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  1. A while back I purchased all of the Martial Arts as prefabs that I could load up in Hero Designer. I don't see them in my purchases and couldn't find anything on the site to purchase them again. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Is there a way to purchase those again?
  2. Does anyone know of a site that sells futuristic/space miniatures I can use for my Star Hero campaign? I have some Warhammer ones and a few HeroClix Skrull ones I've been using, but I'd like to try some new ones.
  3. I found out why they weren't listed. For some reason, the sourcebooks under Preferences > Templates only had 5th edition checked. Does installing an update or new version change which sourcebooks are selected?
  4. I just noticed that the Trackless Stride Talent from Fantasy Hero or Combat Shooting are no longer showing up in Hero Designer 6. Are there any others that are missing? Can I do something to put those back in?
  5. Thanks @Durzan Malakim that helps a lot!
  6. Durzan, how do I repurpose the Cost Field to show the Real Cost instead of a $ sign?
  7. Simon, that worked. Not sure why I've been able to run it with the defaults before, but I can't remember if I ran it on this computer before. Thank you.
  8. When I try and click on File > New Character > 5th Edition Rules > Heroic it doesn't open up anything. The only thing I can click on to open/start a new character is New Character > Current Template which opens up 6th edition rules by default. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm running build 20171119.
  9. I have not seen what's in the Millennium City sourcebook, so I don't know the exact details behind the destruction of Detroit. I was curious though because I was flipping through my fourth edition book and wondered what happened to the Champions that were on that team and if the members left off that team died in the battle with Dr Destroyer? If they did not die, were they just written out of the continuity? Those members were Seeker, Obsidian, Quantum, Solitaire and Jaguar.
  10. Re: There's always one I'll give some more details as I didn't before. This is a relatively low power campaign setting with 275 total character points. The character could be taken out with a good hit as his defenses are not very high. The problem comes with the character having no ranged attacks and is not really going to be played as a defensive character from what I've seen from his sheet. He has a pretty hefty HtH attack damage in regards to the campaign settings where most attacks are 8d6 with 10d6 being a powerful attack. His base HtH attack is 12d6 and with most characters averaging 2-3 DCV lower than this character's base OCV it's almost an automatic hit every time with average rolls. My concern comes where I try and make opponents to specifically have a chance against this one character, making it unfair to the other PCs. I'll post the character when I get a chance.
  11. My group has a wide range of personalities in it. One guy is really sadistic, another is laid back, one guy is the know it all. But there is this one guy that just, I don't know... He's always unbalancing the campaign. He just made a character that had relatively low powers but his characteristics made the guy almost impossible to hit. He also has a high strength, speed, ego and intelligence. Other than an area affect attack or a lucky roll, most villains will be unable to hit him physically, or mentally. I know some of you have probably run into players like this. How have you found to be the most effective way of dealing with them without alienating him/her?
  12. Re: Do you use miniatures? I decided to use HeroClix. I bought a few boosters before hand and decided that they were suitable enough. I ended up buying a box of 100 randoms from a site. Now I have to get a carrying case!
  13. I'm trying to create a power that hurts whenever the target moves. What I came up with was the following.... 1d6+1 EB - BOECV and Mental Defense, Continuous, Trigger(whenever target moves) trigger resets automatically and action takes no time. My question is, does the target only take damage during the attacker's phases or whenever he moves? Does the Trigger advantage accomplish what I want?
  14. My group has improvised with using fantasy miniatures in our campaigns. I wanted to know does anyone here use superhero minis? I have found some paper ones but wanted to know if anyone knew where I could find some 3d super minis?
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