll probably be running some fusion of the DH articles and the MI book once I get back to the Champions Universe.
  7. Re: Mayfair DC Heroes to Champions Conversion Well yes and no. You do need to define your immunities and SE's, but Total Life Support is 45 pts as per FRED pg 197, and that should do what you're trying to do. It does however include self-contained breathing, so you could knock that back to extended.
  8. Re: Mayfair DC Heroes to Champions Conversion That's pretty cool. I was curious about one thing on Superman though, why did you "double buy" his Life Support immunities? The two all-inclusives should have taken care of all the rest, no? Still, awesome job.
  9. Re: Portal to mythical Mayan underworld found in Mexico You decapitate him with a lightsaber?
  10. Re: Super Transportation I forgot, I had one more. Try this on for size. Lockheed CL-1201-1 Span: 1,120 feet Gross weight: 11.85 million pounds Endurance: 41 days: Reactor output: 1830 megawatts Crew: 845 Tactical fighters carried: 24 Lift engines for VTOL: 182 I thought I was ambitious when I started making a model of an Airborne Aircraft Carrier. In typical Lockheed-Martin style, they ratcheted the crazy up to a whole new level and made designs for a V/TOL AAC!!! Stick that in your patch and smoke it Nick Fury!
  11. Re: Super Transportation I found a fun art site that I thought the good Staff Sergeant and others might get a kick out of for some wacky aircraft. http://www.flitzerart.com/aircraft.htm
  12. http://www.reuters.com/article/scienceNews/idUSN1442474520080815 http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/08/080822-maya-maze.html Hopefully that'll get the John Williams' themes started in the back of your heads.
  13. Re: And we're back. V&V to HERO conversion site back up, phase one mostly done.
  14. Re: And we're back. V&V to HERO conversion site back up, phase one mostly done. That's probably one of the modules that's still under construction...lemme check... Yeah, it just needs art so theoretically, it should be along soon(ish). Thanks Chad, added to the growing list.
  15. http://www.proditorspad.com Drop by and take a look. There are over 250 sheets up currently, with more to come. It's still very much in the testing phase, so only the stuff listed below is live, and even it's not fully complete yet. Feel free to PM me with anything you see that's broken or not right, as well as any suggestions you might have in general. Advertisements Assassin Battle above the Earth The Crime Academy Crisis at Crusader Citadel The Dawn of DNA Death Duel with the Destroyers F.O.R.C.E. From the Deeps of Space Honor (Enter the Dragon's Claw) The Island of Doctor Apocalypse Most Wanted Volume 1 Most Wanted Volume 3 Opponents Unlimited Organized Crimes Pentacle Plot Pre-Emptive Strike Search for the Sensei Terror by Night This Empress Earth To Tackle the T.O.T.E.M. Trouble for HAVOC To forestall the question, no the HDC links are not ready yet, and the main one will probably take a really long time before its ready as that would mean I converted everything. The main issue is whether or not to include the art honestly, I'm still pondering that one. It's not like it's hard to get, I'm just not sure if I should supply it basically.
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