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  1. Re: CHAMPIONS VILLAINS -- What Do *You* Want To See? I think there were some interesting villains in Shadows of the City and Underworld Enemies that have been lost in the shuffle since Dark Champions became pretty much supers-free with the 5th edition. Specifically the Nocturnals and Reverend M's organization in the former, and the Saietta crime family in the latter. Reverend M wouldn't necessarily have to keep his street orgins, but a superpowered evangelist with the power to "heal" (and give powers to) his flock could be a great villain, especially if given some political aspira
  2. Re: Must use villains No love for Utility?
  3. Re: You know the GM has it in for you when... "Ready to play Paranoia?"
  4. Re: Pulling Authority & Other Genres Didn't see this when it first started, but I think one reason that we expect our superheroes to not kill is that they often have the power to stop crime, catch the bad guys, etc., without killing. In other genres, from sword & sorcery to James Bond superspies, this usually isn't an option. Bullets and blades are legitimate threats, so kill or be killed situations come up much more often.
  5. Re: The most unbelievable trope in the superhero genre...
  6. Re: Concepts You Just Can't Build on 350 points. I'm not familiar with the character, but if the powers can be fit into a multipower framework, you can do a lot with 350 points. Imo, this would have more to do with the inherent problems with the Marvel game rules than with the impossibility of Spidey beating Firelord. This got discussed at extreme length here: http://www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19461 Okay, at the risk of hijacking this thread, when I tried to reread portions of the thread in my link, I found that one of the poster's comments have
  7. Re: Concepts You Just Can't Build on 350 points. Some other character that would be tough to create using 350 points: Aunt May Willy Lumpkin Ma Kent
  8. Re: [Just for Fun] Champions Skits This is something I would probably leave to the pros at Twisted Toyfare Theater. Plus, if vulgarity and poor taste aren't allowed, that pretty much KOs most of my ideas, like: "Mary Kate? This is Seeker's masseuse! I think he's dead!"
  9. Re: Idea: Super Hero "Morality scale" I agree that good, neutral, evil, etc. should be on a straight line. But if we're going to have a truly radical, never-before-done way of measuring the morality of player characters, we would need to measure another trait. As others have hinted at, there are different outlooks of both good and evil. For some, the greater good is what matters most, while others are more concerned with protecting the rights of the individual. Perhaps if we called these traits something like, oh, I don't know, "lawful", "neutral", and "chaotic"...
  10. Re: Realism vs cynicism The world's reactions to superhumans
  11. Re: Poor Taste? Even if you can get past the "ick" factor, it's going to lead to a lot of problems when you try to integrate the character with the rest of the PCs, especially if a few of them are still playing characters from the original group: PC: I'm not sure what's worse - a shapeshifting villain desecrating the memory of one of our greatest heroes, or a shapeshifting villain too dumb to impersonate a live hero! You: No, I'm really a hero! See, I just need to desecrate and rob graves to get the corpses to possess them so I can use their powers! PCs: .....oh. Y
  12. Re: where do the villains get the MONEY? A lot depends on how much the rest of your campaign world has "adjusted" to the presence of superpowers. Without adjustments: 1 STR TK, fine manipulation, invisible power effects, would allow you to do a lot of damage at the roulette or craps table. 4d6 telepathy, invisible power effects, would be enough to make you the best no limit holdem player in the world. So it depends how prevalent the countermeasures are. Casinos aware of superpowers need some detection capabilities. And those sunglasses favored by so many of the top pok
  13. Re: Eternity Enraged: When betrayed by Judas' dog for thirty Milk Bones.
  14. Re: New Character: Lady Liberty Hunted: Cloverfield Monster 14-
  15. Re: Civil War in the Champions Universe! I understand and to some extent share your frustration. Having said that, I wish you could have written that post without accusing the writers of being "traitorous." The word traitor gets thrown around far too casually these days - it's often used by some on the right to describe anyone who doesn't support the war effort, just as the word "Nazi" gets overused by some on the left describing their opponents. The danger is that the good points that you make - and you did make several - are easy to get lost or overlook in the
  16. Re: Character: Socially Conscious Man! I think an encounter with Law of Unintended Consequences Man would be enough to make Socially Conscious Man keep his powers to himself.
  17. PC Mystic Mage wants to add a darkness spell to his multipower. He thinks that another PC (brick or martial artist) would benefit the most from personal immunity to the darkness due to the CV penalties of his opponents in HTH combat, and the mage is willing to be affected by the darkness. Can the personal immunity advantage be bought for a character other than the PC with the actual power? Thanks for your time.
  18. Re: Civil War in the Champions Universe! "Okay, cloning Dark Seraph is one thing. But how the @#$% did Defender manage to clone the Crowns of Krim?"
  19. Re: The Munchkin Build Contest I had to throw my hat into the munchkin build contest: EB 1d6 Cost: 5 points Damn, I really suck at this.
  20. Re: QuestionL Would you consider this unfair or rail roading?
  21. Re: Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store
  22. Re: Power suggestions for a "Perfect" human being The satirical action series The Destroyer had the practicioners of "Sinanju" - the "sun source" of martial arts attain what could be considered human perfection. Abilities included being pretty much unhittable in melee or ranged combat, sensory powers like being able to tell if someone is carrying a weapon merely by the way they walk and body control like being able to regulate their heartbeat, body temperature, and breathing (life support, simulate death, etc.) An interesting disadvantage was that while their bodies could reject mos
  23. Re: Grond, underpowered pansy? I may be wrong, but you're making it sound like you run Grond almost at a default berserk, attacking PC targets at random. If that's the case, it does support your argument that he can be easily taken out in less than a turn. But you really don't have to be a genius, or even "normal human intellect" to determine who's hurting you the most. Pain is a very simple concept, and so is determining who's causing the most pain, unless there's invisible power effects involved. When I was five years old and roughhousing with other kids, I cer
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