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  1. Does anyone know of a site that sells futuristic/space miniatures I can use for my Star Hero campaign? I have some Warhammer ones and a few HeroClix Skrull ones I've been using, but I'd like to try some new ones.
  2. Re: Ballistics are obsolete This sounds more like what I was thinking. I was wondering on what methods would be used in the future to differentiate between beam weapons and conclusively say, "This weapon/pistol is the one that fired the shot that killed this person."
  3. I have a Star Hero campaign and just thought about the types of weapons we're using, mostly beam weapons. Wouldn't the use of these types of weapons render ballistic testing obsolete? What do you think law enforcement would be able to utilize to replace that method of solving crimes? Thanks
  4. Need some help with a character. How would you suggest I build the power to have things catch fire or combust? I'm trying to build a flamethrower/user type character and wanted him to have that ability.
  5. Re: Light based powers activate... Thanks for the tips Supreme. Yes, I meant to have two Image slots. One is for the ability to create holographic images. The other is to just be able to creat light to see.
  6. I'm trying to polish up a character for one of the PBEM campaigns that I'm interested in. I'm hoping to make the best character I can because it's been so many years since I've been in any campaign. I already have the character's background/history squared away. I actually think that it's come along pretty good. What's throwing me for a loop is the power frameworks. I think what I have so far is okay, but I think it could be better. The character has light based and stellar/star powers. What I've done is split the two power properties into two separate frameworks, an EC and a Multipower.
  7. Re: How do you feel about Superheroes that kill? That's not just my perspective on how it works... This was portrayed in the JLA/Avengers crossover exactly how I stated. I didn't get your point though about the system and the complicity...
  8. Re: How do you feel about Superheroes that kill? It's not that there aren't those kind of people in the DCU, it's that the heroes of the DCU generally hold themselves and their actions to a higher level. I think this issue you are describing was addressed in the JLA/Avengers mini-series last year.
  9. Re: How do you feel about Superheroes that kill? Batman's weakness is pink...
  10. Re: How do you feel about Superheroes that kill? I agree with you on the points you made. I don't want to see heroes like Spiderman traveling down that killing road. There was a story a while back about Captain America having to take a terrorists/agents life to save innocents. Cap was pretty broke up about it even after being in WWII it wasn't something he took lightly.
  11. Re: How do you feel about Superheroes that kill? I haven't read a whole lot of the Authority, but from what I have read, the entire team is not afraid of using deadly force in a lot of situations. If that's the world they operate in, that's cool... the lines are clearly defined. I just see this as what would be considered a realistic or dark world. Personally, I like four-color with an occasional Daredevil/Bullseye moment thrown in. But that's if the situation and fits the character actually doing it.
  12. Re: How do you feel about Superheroes that kill? That's cool you like supers in that power range. We all have our personal tastes. As for the heroes that kill, I think a few of the others hit upon the fact that it just became cool to have these kinds of heroes that were willing to take the villain's life. What's sad is that a hero like Batman who has been operating for years with a rouge's gallery that has, according to today's standards, justified several times over someone taking their life, he has held back. It's more about the act of killing then the motivation of why would the
  13. Re: How do you feel about Superheroes that kill? The rewrite by John Bryne completely changed Superman's power level. He was no longer able to move planets, travel through time independently or breathe in space like he used to. I don't know if they've knocked his power level back to the pre Bryne era, but I liked the changes they made to him. It didn't seem like Superman was a God among supers...
  14. Re: How do you feel about Superheroes that kill? What about a hero that doesn't necessarily kill but one that doesn't have any problems with making sure a person is out of a fight? Someone with the mentality if you have a broken leg or arm, it's pretty hard to keep on fighting... Does anyone think there's is a difference between the two or is it just a small step over a thin line?
  15. Re: "24" Challenge You have to watch season 2 to see the depths of what Jack will do now and how far beyond normal law enforcement boundaries he is willing to go. I won't spoil it for you, but I think it's the best example yet of how much he changed after the season 1 finale.
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